Electrocoagulation of the face (blood vessels on the face) — reviews, photos before and after, prices

At present, more and more salons are turning to this method, removal of cosmetic imperfections of the skin such as electrolysis. And for several reasons:

  • the procedure does not take much time;
  • not required preparation for the procedure, and there is no need to care for a person in a special way after the procedure;
  • a small number of contraindications;
  • the presence of a large number of indications, that extends the capabilities of a cosmetologist;
  • the relative cheapness of the method;
  • the almost complete absence of side effects;
  • short recovery period after the procedure.

A little about rosacea, and «vascular asterisks»

Initial education grid of the blood vessels on the face is a violation of the regulation of vascular tone by the nervous system.

That is, when the vessels get insufficient intensity impulse from the nerve endings, the lumen narrows them enough. They are filled with blood, their walls lose their elasticity and stretch.

All other reasons that are most often voiced in the literature, such as the action of ultraviolet light, alcohol, cold and emotions, this is just a consequence of primary disorders of the nervous regulation.

Undoubtedly, all these factors accelerate the emergence of a network of dilated vessels on the face, but even complete an exception does not relieve the person from rosacea.

Accordingly, it is impossible to cure rosacea. It is only possible to remove dilated blood vessels that appear on the skin surface and thereby improve its appearance. Any ways to remove spider veins with rosacea have only a temporary effect, since the remote will gradually appear new.

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How to reduce the risk of their re-emergence

Usually before the procedure about rosacea, it is recommended to undergo procedures aimed at strengthening the vascular walls of the capillaries of the skin. It can be:

  • mesotherapy;
  • a course of glycolic peels;
  • a course of treatments photorejuvenation.

Then ask your beautician to develop the scheme of maintenance treatment to continue to create conditions for the emergence of a vascular network.

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Contraindications for electrocoagulation of blood vessels on the face

  • the tendency to form hypertrophic scars;
  • intolerance electroprocedure;
  • intolerance of local anaesthetics (if low pain threshold);
  • disorders of blood coagulation.

How is the session

The procedure for removal of a vascular grid and stars by electrocoagulation technically simple and not time consuming. The only drawback is the inability to remove all the dilated vessels in the case that a lot of them and they are located in close proximity to each other.

This is due to the fact that the skin in the affected area of the active electrode electrocoagulator is red, and dilated blood vessels cease to be visible. In such cases, the removal is carried out in several stages with breaks between procedures of 1-2 days.

For coagulation (sealing) of blood vessels uses a needle electrode that is inserted into the skin to a depth of 1 mm. Before the procedure the skin is mandatory is treated with an antiseptic solution.

Since the effects of point and short, often anesthesia procedures are not required. Can be holding a local anesthesia with lidocaine spray. After all visible vessels are treated, the skin is again treated with an antiseptic solution and apply a corticosteroid ointment.

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Skin care after the procedure

In order to avoid inflammation and suppuration of wounds from elektrokoagulyatsii, you need 1-2 times a day to treat the skin with any antiseptic solution. In order not to dry your skin, instead of the alcoholic solution to water solution of potassium permanganate or chlorhexidine.

The crust which formed immediately after the procedure, it is better not to touch it, and especially not to disrupt, not to provoke the formation of scars.

The prices in shops of Moscow

The amount of work The cost
removal of vascular mesh 1 cm2 of skin from 250 rubles
removal of vascular asterisks from 300 rubles
3-5 removal of spider veins from 200 rubles for each
removal of more than 5 spider veins from 150 rubles apiece


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