Electrocoagulation of warts (papilloma removal by electrocoagulation) — reviews, price, contraindications

It is based on cauterization of the abnormal tissue by electric current, causing skin lesions are dying, and the wound on their place gradually prolonged healthy skin.

Features of treatment

The causative agent of warts is the Human Papilloma Virus. The virus infected almost every one of us. But warts is not at all, as there are many factors that promote or conversely prevent activation of the virus and the appearance of skin manifestations of the disease.

Electrocoagulation of warts can get rid of only from external manifestations of the disease, but not cure HPV.

The likelihood of recurrence after removal is 30%. And this probability is characterized by both surgical techniques (laser, electrocautery) and folk (cauterization with silver nitrate, the use of Chelidonium or hypnotherapy).

None of the methods can not guarantee 100% of getting rid of a cosmetic defect. Usually the effectiveness of surgical methods of treatment ranges from 60 to 90%. And the higher the efficiency, the higher the risk of scarring.

To reduce the risk of scarring on the site of the warts, it is recommended to start treatment with the use of simple tools that patients can use independently. And only the ineffectiveness of remedies for home use, it is recommended to use a destructive (leads to tissue damage) impact methods, such as electrocoagulation.


  • the presence of an artificial pacemaker, cardiac pacemaker;
  • intolerance of electric current;
  • hypersensitivity to local anaesthetics;
  • acute infectious diseases;
  • disorders of blood coagulation.

Not recommended for removal by electrocautery of plantar warts, as in this case a very high risk of scarring to the foot can cause a person significant discomfort.

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How is the procedure

Usually the procedure is performed on the day of treatment to the doctor. No special preparation is required. At a time can be removed several warts of medium size.

Before beginning a skin can be applied a local anesthetic spray. But a more effective method of anesthesia are injections of lidocaine or novocaine.

While the drug for local anesthesia to kick in, the doctor treats the skin at the location of the warts with an antiseptic solution. Electrode electrocoagulator is heated to 80 of the OS. Such temperature is sufficient to permanently remove the abnormal tissue. The tip of the electrode, the doctor touches the wart and waiting for education will be completely destroyed.

Time to delete one and takes from a few seconds to a minute. In their place is a dark crust on the skin which is treated with an antiseptic solution. The patient immediately after the procedure, go home.

The recovery period

The area of the wound within a few days will have to be treated with antiseptic solutions. Other care is normally not required. No specific restrictions that would be observed after the procedure. After the procedure within a couple of days, the wound and the area around it can hurt and itch. But this is a normal process that should not cause the patient concern.

At the discretion of the attending physician may be prescribed a course of antiviral drugs to reduce the risk of relapse. If it was big in size, its location may be a whitish scar.

Prices for electrocoagulation of warts in Moscow

Size bardovci, mm The cost of removal, rubles
to 1 300
2-5 600
more than 5 900
more than 10 1500
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Prices start from 900 rubles. Often for pain relief treatments you have to pay separately.

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