Essential oil for oily skin face problem

For oily skin is widely used a variety of oils. With proper use they contribute to the cleansing, normalization of sebum and relieve inflammation, smooths the complexion.


It would seem that the use of oils is unacceptable for oily skin type, because the development of fat exceeds the required level, and that causes many problems. The skin becomes not a beautiful shade, has a porous structure and numerous inflammatory cells accompanying the owners of oily skin.

However, the effect of the use of oils in various cosmetic products and in its pure form solves a lot of problems:

  1. Dissolve fatty film.
  2. Lightens the skin.
  3. Cleanse and tightens pores.
  4. Normalize hormonal balance.
  5. Increase the functionality of the epithelium.
  6. Improve the metabolism.
  7. Help to increase oxygen saturation of the skin.

The whole range of high impact easy to feel on your own skin. If you choose the right materials and shape for their application.

Before cosmetic procedures must consider the processes that will occur on the face after using each tool separately. And necessary part to correct specific skin problems.

How to choose

The range of oils used in cosmetics, is divided into basic tools, and concentrated essential.

The basic tools used for oily skin, have antioxidant properties and high regenerative feature.

Even 1 application is capable of:

  1. to improve skin texture,
  2. deep clean dirty pores,
  3. to dissolve excess fat
  4. to normalize the glands.
  5. the skin becomes soft and tender.

Most suitable called the oil made from grape seed and jojoba.

Best essential oils for oily skin:

  • The tea tree oil. Has a bactericidal action, and harmonizes the glands, accelerates regeneration processes;
  • The lemon and bergamot. Have a significant effect in cleansing the pores;
  • Camphor oil is a strong antibacterial agent;
  • Fir, eliminates inflammation.

Essential oils can be matched with the necessary action and taste of the person.

How to use essential oils for oily and problem skin

Rules for the use of essential oils for oily and problematic skin:

  • You can’t mix an essential oil with cosmetics, only with carrier oils.
  • The use of essential oils is best left for the evening, if you do the procedure the day before going outdoors should take at least 2 hours. Some oils have a tendency to buy toxicity when hit by direct sunlight.
  • At the slightest allergic reaction, the oil should be thoroughly washed and no longer use. With a high degree of allergenicity before use should be test on sensitivity to the selected oil.

  • Before applying any oil to follow the instructions. If you have indicated there contraindications to stop using it.

By following these simple rules, you can avoid negative influences that may be provided by the tool.


Essential oil with a greater concentration in a pure form to use is not valid.

In beauty to use blend of essential oils based on the basic, added a few drops of the selected funds. You can use 1 essential oil or a few at a time.

Following the chosen recipe or intuitive selection of composition can make a unique drug for the desired. Do not use more than 5 oils at a time.

Steam baths

Procedure the steam bath is beneficial for oily skin when used in complex care or as a separate procedure.

Under the action of the vapor is to open the pores and deep cleansing, you also improve the blood circulation of the skin, which leads to increased nutrition and better overall health.

After steaming, it repeatedly increases the effect of masks and serums applied to the face.

Preference should be given to:

  1. lavender,
  2. pine,
  3. the sage,
  4. mint.

After the procedure, rinse your face with water with lemon. This will reduce the pores and to nourish the skin with vitamin C, additionally, the lemon has a lightening effect that is very refreshing in the face.

Not allowed to use the bath at an elevated body temperature, or acute inflammatory process.


Face masks are not interchangeable in complex care, you can use ready-made cosmetic shape, and can be done independently using only quality and natural raw materials.

The time spent on cooking, fresh masks will be compensated by the result and will amaze cheapness.

Pharmacy clay

For a basis we can take pharmacy clay, cream, fruits and vegetables. Everything has excellent results and is preparing quite simple.

For skin with acne good mask pharmacy white or blue clay:

  • add oats,
  • mix with kefir and add a few drops of essential oil possessing anti-inflammatory action: tea tree or mint (on their own).
  • apply a thick layer on the face and after 20-30 minutes rinse using warm water.

With sour cream or yogurt

For skin lightening in sour cream, add chopped fresh parsley, a few drops of any citrus oil, you can use natural lemon juice.

Apply the freshly prepared mask 1-2 times a week, preferably in the period from 18 to 20 hours.


As the base oil to return the elasticity of the skin with the first signs of aging you should choose jojoba oil.

Add a few drops of the citrus and mix with Hercules, sent through a blender or grinder.

Facial masks are able to solve almost all problems are cosmetic. The main thing to choose the right components. To do this, define the problem skin (dull color, acne or loss of elasticity) and focusing on it, select the squad.

When using a mask in combination with massage or steam bath, the efficiency increases many times.

The number of treatments per week is chosen individually for each skin. Good use of 2 masks per week, with a different focus. One needs to be a cleansing, and the second anti-inflammatory or nourishing.

When the disease of the skin before the procedure to consult a dermatologist.


Tonics and lotions is indispensable in cleansing the skin.

Tonics directed to the removal of excess skin and fat.

Refreshing effect on the face during the day, have excellent anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictor properties. To prepare the tonic at home under the power of every girl.

The choice of ingredients for the lotion provides the desired effect: antibacterial properties, wound healing, brightening, toning.

The only disadvantage of such tools is a small lifespan. To change the lotion will have weekly, and on the basis of vodka every 3 days.

On the other hand due to the need to replace tools on a fresh can adjust the composition considering the vital needs of the skin.

A few hand-picked recipes for oily skin:

  1. A glass of green tea a few drops of lemon essential oil, you can add lemon juice. Store in the refrigerator for 1 week. Brightens and refreshes the face.
  2. White wine. Great tool even without additives. Improves complexion, cleans pores, has a rejuvenating effect.

To create a tonic you can use:

  • various concoctions of herbs (calendula, chamomile, yarrow, mint)
  • with the addition of essential oils (tea tree, citrus, bergamot, lavender and others).
  • this will allow you to choose the product on any occasion without the cost of buying a ready-made store-bought tonic.
  • to change the composition can be at least every 3 days. Thereby achieve the ideal state of your skin.

This tonic will not hurt the skin even with frequent use (e.g., heat).

If you take alcohol, vodka, wine, then use tonic is not more than 3 times a day. Otherwise you can «burn» the top layer of the epidermis, thus triggering an increase in sebum secretion.

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Contraindications to the use of essential oils should read the manuals of the selected funds.

The main factors that exclude the possibility of using aromatic oils is:

  • pregnancy
  • intolerance to the components,
  • susceptibility to allergic reactions
  • violation of skin integrity (burns, cuts).

A strong inflammation on the face, in such cases, the procedure is aimed at treatment and has a point impact on the pathological element.


With any procedure should comply with the basic rules. To exclude allergic reactions should carry out a scratch test with a ready tool.

Any procedure requires a professional approach, you should not try to achieve results in a shorter period, increasing the amount of essential oil!

Essential oil must be completely dissolved in the base. High concentration does not allow the use in pure form.

The procedure is performed better in the evening or on weekends. After any procedure on the face is not recommended to go out for 2 hours. In this time the skin vulnerable to the influence of wind, sun, cold.

When perfectly selected blend of essential oils and the exact calculation of the required amount of each substance in the complex compounds, you can forget about the Shine, skin inflammation, clogged and enlarged pores. The skin has a perfect tone, a velvety structure and radiant health.

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