Dry spots on the skin — white, red, Selassie spots on the skin

Leather being the main barrier between the external environment and the body, adapted to struggle with a number of different harmful factors.

Despite the immense defensive abilities, the skin can be subjected to various unpleasant changes, one of which is dry spots on the skin.

There are many reasons for the occurrence of such problems, which often makes it difficult for doctors to diagnosis and selection of optimal method of treatment.


Unpleasant flaky spots on the skin that differ in size and shape, can occur under the influence of various factors. The causes can be both external and internal.

Most often, the appearance of skin defects cause the following effects:

  • Allergies. Allergic reactions often cause the on the skin appear red dry spots that the man is scratching because of the strong feelings of itching.

Allergens are in each case can be different: someone’s skin reaction starts in response to the application of the cream or gel, someone problems arise after contact with poorly washed linens, and someone for the first time will pay attention to spots after eating certain types of food.

  • Stress. The skin can respond to active stress with occurrence of an unpleasant dry patches. In this case, often the problem turns out to handle as soon as the stress passes.
  • Pathology of fungal origin. A variety of fungal diseases – another reason leading to skin lesions. Fungal invasion are characterized, depending on the type of pathogen, different eruptions. Spots may be pink, white, flaky or smooth.
  • Pathology of the digestive tract. Various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract often lead to the appearance of skin lesions with different characteristics. This is because the body receives the bulk of the nutrients with digestion. If the digestion is inadequate, the negative results reflected in the skin.
  • A variety of skin diseases. Psoriasis and different types of dermatitis is often lead to dry spots on the skin. Psoriasis spots are mainly pink but can be covered with scales of skin, which will look like white.
  • The impact of the environment. Typical dry spots on the skin is often a result of exposure to low temperatures. Dry skin can also develop due to prolonged exposure to the sun (ultraviolet rays dry the skin) or in the strong wind.
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The skin is a great indicator of health. Changes in its status and properties may indicate an endocrine or autoimmune diseases may be the result of lack of vitamins or contact with parasites.

When you need to be wary

Dryness of the skin, accompanied by the appearance of uncharacteristic for healthy skin spotting, may be indicative of various pathologies.

People should always be wary and consult a doctor in the following cases:

  • spot gradually become larger due to growth on the periphery;
  • from the spots you cannot get rid of for a long time;
  • the spots disappear under the influence of treatment, but then re-appear;
  • with the spot involve any unpleasant sensations, whether tingling, itching, or mild pain;
  • the skin in the area of the spot covered by additional pathological elements, whether sores, wounds, pimples or papules;
  • dry spots are present not only from the patient but also his family members.

In the presence of even one of these signs it is recommended that immediate appeal to the specialist.

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What to do

The choice of methods of treatment appeared dry spots depends on what disease provoked by their appearance. To determine the cause, the patient is advised to consult a doctor.

The doctor will conduct regular inspection of the skin, prescribe tests and can diagnose.

To deal with the spots on the skin, ignoring the reason for their appearance is a temporary measure that is rarely the effect.

If the cause of the spots in the allergic reaction, the patient is advised to stop contact with the identified allergen. For example, use a hypoallergenic washing powder or to eliminate from the diet certain foods. Also assigned to antihistamine therapy (pills, ointments).

In diseases of the digestive skin rashes usually disappear on their own as soon as possible to enter the underlying disease into remission.

Fungal pathology treated using antifungal ointments appointment. To choose the right ointment the doctor can only after you establish the type of fungus that caused the disease.

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Dermatitis, depending on the species, are treated comprehensively. Can be prescribed antihistamines, local and systemic effects, glucocorticoid ointments, compresses of infusions of herbs. Naturally, we choose a diet to ease the patient’s condition.

If it’s the stress, the patient is shown to be sedatives. It can be a tincture of Valerian root, motherwort, and more severe tableted medicines.

To choose the optimal therapy is difficult. Patients are not recommended to do it yourself!

Popular recipes

If all possible problems are eliminated, and the cause of dry spots on the skin and not installed, you can try to be treated using traditional recipes.

Will fit the following options:

  • is the mask of honey and cottage cheese (alternatively you can use a thick sour cream), and then applied to affected areas of the body at least half an hour, half an hour wash off the mask, and the skin covering moisturizer;
  • deal with dry spots you can also use a mask of olive (alternatively linseed) oil and honey, as the previous recipe, the mask is applied for half an hour, and then washed off with warm water on the affected areas with a moisturizing cream;
  • if dry patch on skin flakes, can help peeling made of honey (4 tablespoons), sea salt (1 tablespoon) and olive oil (1 tablespoon).

In folk medicine there are many recipes, which are aimed at combating dry skin.

Importantly, using these tools, remember to check yourself for the presence of allergic reactions.

To do this, before the massive application of a small amount is applied to the region of the forearm and the skin reaction is evaluated.

Which doctor to go

Going to the doctor at occurrence of dry spots on the skin is necessary.

First and foremost, the patient should visit a dermatologist who will assess the overall condition of the skin and will be able to suggest the cause of the spots.

Depending on the reasons which provoked pathology may need an additional visit to the endocrinologist, a nutritionist, a cosmetologist, a gastroenterologist and other specialists who can assist in the treatment of the underlying disease.

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Useful tips

With the appearance on the skin nasty spots with a dry structure, it is recommended to begin the observance of the basic rules, which will not allow the skin disease to worsen.

For a start it is recommended to prevent dehydration. It is necessary to consume enough water per day (about 2 liters).

In the winter time it is recommended that before going out to lubricate the face and hands greasy cream. This measure will help to protect exposed skin from the negative effects of cold air. In the summer the open areas are lubricated with sunscreen so your skin doesn’t dry out.

During the execution of household chores (hand washing, cleaning, dishwashing) are recommended to protect the hands with rubber gloves. Previously to improve the effect you can lubricate the brush a greasy layer of moisturizer.

Ordinary soap used for hand washing or simple shower gel it is recommended to replace the agents that have moisturizing properties. This can be, for example, milk or cream soap. Such funds will not dry up the skin, worsening her condition.

The appearance of dry spots on the skin is often ignored for a long time. This is the wrong approach to getting rid of the problem. At the first signs of disease is recommended to consult a doctor. The sooner you can start treatment, the better!

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