Endoscopic breast augmentation — what is it, reviews, photos before and after


In the world developed a number of ways, the most invisible of which involves making an incision in the navel. Even if scar doesn’t heal perfectly straight, it will not affect the appearance of the patient’s plastic surgeon.

In Russia endoscopically perform the operation of the augmentation(breast enlargement) only through an incision in the armpit.

Options for incisions

The incision in the skin fold under the breast

Usually this incision is made not more than 3.5 cm in length. But even under the most favourable option when the incision’s healed into a thin scar, it can still remind its owner or man about the operation.

The incision at the nipple

In this embodiment, too, remains a scar. But even worse is that with this cut affected the glandular tissue and ducts, making it impossible for subsequent feeding, if the woman wants to get pregnant and have a baby.

Also one of the complications of the circumareolar access may be loss of sensation of the nipple.

Access from the armpit

  1. During the surgery with sub axillary incision is not affected the very fabric of the breast, what will be important in the future for those who are planning the birth of children.
  2. The scar that remains on the incision gradually (over 4-5 months) dissipates, so do not spoil the result.
  3. It is much easier to introduce an implant under the pectoral muscle, but requires the use of endoscopic equipment, to make the cut muscle, but it does not damage the region of large vessels.
  4. The operation takes less time (about 40 minutes).
  5. Shortened period reabilitacionnogo the fact that when carrying out endoscopic operations are less traumatized tissue.

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  • underdevelopment of mammary glands;
  • a small amount of breast;
  • the mastoptosis (sagging of the breast) after breastfeeding or dramatic reduction of body weight;
  • the lack of symmetry of the mammary glands;
  • deformation of the breast due to trauma or surgery.
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Before you do surgery for breast enlargement, it is necessary to verify the absence of contraindications.

You will need to undergo a series of examinations:

  • Breast ultrasound;
  • General analysis of blood;
  • determination of the clotting time of blood;
  • blood from a vein in biochemistry, AIDS, syphilis, hepatitis b and hepatitis C.

In addition, you need to consult with the anesthesiologist to identify the likelihood of complications of anesthesia.

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  • any good or malignant tumors in the mammary glands, such as cysts, breast, breast cancer;
  • the presence of infectious diseases;
  • diseases of the internal organs of acute and chronic;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • diseases of the blood;
  • violation of blood coagulability;
  • the age of 18;
  • the first year after completion of lactation;
  • unstable psychological state.

What is the procedure

At least one month before the operation should start to eat normally, if the woman complied with a strict diet, as a deficiency of protein, vitamins and minerals can badly affect the speed of tissue healing.

Two weeks before surgery should stop taking medications that reduce the blood’s ability to clot. Aspirin and many other medicines, a list of which you should give your surgeon or anesthesiologist for advice. At least three days before the operation is necessary to avoid cigarettes, as Smoking contributes to the formation of rough scar in the incision.

Alcohol will not be tolerated before or after surgery, as alcohol is incompatible with the drugs for anesthesia and drugs to be taken in the postoperative period.

Surgery for breast augmentation is in a classic operating, which respects all the rules of aseptic and antiseptic (i.e. it is supported by sterility).

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First, the surgeon holds a special markup that will subsequently help them to install the implants symmetrically. Then the patient laid on the operating table she is given anesthesia. Skin incision and subcutaneous adipose tissue occurs in the axilla. Usually this incision is never more than 3 cm in length.

From the incision in the direction of place the implant is done in the tunnel. The implant can be installed under the breast and under the muscle.

In order to subsequently implant is not shifted and not rotated, there is a large number of techniques that experienced surgeons are reluctant to share. But without endoscopic equipment to perform precise manipulation of inconvenient access is almost impossible.

After the implants are installed and fixed, there is a mandatory inspection of the surgical wound for the presence of bleeding. If it is there to stop him. If not, but the wound in layers tightly sewn.

Usually bleeding in endoscopic method, surgery is not the case, since in addition to the endoscope is used coagulation. In the video, which is placed closer to the beginning of the article, this device is shown. It looks like a small handle with wire. This is essentially the equivalent of a scalpel, only coagulation not only allows you to cut fabric, she immediately seals the blood vessels that the patient had not lost blood.

After operating the wound is sutured, the anesthesiologist starts to withdraw the patient from anesthesia. Already in the operating room the patient wear a compression garment to avoid displacement of the prosthesis and deformation of the chest.

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The postoperative period

  • The first day will have to spend in the hospital under the supervision of medical staff.
  • In the first week may be pain at the site of the wound, because the necessary receiving analgesics.
  • Also in the first 7-10 days to reduce the physical load, avoid sudden movements with your hands, raise the arms above shoulder level.
  • 3 months after surgery should not visit bath, sauna, Solarium and carry out any procedure in the chest.

Prices on endoscopic breast augmentation

the transaction the cost
endoscopic breast augmentation 150000-350000

The cost of surgery depends on the prices of implants are used, but this is not the biggest item of expenditure. Basically the difference in price of operation is determined by the experience and reputation of the surgeon.

The before and after photos

And the next photo in addition to the common result is a view of postoperative scar in the armpit.

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