Electrocoagulation of moles (mole removal by electrocautery) — before and after photos, effects, reviews

In most cases, the source of melanoma is a mole that is under the influence of precipitating factors can be reborn and give malignant growth.

The easiest way to get rid of suspicious moles is electrocoagulation, which is much less than laser treatments and allows for the procedure including dark or tanned skin.

Risk factors for development of melanoma

  • Frequent injury of a mole.

If the mole is in such places, where it is constantly rubbed by clothing, comb, breaks, the risk of its degeneration increases many times.

  • Effects of UV light.

Ultraviolet rays greatly increasing the risk of degeneration of moles.

  • The presence of specific types of moles.

These include congenital and dysplastic melanocytic nevi. The risk of degeneration of such skin lesions in melanoma during lifetime is of the order of 10%.

  • The number of moles.

Usually a poor prognostic sign is the presence of a large number of moles (over 50) and a rapid increase of the number.

Signs that a mole «something is wrong»

There are some signs that should make you immediately visit a dermatologist or surgeon. This:

  • sudden rapid growth, the emergence of the asymmetry, the loss of the mole sharp edges and shapes;
  • color change, the emergence of land, differing from each other in the shade;
  • change the shape and nature of its surface;
  • bleeding;
  • the appearance of crusts on the surface of the birthmark, hair loss, if earlier they were growing from a mole;
  • the appearance of ulceration birthmarks and oozing;
  • inflammation of the mole and skin around it;
  • the emergence of itching and pain.

In principle, to a doctor, all you need is a birthmark, whose diameter exceeds 5 mm.


The removal may be carried out for medical reasons. Electrocoagulation is carried out only in those cases where no signs of malignant transformation of the tumor, in order not to trigger the development of metastases. If there is any suspicion of cancerous degeneration of a nevus is to remove the use of surgical methods.

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Usually a suspicious mole excised with a sufficiently large area of skin around to prevent relapse.

If performed for aesthetic reasons (there are people who their moles don’t like), then this method is ideal, as it allows to carry out the procedure quickly, leaves no residue on the skin, affordable.

With the exception of large nevi diameter (10 mm or more) that it is better to remove also surgically and the wound in their place a suturing thread for speedy healing and prevent suppuration.


  • suspected malignant nature of the tumor;
  • violation of blood coagulation;
  • intolerance electroprocedure and local anaesthetics.

Tactics of the physician in the removal

Feature of melanoma cells is their rapid spread to the surrounding tissues when the tumor is damaged by any means. Therefore, usually tissue nevus, which is «behaving suspiciously» taken for histological analysis in the operating room.

And if the Express-analysis shows that there are signs of malignant degeneration of nevus tissue, we carried out extensive removal of moles and surrounding tissue.

After the removal of such moles remains quite large for the length of the scar.

Electrocoagulation is best done when an existing mole does not cause problems. In this case, the location of the nevus will remain small wound covered with a thick dark crust. This procedure takes only a few minutes. If the mole has a diameter greater than 2 mm, it is removed under local anesthesia. For once you can delete multiple skin lesions.

Skin care after the procedure

A dense crust on the surface of the wound creates ideal conditions for healing and repair of the skin, prevents infection. Therefore, to break the crust ahead of time is not recommended.

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During the first days are required to process the wounds with an antiseptic solution (an alcohol based lotion, solution of potassium permanganate, chlorhexidine).

A few weeks will need to hide the deletion from the sun to avoid pigmentation.

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The consequences

If the removal of the entities were conducted in person, in the first days may be unexpressed swelling and feel soreness in the area of the wound. Gradually these changes go away on their own without treatment. Pain in their field can be felt on the body. But the pain is rarely so intense, that the patient needed pain medicine.

The formation of a new epithelium under the crust occurs within 1-2 weeks. When the crust falls away, its place is still slightly pinkish spot, which gradually becomes white. If the mole lies superficially in the skin, white spot is equal in color with the surrounding skin.

And here if to remove a nevus had to damage the skin to the level of the dermis, the skin area may forever remain whitish.


  • Infection.

If the scab from the wound is removed prematurely, that is, the risk of infection and sepsis. It so happens that the infection gets into the wound at the stage of the procedure, then pus is formed under the crust, otslaivaya her.

In either case it requires special care to purulent process has not led to the formation of ugly scars.

  • Scarring.

In some cases, only whitish spots on the place the mole is not complete and there are considerable proliferation of connective tissue. This is especially the case for those who have a tendency to form hypertrophic and keloid scars.

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Frequently asked questions

Is it painful?

The active electrode electrocoagulator is heated to 80 OS, because the impact of his painful. But before the procedure is often carried out anesthesia, because the patient can or nothing at all to feel or experience only mild discomfort.

Electrocoagulation or laser removal?

If we talk about mole removal, none of these methods has special advantages, if we talk about the removal of the nevus surface with light skin.


The name of the procedure The cost
electrocoagulation nevi 600-1500 rubles


Photos before and after electrocoagulation of moles

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