Electrocoagulation papillomas (removal pappilon electrocoagulation) — what is it, reviews, prices, photos before and after


In addition, papillomas look unsightly and can cause a feeling of disgust in others. The easiest way to get rid of them is to do electrocoagulation.

Compared to laser removal electrocoagulation more affordable, as compared with cryotherapy (removal of the liquid nitrogen) it is possible to obtain tissue samples for cytological examination.

What it is

HPV is symptoms of a viral infection, the causative agent of which is Human Papillomavirus (abbreviated as HPV).

The structure of the HPV viruses are heterogeneous, it is nowadays of the order of 100 strains, many of which have the ability to cause malignant transformation of tissues.

You can become infected in several ways:

  • from a sexual partner;
  • from the mother during passage of the baby through the birth canal;
  • in everyday life through objects in the presence of damage of the integrity of the skin (scratches and abrasions on the skin);
  • samsarajade shaving and other procedures that can damage the integrity of the skin.

Once infected the virus for a long time not to give external manifestations, as its reproduction is constrained by the human immune system.

What they are dangerous

  • Cosmetic defect.

The presence of papillomas on the skin exposed areas of the body causes a negative reaction from others, make an appearance untidy, unkempt.

  • Spread throughout the body.

Especially quickly HPV can spread if located in those places where it is often injured. For example, are rubbed with clothing or ornaments (chain), comb, damaged with a razor. Contributes to the rapid increase in the number of cells in the skin and factors that decrease the immune system.

  • The risk of infection to others.
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Newborns often they are not only on the skin and mucous membranes. Usually the source of infection is the mother.

  • The risk of malignant transformation.

Not every papilloma can give a malignant growth, but in any case the formation of skin need attention.

If around the papilloma formed area of inflammation, quickly began to increase in size or bleed, there was local pain, it is better to seek medical help from a doctor dermatologist or oncologist. Better yet, time to remove the papilloma and not wait for unpleasant surprises.


  • signs of malignant transformation of skin lesions;
  • activation of herpes virus infection with the appearance of the characteristic rash;
  • a violation of the processes of blood clotting;
  • intolerance electroprocedure and local anaesthetics.

How is the procedure

Any special preparations before the procedure is not required. The only limitation is rather a recommendation: HPV is not recommended to remove in the summer.

First, the sweat helps soften the protective crust on the wound, making the healing process longer and increases the risk of developing hem, and secondly, under the influence of ultraviolet radiation may appear pigmentation on the skin. By the time the procedure takes several minutes.

If the formations on the skin a large amount, the procedure may be delayed or it will have to be done in several visits. It will have to carry out the procedure every day or every other day.

To remove papillomas can be used for different forms of nozzles for the electrocoagulator at the discretion of the physician. The upper part of the papillae are seized with forceps and cauterize the base. Whole body skin lesions under high temperature dehydrated and removed.

Methods of anesthesia used for:

  • Without anesthesia.
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Often the pain in the removal of small isolated papillomas is not carried out, as this is simply not necessary. Rarely this takes into account the fact that the patient is in pain or not. Usually removal of any living tissue painful, but the pain is quite bearable. Removal small in size, you need to effect nozzle electrocoagulator for 1-2 seconds, because the use of funds for local anesthesia in such cases is simply unwarranted.

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  • Local anesthesia.

If the affected area of skin papillomas extensive and the elements a lot, it may be local anesthesia with injection of drugs like lidocaine.

  • General anesthesia.

Applied to children. Light inhalation anesthesia is given for 5 to 7 minutes. After waking, the child feels no pain and is not experiencing psychological trauma from a traumatic procedure.

Only one electrocoagulation is enough?

As the cause of the papillomas is a virus, then only one removal of skin growths are often inadequate. In order to prevent the emergence of new in the future, in some cases, are assigned to the immunomodulatory and antiviral medications course prior to the procedure. Assign them can only be a doctor during the consultation.

How to care for wounds

Skin care after electrocoagulation simple. During the first days after the procedure, it is recommended to treat the skin and crusts in place of remote entities by any antiseptic solution.

You can use any alcohol lotion, a solution of potassium permanganate or chlorhexidine. Doctors strongly recommend not to disrupt the crust ahead of time, as this can cause scars.

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The consequences

In most cases, in place of the crusts remain slightly pink spots that turn white. If skin formation was located at a sufficiently large depth, the areas of depigmented skin may be whitish.

If not, over time, the lighter parts will become one with the surrounding skin color.

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The cost of the procedure

The diameter of the papilloma The cost of removal, rubles
from 1 to 2 mm 300
from 2 to 5 mm 600

Some centers are doing a discount on the procedure if you delete from a large number of items. Carrying out local anesthesia and General anesthesia are paid separately.

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