ELOS hair removal

The principle of operation

ELOS (ELOS) stands for Electro Optical Synergy – a combination of electro-optical. Technology allows you to use a combination of light and electromagnetic energy to impact on the human body.

The application of radio frequency allows you to get 100% effect from using only 60% power of the laser or light radiation. It only affects those hairs that are in active growth phase (anagen), since only in this phase in the hair follicle with enough pigment, and a vascular papilla is most developed.

The combined effect on the melanin-containing cells and on the vascular component of the hair follicle contributes to the complete destruction of the follicle and reduces the likelihood of regrowth of hair in the treatment area to a minimum.

As anagen are at the same time not all hair in one procedure removing all of the hair occurs. During each subsequent session, the system removes the hair that has entered a phase of active growth. That is why every new procedure is prescribed when it becomes visible growth of new hair.

Research conducted by the authors of the journal «Lasers in Surgery and Medicine» in 2004 (in the USA the use of ELOS technology began long before her arrival in Russia), found that 85% of clients performing ELOS hair removal, happy with the results. And 85% is very good result.

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Currently, the most new and safe device for ELOS hair removal – this is E-max. Its feature is that the pulse duration is less than 1 second, which significantly reduces pain and makes the hair removal procedure is not that long. The required number of treatments and the optimal interval between treatments.

The number of procedures, which allows to achieve ideal result for each person individually.

Moreover, different parts of the body may need a different number of treatments. This is due to the different amount of sleeping and in anogen hair follicles, as well as the duration of the resting phase of hair follicles in different parts of the body.

For example, on the upper lip in the active growth phase is up to 65% of all follicles, while the legs are only about 20% the rest phase of the hair follicles on the face may be about 6 weeks on my legs up to 2 years. These features should be taken into account and wait for the results of it in those terms that correspond to biological cycles of hair growth.

From the above characteristics it is evident that it is impractical to take breaks between treatments less than 6 weeks, as the dormant follicles can stay in this case intact and to give hair growth.


  1. The combined effects of technology can effectively remove red, light gray, thin and vellus hair.
  2. Due to the fact that the power of the laser radiation or LPG is significantly less, respectively, less likely to get burns, foci of Hyper — and hypopigmentation of the skin.
  3. Tanned and dark skin are not contraindications to hair removal.


  1. The procedure is painful, therefore be sure to carry out a preliminary cooling of the skin with a special gel.
  2. Different skin require different power effects, because at the professional incompetence of a high risk of damage to the skin.
  3. Repeated procedures are performed more often than 1 time per month, can lead to dry and sagging skin, as less than a month, the skin does not have time to recover.
  4. Low effectiveness of the procedure on very tanned or dark skin, as the power flash in this case is distributed on the hair and on the skin.
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  • a month before the procedure, you must stop to pluck or pull the hair, only shaving;
  • two weeks before the procedure can not sunbathe in the sun or in the Solarium, as it increases the risk of emergence of foci of hyperpigmentation;
  • 1-2 days before the procedure you should shave the hair of the treated area, so they have not had time to grow more than 1 mm;
  • do not apply creams, cosmetic oils and anesthetics on the skin before the procedure;
  • if you will be conducting hair removal on the face, then a month till ELOS not to do any laser treatments on the face, chemical peels are contraindicated;
  • in case if often the recurrence of cold sore, you need two or three days before the procedure, begin taking antiviral drugs, and take them two or three days after.

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  • hypertension with high numbers of pressure and frequent crises;
  • the presence of a pacemaker;
  • epilepsy;
  • cancer;
  • bacterial, fungal or viral skin disease;
  • eczema, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis.
  • the use of certain antidepressants and other medications which increase skin sensitivity to sunlight;
  • decompensated diabetes mellitus;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • the presence of metal implants or piercings in the place of the proposed procedures;
  • for hair removal of the bikini area and underarms contraindications any disease of the pelvic organs and mammary glands.

How is the procedure

Before the procedure the cosmetician puts on the skin, a special cooling gel. Mandatory for both the patient and the doctor is the use of special goggles.

Epilinum area is treated with pulses overlap, with the capture of nearby sites in smooth leather. The procedure takes from 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the area of skin that you want to remove hair.

During the procedure, virtually no pain, there should be a slight tingling sensation with each flash. If tingling, but there is only a flash, then it is possible that exposed the wrong mode, or made the limit for some parts of the machine for ELOS epilations. In any of these cases, there is a possibility that the effect of the procedure will be.

After applied to the skin special spray that promotes a more rapid recovery.

Restrictions after Elos epilation

  • within 2-4 days after the procedure, you can take only cool or lukewarm shower, not to provoke skin irritation;
  • avoid procedures and activities that cause excessive sweating such as the sauna and Solarium, sports;
  • two weeks it is necessary to use sunscreen;
  • among treatments, the hair can only be shaved or removed with a special cream.

The consequences

  1. Burns can occur if not used cooling gel or it was an insufficient, if he was incorrectly selected mode.
  2. Skin irritation may occur after the first treatment, if the skin is sensitive after any account of the procedure if the skin is overdried by the sun or improper care, as well as in cases when were traumatic to the skin before the procedure of ELOS epilation, and skin time to recover.
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The cost

The procedure of ELOS epilation Prices in rubles
underarms 3000-4900
owner 7900-10500
eyebrows 2400
antennae 2400
deep bikini (women.) 8500-9000
deep bikini (the husband). 7500
classic bikini 4500-6000
hips (women.) 7000
legs (wives.) 5000
legs completely (wives.) 16400
legs completely (the husband). 19000
buttocks 7000
thighs (my husband.) 10900
shins (the husband). 8000
back 10200-13000
lumbar 4200
belly 6700-8300
breast 4700-8300
the white line of the abdomen 1400
the fingers or toes 1800

The table shows the price of ELOS hair removal in Moscow for 1 procedure when buying a ticket or when you order hair removal unit can be significantly less.

Frequently asked questions

What determines the effect?

To obtain the result of two important factors – the characteristics of the device and the human experience, which this device operates. ELOS is an effective hair removal technology, but also has the significance of a correct assessment of the skin and hair, determining the presence or absence of contraindications to perform the procedure, compliance with the techs perform the procedure.

Which is better, laser or ELOS hair removal?

It all depends on sweetia skin, color and thickness of hair. Dark hair on light skin well and remove the laser. Red or light and vellus hair can only delete ELOS.

What is more effective, ELOS hair removal or IPL?

ELOS is more efficient due to the simultaneous use of exposure to light and electromagnetic waves. The synergic effect of two types of energy gives a more pronounced effect.

Whether it is suitable for men?

Suitable. Moreover, excessive hair growth has ceased to be a sign of some special masculinity. Increasingly, men are turning to salons to perform hair removal for aesthetic and hygienic reasons. Grooming has become an essential part of the image of a successful person. Grooming is increasingly becoming one of the criteria for admission to a prestigious job. Because increasingly ELOS hair removal on the chest, back, waist, nose, ears do athletes and actors, with shapely forearms, hands, fingers, cooks and dealers.

Why in some salons, the procedure is much cheaper than others?

In fact, on the market of cosmetic services now there are lots of offers ELOS epilation or low-cost, or operated in less time than usual. It is important in each case to find out what the salon can save you so that the client has received a complete treatment which is safe and effective. If the expert saves flash and performs them less frequently than they should according to the technology of the procedure, the time for a session will require less, but the effect will be worse.

Attachments for machine ELOS hair removal have a limited life and are expensive because the procedure can be cheaper, but not much, otherwise the cabin will operate at a loss. The hours of work of a specialist who is actually a professional in the business, is expensive, it is unlikely he will work for free so the client got a discount. Therefore always have a critical attitude to the proposals to carry out a serious procedure for a ridiculous price.

How many procedures?

The number of procedures required to obtain a stable effect is determined individually, usually it takes from 5 to 12.

How often to do?

No more than once per month.

How to prepare?

ELOS hair removal is good because it is not necessary to grow hair to the surface of the skin were seen «hemp», there is no need to give up sunbathing and apply on the skin medicines for local anesthesia. All you need to do is shave my legs before the procedure, preferably during the day to the skin there was no irritation from the razor.

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Which is better ELOS hair removal or electrolysis?

ELOS hair removal will be much faster and more efficient electrolysis. And most importantly, compared to electrolysis ELOS is virtually painless. Is there a procedure during pregnancy? No. Pregnancy is a contraindication for the procedure.

The before and after photos


Lena: did ELOS hair removal in the bikini area and the armpits. The procedure is painful and long. I needed 12 treatments, though, excessive hairiness, I suffer. After completing the course a year has passed, under the arms of all type-top, in the bikini area appeared light fluff, which I removed with cream. Unlikely to go back to the procedure, since the fluff doesn’t give me much discomfort and pain I’m afraid so.

Katya: did the ELOS on the lower leg, underarms and bikini. Shin pure pinched. Armpit also was tolerable on the first two or three treatments until my doctor gradually increased the intensity of exposure. Bikini was in pain always. It was some half-hour hell, though the doctor did breaks, reduced power, gave me time to rest and neonates. On each following procedure is went, each time left in tears. One good thing, an hour after the procedure, no burning, no redness remained. It took me a total of 16 treatments.

Light: did 6 treatments. Gave a lot of money. Pain, hair fall out at first, then grow with renewed vigor. Did not notice the effect and left it useless.

Marina: ‘ll just two treatments, but already in love with the ELOS. I am so tired of shaving, ingrown hairs, the eternal thought in the mind, and if my feet are feeling when slightly regrown hair cling to tights when wearing them. After the treatment the hair falls out by the root and don’t grow nearly two months. I’m already so tired of the constant anxiety that I have something may not be right what I agree to do the ELOS once every two months at least until the end of life, but I hope that the result will get faster.