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The mechanism of action of

Protein enzymes are used in cosmetology for a long time. They are mostly known to us from enzyme peels, which destroy the connection between the dead cells of the epidermis and cause mild peeling of the top layers of the skin. Now on the basis of already known enzymes developed drugs for hair removal on the body. The composition of these substances include: papain (extracted from papaya), trypsin and chymotrypsin.

They are designed so that active components are penetrated into the hair follicles and destroying them. The thermal effect has a double impact: first, it contributes to the widening mouths of the hair follicles to the drug better inside, and secondly, the heated skin and the drug on it, which activates the enzymes.

The surrounding skin is not damaged by enzymes, as protected by several layers of epidermal cells. All that can happen to skin is a light peeling of the top layer or an allergic reaction to components of the drug, which is extremely rare.

Enzymes affect only those hair follicles that are in the growth phase, because to remove all hair in one procedure impossible. After the destruction of the growing point of the hair follicle the hair growth stops and the follicle grows.

The method is powerless against in-grown hairs, as hair follicle ingrown hair is not reported with the skin surface and the drug to get to him. But with time, decreasing the number of the hair in the growth phase, the number of ingrown hair is also reduced.

Video: Impact of enzyme complex


Enzyme hair removal is performed to remove hair of any thickness and color on the body. On the face of it not possible.

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  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • varicose veins;
  • allergic reactions to components of the cream;
  • skin damage at the site of the proposed procedures;
  • cancer;
  • bleeding of any location, including the «critical days»;
  • cardiovascular disease;
  • infectious and viral disease, accompanied by violation of General condition and fever.


Before the procedure it is undesirable to sunbathe for 10 to 14 days as this increases the risk of skin pigmentation. You must use sunscreen cosmetics.

To conduct need to grow a hair length of at least 6-7 mm, otherwise they will not be captured sugar paste or wax.

How is the procedure

Before starting be sure of the consultation of the doctor dermatologist that will determine the indications and contraindications to the procedure and will conduct the scratch test. It is performed on the skin of the Palmar surface of the forearm. The skin applied to enzyme product and closed by a film. The procedure is performed only if the drug does not cause allergies and pronounced irritation of the skin.

How is it performed? The client is located on cosmetic couch. The first phase involves any of the types of cooks on the client’s choice. It can be sugar, caramel or waxing. In the second stage, applied to the skin a preparation for hair removal containing enzymes, and closes the film. On top of the film overlap the osmotic silicone tape (also called thermobonding). Termobinder exposed to infrared radiation, which warms the skin coated with a drug.

Termobinder facilitate uniform distribution of heat. According to the rules for enzymatic hair removal should be used specially developed for her drug SigmaTerm, which allows you to control the intensity of heat exposure.

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At the final stage, wipe the skin with a special moisturizing lotion, which helps to quickly reduce the redness.

Enzyme hair removal bikini

Enzymatic method of hair removal is applicable to perform both classical and deep bikini.

Is it possible to at home?

In home conditions, use of drugs to enzymatic hair removal is not necessary, as it is important to take into account all contraindications, adhere to the technology application, to follow exactly the heat mode. As a rule, to carry home all of these conditions impossible. So, this procedure can be ineffective and even harmful.

Skin care after the procedure

For 10-12 hours, the treated area preferably not wet. In the next few days is not worth a visit heat treatments, swim in the pool, go out in the sun.

Within two weeks after the procedure is prohibited to use the Solarium, sunbathe, go in the sun without using sunscreen. When the hair will start to grow, they are best removed with depilatory creams, as this will prevent the formation of ingrown hairs.

Complications and side effects

Most common complication of such procedures as skin redness, which passes itself without treatment. Occasionally, the skin may temporarily itch and itch. Comb the skin is strongly recommended. Treatment is not required. Can be applied to the skin moisturizer. Some time after the procedure, you may notice increased skin sensitivity in place of the procedure, because it is desirable to treat the skin gently and do not RUB your skin with a loofah, towel, wear loose clothing.

Enlarged pores can be the entrance gate for infection, which will lead to the formation of pustular rash, because should not visit at this time, the beach, the gym.

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After the first treatment the hair starts to grow back thinner and lighter. To completely get rid of hair, you must do 6-8 sessions with an interval of 30 days between them.


Treatment area price in RUB. with the use of waxing price in RUB. with the use of sugaring
armpit 600 720
hands up to the elbow 800 850
fully hand 950 1150
Shin 800 1200
hip 800 1300
bikini classic 800 1100
bikini deep 1550 1800
belly 300-700 450-1000
back 300-900 450-1000
buttocks 900 1200

Photos before and after enzymatic hair removal

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