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Enzymes are protein molecules, which are also called enzymes, which speed up the biochemical reactions of digestion in the body.

Applied to the skin they destroy (or break down) molecules of a substance that holds the scales of the Horny layer of the epidermis between itself and accelerate the process of cell renewal of the skin. And it happens without the use of clusively the skin of the granules of the scrub and aggressive substances such as acids.

Along with the epidermis peeled off leaving the areas of pigmentation, fine lines, cleaned the mouth of the sebaceous glands, are released from the pores.

Compared to acid peels enzyme peels are milder and do not have the number of side effects.

You can use at home to solve the daily problems of the skin, to enhance the effect of skin funds and to maintain the effect of salon procedures, such as mechanical cleaning, all kinds of peels and so on.

Enzymes for use

For the production of tools for enzyme exfoliation using vegetable raw materials. Most often the enzymes isolated from fruits where the enzymes are contained in large quantities.


The enzyme isolated from the peel, leaves and fruits of papaya. The primary mechanism of action of papain – cleavage of proteins into smaller fragments.

Hence, the main directions of its use:

  • in the food industry to soften the meat (cook in the countries where papaya grows, just wrapped in its leaves the meat overnight to make it soft and juicy);
  • in drugs for weight loss: the breakdown of proteins of connective tissue contributes to a more rapid mobilization of fat from adipose tissue;
  • in cardiology: papain breaks down the fibrin deposited on the walls of blood vessels and thus prevents the development of blood clots;
  • in dentistry: papain improves the color of teeth naturally;
  • in surgery: purification of purulent wounds and ulcers from content with further healing;
  • papain has a negative impact on intestinal parasites and is an excellent natural remedy vermifuge;
  • body care: slow down hair growth after depilation.

In cosmetology papain is used for:

  • mild exfoliation of the Horny layer of the skin to
    deep cleansing and strengthening effect of health treatments;
  • the treatment of inflammation, swelling, scarring after trauma, plastic and reconstructive surgeries;
  • care scalp at an increased greasiness, oily seborrhea;
  • care for oily skin, prevent acne and comedones;
  • treat freckles and pigmentation.


Trypsin is produced by the pancreatic cells of animals. Unlike other enzymes trypsin has been successfully used to reduce swelling around the eyes after traumas and operations on the eyeball and eyelids.

The most secure of all enzymes. It is inactive against healthy cells and tissues, since they contain inhibitors (blockers of the enzyme activity) of trypsin.


It is with bromelain is a legend that eating pineapple will allow you to lose weight. The truth is that ripe pineapples contain a small amount of bromelain only hard core in the flesh it almost does not remain. Its highest concentration is in the stems, leaves and immature fruits of pineapple, papaya and wild lemon.

The beneficial effects of bromelain:

  • accelerates the healing of burns, cuts, ulcers and wounds;
  • in treatment of Allergy as an immunomodulating agent;
  • reduces itching and inflammation in areas of insect bites;
  • slows down hair growth;
  • reduces the severity of inflammation and the number of blackheads and pimples acne.


  • thick oily or combination skin prone to acne;
  • enlarged pores that often become clogged with the formation of black spots;
  • loose skin is that bad tonalnik and powder;
  • sensitive skin with tendency to redness and irritation;
  • freckles and age spots that you want to lighten.


  • exacerbation of acne with an increase in the number of purulent elements.
  • manifestations of herpes infections, warts, molluscum contagiosum on the skin;
  • wounds, scrapes, abrasions and cuts on the skin in the area of the intended application of the drug for peeling;
  • bacterial and fungal diseases of the skin;
  • Allergy to any component of the drug.
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A combination of drugs

The enzyme peel is superficial, because it is quite possible to do the most. Cosmetics now have both for home use and for the salon procedures.

Most drugs are combined, and contain in their composition in addition to enzyme retinol or fruit acids.

The most affordable and easy to use at home is «salicylic Enzyme peeling Stopproblem».

The preparation of enzymes includes in addition salicylic acid, which beneficially affect the condition of the pores and sebaceous glands activity. It can be applied at any age to update the skin, treat acne, eliminate the sensitivity of the skin and its dehydration.

The peel will be useful in rosacea. To the dilated vessels enzyme salicylic peels will not be affected. But by reducing skin sensitivity to external factors and improve skin hydration the intensity of redness and the severity of the spider veins is reduced.

How to use the tool

  • Method 1. It is described in the annotation to the drug.

On cleansed skin apply salicylic enzyme peeling a thin even layer on 8-15 minutes. Over time the drug is washed off with water. On the skin you can apply a caring cream. While salicylic enzyme peeling of the skin can feel quite intense burning and itching that are normal reaction and does not require immediate rinsing of the drug.

  • Method 2. It is designed for those who want to get from a simple means to maximum effect.

To do this the first few times should do the procedure according to the standard scheme described in the first method and make sure that the skin tolerates peeling. For the procedure in addition to the drug you need and food wrap. Of film necessary to cut a mask with holes for eyes, nose and mouth. Or you can use three strips of film 10 cm wide and of sufficient length to reserve to cover his face. The first bar covers the forehead, the second is on the nose and cheeks, and the third closes his mouth and chin.

The drug applied to the skin in a thin layer and is closed with foil for 15-25 minutes. Contact with the lip most people can cause a slight burning sensation, but serious problems will not provoke.

After cleansing the skin applied to any moisturizing or nourishing cream for your skin type. The price is on average 150 rubles. A volume of 100 ml.

Enzyme peeling of the «enemy» can also be used independently. It is designed for dry and sensitive skin, but can be used for normal and bold. In addition to papain in the product contains sea minerals, vitamins E, C and F, and aloe, which perfectly removes irritation.

The Drug Myrrh

One of the few peels, which contain only the enzymes. The composition is the enzyme papain, no parabens, used as preservatives bezel and Aromix are eco-friendly.

It has a gel-like consistency, because it does not flow even if during the procedure you will want to continue to do household chores.

Method of application

On cleansed skin apply the gel on for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. During the procedure, which may be burning or itching of the skin, which do not require extra rinsing. The price of such peeling of the order of 333 roubles. A volume of 50 ml.

Video: Peeling of Oriflame

Professional tools


Peeling gel contains several enzymes: papain, lipase, protease and amylase. In addition, the composition also includes vitamin C, citric acid and urea for a deeper exfoliation, a pronounced softening and whitening the skin. Can be used not only for face but also for spilinga hands, neck, décolleté and body.

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How to use the tool

  • Method 1. Conventional enzymatic peeling.

To do this, a small amount of gel is applied to cleansed skin and leave for 10-15 minutes. The gel is then washed off with water and is applied to the face of any moisturizer or nourishing cream.

  • Method 2. Enzymatic exfoliation combined with the vaporization.

To enhance the exfoliating, softening and whitening effects peeling gel can be applied on previously cleaned and steamed the face for 10 minutes. This option is ideal for preparing the skin for uhodom procedures.

  • Method 3. Enzyme exfoliation combined with massage.

The gel has a consistency that allows for the massage to 40 minutes. This allows you to carry out exfoliation and massage that much better prepares the skin for subsequent uhodom procedures and saves time, contributes to less skin irritation, as there is no need to once again rinse for exfoliation and massage cream with water. The price is about 2600 rubles. Packaging 150 ml.

Janssen (Janssen)

Enzyme gel Janssen contains an enzyme of bacterial origin – the family of subtilisin. Designed for sensitive skin. Used in a special way: it is sprayed on skin and not washed off, and to wash hands or towel until the appearance of slightly shiny leather.

In the salons often this gel is used as preduced. And at home it is recommended to use this product for 14 days for maximum updates, lifting of the skin, align and improve its color. The price of the gel of about 3,400 rubles. A volume of 200 ml.

Salon treatments

If indicated, the enzyme peel can be performed in the salon. In contrast to home use, salon or beauty parlor we can use drugs with greater efficiency and depth of penetration. Often they contain in their composition the acid and require the application of the Converter.

As it passes

Stage 1. Preparatory. At this stage, the person is cleansed of makeup and dirt. After washing, the skin can be applied a special solution-an adaptogen, which prepares the skin for peeling, is an excellent prevention of development of redness, facilitates the recovery processes of cells and tissues.

Stage 2. Application of enzyme preparation. Enzyme gel or cream applied to the skin for 10-30 minutes depending on skin type, severity of defects. This time can be a discomfort type of burning or tingling from minor to pronounced.

Tool for enzymatic peeling depending on the availability of the acids and their concentration can simply be washed off with water, can roll with the remnants Kumanovo epithelium may first neutralize the catalyst, and then slip away.

Stage 3. Final. After the second stage can be carried out any procedure such as mechanical cleaning, care, to lifting, hydration and skin nutrition. If no procedure is planned, the skin applied to a specially selected tool for nutrition or hydration. The price of the procedure enzymatic exfoliation at the salon range from 500 to 2500 rubles.

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Enzyme peeling with your hands after epilation

As you can see from the above prices for drugs, use them for body, hands or feet receive costly. If this is the most effective way to significantly slow down hair growth after waxing and prevent ingrown hair. There is a solution – to prepare the drug for peeling at home.

Fortunately all the components to make it is now easily possible to buy the online stores for soap makers and making homemade cosmetics. And operate such shops all over Russia and CIS countries, sending their goods by mail.

Why does it work?

The effect of slower hair growth is due to the fact that the enzyme papain passes through the hair follicle to the injured papilla (where the growing hair receives nutrients and oxygen for growth) and broke him.

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Consequently, the hair follicles need more time to recover and start the growth of new hair. Therefore, the hair follicles should be treated with a remedy after hair removal, not shaving.

The effect of preventing ingrown hairs is achieved through the peeling effect of the Horny layer of the epidermis, including the area of the orifices of the hair follicles, because the mouth does not grow new hair without difficulty come to the surface of the skin.

How to cook

So, we will need:

  • 100 ml of room temperature water (not cold!!!);
  • ascorbic acid 1 vial of 1 ml of 5% (sold in any pharmacy without prescription);
  • papain 2 grams (sold in online stores components for cosmetics)
  • guar gum on the tip of a knife (also sold in online shops for making cosmetics at home).

In this recipe, ascorbic acid stimulates the action of papain, which is most active in an acidic environment, and guar gum serves as a thickener to our home peels will not melt, easy to apply, and that the tool is well penetrated into the mouth of the hair follicles where the hair was removed.

All the components are added to water and mixed until a homogeneous mass. If the drug is scrub is too liquid, gum, you can add a little more, until thick jelly.

Cook a lot at once drug is not necessary, as there are no preservatives, and it spoils quickly even in the refrigerator. 100ml of the drug is more than enough on the lower legs, forearms and armpits in several layers on two or three days.

If after this time something still remains, these remains better to throw to keep yourself from bacterial skin rash.

Method of application

After hair removal from the root (epilator, wax or sugar) tool is applied in several layers: paid, waited until dry, struck again. For the application convenient to use a brush, but you can cotton.

To slow hair growth the drug only needs to be applied immediately after hair removal. To prevent ingrown hairs the drug must be applied repeatedly for the second and third day after the procedure.

As a result, after application, so on the second day much less pronounced inflammation in areas of injured hair follicles. The hair begins to grow much later, greatly reduced the amount of ingrown hairs, especially those that are formed pustules, sores or dark spots.

The most pronounced effect can be observed after 4-5 epilation.


Serious skin defects such as scars from acne or chicken pox, common spots, wrinkles with enzymatic peeling to remove will fail.

How often can I use

Apply exfoliating for dry and sensitive skin is not more than 1 time a week. Fat combined may require 2 to 4 treatments per week, depending on its initial condition and the desired results. With the growth of improvements in the condition of the skin amount of enzyme peels during the week can be reduced.

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