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How to look

Plate for fixing have a thickness of 2 mm. Each of these plates is provided with teeth, which are arranged at an angle to the Board.

Thanks teeth the tissue tension is uniform. At one end of the retainer there is a special ledge by which the plate is attached to the bones of the skull.

For each of the departments developed their entity types endotine, which differ in their appearance.

  • Endotine Forehead Endotine and Tripple designed for tightening and fixing of the tissues of the forehead.

This kind of locks has the form of triangular plates, which have teeth (5 and 3 pieces).

  • Endotine Transbleph used for shaping and a new, higher position of the eyebrows.

Have a form of plates with three teeth.

  • Endotine Midface are used for grafting of the middle third of the face, lift the cheeks, to create more pronounced cheekbones.

The clips for the middle third of the face consist of two parts: an extended part with teeth grabs the tissues of the face and tightens them, the second part is long and thin fixed on the skull bone under the skin of the scalp.

  • Endotine Ribbon is used to lift the second area of the chin and neck.

These retainers have the form of strips with teeth throughout its length.

The principle of operation

The action is based lies endotine two main effects:

  • mechanical lifting of tissue;
  • stimulation of the connective tissue, through which the operation result is stored for several years.

Mechanical lift is due to the presence of teeth on one side mini holder for facial tissues and special thickening to attach to the bones of the skull. Purely mechanical endotine fixed tissue for about a year. Stimulation of connective tissue strands occurs due to the constant release resorption endotine lactic and glycolic acids.

Lactic acid activates fibroblasts, which are responsible for the production of collagen and elastin. Thus, gradually the retainer is completely absorbed, and its function of maintaining the position of the tissue after the lift takes a layer of newly formed connective tissue.


Uniform tension of fabric. Endotine due to its shape and the multiple teeth allow you to distribute the tension of the tissues at several points and, consequently, a larger area. The picture shows a diagram of the surgery using screws and Endotine Forehead: distribution of the tissues more uniform in the case of application of mini-fixator.

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More even load distribution when lifting and allows you to:

  • to reduce the unpleasant feeling of tension for the patient after the surgery;
  • to improve the conditions of healing tissues: less tissue tension, the less the risk of development of rough scar in place of the postoperative wound;
  • to avoid distension of the muscle fibers of the cheeks, which occurs when the lift of the middle third of the face using threads.

Reducing the time of surgery. Endotine facilitate the work of the surgeon and allow you to perform all the necessary manipulations through a small incision in the skin. Less adverse reactions.

They are made of biopolymers – substances which are found in all tissues of the human body and are not treated the immune system as foreign. Because there is no risk of allergic reactions.

In addition, thanks to the reliable fixation is possible the development of facial asymmetry, as is the case with the weakening of the joints tightening threads.

Indications for use

The clips of facial tissues help to address the following cosmetic problems:

  • the drooping tissues of the face, which is reflected in the appearance of sagging tissues in the forehead, overhanging eyebrows, drooping tissues of the cheeks with the formation of nasolacrimal furrow, «Osogovo» and «flews», the formation of double chin;
  • chronic dark circles around the eyes;
  • expressed the hollowness of cheeks, cheekbones pronounced enough;
  • the desire to have a more distinct jaw line and more pronounced boundary between the area of the lower jaw and neck of older women and young girls, which can be categorized as «donuts».

Contraindications for their use:

The tissue retainers should not be used in cases where there are suspicions that the body due to existing health problems will not be able to respond adequately to their introduction.

This can be in the following cases:

  • diabetes: fluctuations in blood sugar leads to damage to the vascular wall and disruption of blood flow to tissues, reduces immunity;
  • the tendency to form hypertrophic scars and keloids: active substances which are released during the resorption endotine to stimulate the formation of connective tissue, which in the presence of a tendency to form hypertrophic scars may lead to the adverse effects of the operation;
  • emotional instability and mistrust: endotine for a long time can be palpable in the tissues, to give a slight pain that the overly sensitive patients may require early removal of indochino.
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How is the lift

Lifting by means of latches may be performed as an independent operation or as part of more extensive surgery. In General terms the method of application indochino the same, different only the location of the incisions.

For example, lifting of the middle third of the face using endotine may carry out through an incision in the mouth, if you are lifting a mini with the clips as a separate operation. Also endotine can be introduced through an incision at the edge of the lower eyelid, there is a check-lifting.

Video: Install endotine ENDOTINE Ribbon

The toothed part captures the soft tissue, the protruding portion on the other end of the plate attaches to the bone. After endotine entered and recorded, to get them, as is the case with the screws and other temporary clamps, not necessary. This is especially useful for nonresident patients who can go home after 3-4 days after surgery instead of waiting two or three weeks, when the time comes these temporary retainers to get.

The postoperative period

You need to prepare for that within a month after installation, the retainers will be palpable, and in some cases, and viewed on the surface of the face. But from the third week of the plate will gradually be softened, and their outlines smoothed.

After surgery, you will need to observe a number of simple constraints that will contribute to the gradual resorption of edema:

  • the exclusion of thermal procedures (bath, Solarium, sauna, reception of a hot bath) during the month;
  • the rejection of tanning and the sun in a period of 1 year after surgery;
  • the decrease in the intensity of physical activity, refusal to work in the slope, any athletic training during the month;
  • of maintaining a drinking regime, to eliminate swelling on the face.

Adverse effects of surgery:

  • swelling;
  • bruising;
  • bleeding and seroma formation;
  • infection.

Swelling and bruising are themselves. In any other case, if something bothers you, it is better to consult your doctor.

Video: Endotine: a lifting of the cheeks and cheekbones


Are extremely rare, but knowing about them is.

  • Psychological intolerance to foreign bodies in tissues.

This is what we wrote above. Endotine palpated in the tissues and can give a small soreness when pressure is applied the first couple of months. And then it passes. People with emotional instability can occur intense pain, the cause of which is psychological rather than physical. Such people sometimes endotine you have to reach, not waiting for their resorption.

  • Slow resorption of the plates.
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Normal retainers resolve within 6-9 months. If after this period, records still be felt in the tissue, the plastic surgeon can make the decision about their removal.

  • Violation of blood supply to the tissues in the spot fixing indochino.

Most often this disorder occurs in places of fastening of a latch to the bone. In the area of attachment of boards to the bones of the skull can be observed thinning of the skin, peeling, thinning hair.

  • Excessive growth of connective tissue in the presence of precipitating factors.

In that case, if a person has a predisposition to the growth of connective tissue, or during the operation the wound was developing an infection, at the site of operation can be formed expressed severe scarring.

How long does the effect

The duration of the effect of the use of mini-clips depends on several factors such as the age at which the operation is performed, the condition of the facial tissues, the predominant type of aging etc. a Minimum saving of 5 years, maximum of 7-10 years.


The name of the product The cost
endotine 2 PCs order 500.e.

$ 500 is the amount by which you increase the cost of the surgery if you decide to use endotine, compared to the cost of the operation without mini-clips.

Photo before and after applying endotine

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