Exercises for cellulite on butt, legs, against, hips, buttocks

About cellulite heard every woman who is even slightly well groomed. Interestingly, cellulite is a natural feature of the female body, but lately has become very fashionable to try to get rid of it in any way. The greatest hope in this struggle lay in the effective exercise of cellulite.


«Orange peel» effect is a direct consequence of the ability of the female body to accumulate fat, which will be spent in the period of childbearing and feeding his chest. Usually it begins to manifest itself when the girl 20 years of age.

Cellulite forms in the subcutaneous layer of adipose tissue (hypodermis). To monitor this process is almost impossible. Sealed macrosty formed by the accumulation of fat cells, giving the skin an unattractive relief.

Thanks to this external manifestation of cellulite, it’s called «orange peel». The most noticeable cellulite on the buttocks and thighs.

It is believed that the progression of cellulite may be triggered by such factors:

  • unhealthy lifestyle;
  • unbalanced diet;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • age and anatomical characteristics of the structure of the skin.

Of course, the «orange peel» can be perceived as the obvious cosmetic defect.

In medicine it is not considered a pathology, the causes and mechanisms of development of cellulite have not been well studied. Therefore, there are no official recommendations on how to get rid of it.

Is silent in this respect and traditional medicine. There are virtually no recipes associated with the elimination of its manifestations. The only industry that is developing methods of recovery from this problem is the aesthetic beauty.

There are several approaches to combat this problem:

  • special beauty treatments;
  • anti-cellulite products;
  • reduction of precipitating factors.

Immediately it should be noted the low efficiency of the first two approaches. None of the existing cosmetic procedures has a specific focus on elimination of «orange peel».

The maximum that can be achieved with their help is short-term visual effect based on the overall improvement of the blood supply of the skin and eliminate excess fluids.

Do not forget about possible adverse effects from a hardware technician and the absence of specific studies proving their effectiveness in this area.

The same applies to cellulite remedies. Any creams or herbal is not able to reverse the mechanism of destruction of fat accumulations. Although completely abandon assistive devices, which improve the condition of skin and subcutaneous tissue, not worth it.

An integrated approach

The only real way to fight is to change their lifestyle so as to reduce the effect of deteriorating factors.

It includes the following:

  • special exercises;
  • proper nutrition;
  • the rejection of bad habits.

And important that a comprehensive approach to the implementation of all three aspects.

A balanced diet should provide adequate intake of protein while reducing carbs. The total caloric intake must be reduced by 10 – 15 %.

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Bad habits worsen the blood circulation and tissue nutrition, reduce the maintenance of cells with oxygen and slow down the process of detoxification. More ideal conditions for the progression of cellulite it is difficult to imagine.

Quitting Smoking, alcohol, avoiding stress, lack of sleep etc. is one of the prerequisites in the fight against «orange peel».

However, the leading role in this process is given to exercises that help:

  • to normalize metabolic processes in the body;
  • to reduce the amount of body fat;
  • to improve the microcirculation of blood in tissues.

It is necessary to use two kinds of exercise:

  • power;
  • cardio.

Strength training will contribute to increased fat burning. Cardio (running, swimming, yoga, Cycling, etc.) will only be effective if they are done in a special mode that involves the alternation of movements of high and moderate intensity.

What to do exercises for cellulite at home

Most effective exercises are performed without equipment and special devices. Therefore, they can be done at home. Consider exercises that target the most cellulite-prone areas of the body.

The Pope

Let’s start with exercise of cellulite on the priest:

  • I. p. – stand on all fours. Resting his hands on the floor, to make the Maha straight leg. Thus it is necessary to pull the toe clench. Mahi to start with the right foot.

The emphasis should be not on the highest amplitude Mach and the maximum voltage of the gluteus Maximus. You should fix the leg in this position, and then return to its original position.

  • I. p. – lie on your back, hands lowered along the body. Legs bent at the knees and put on the floor, pulling the foot closer to the buttocks. Resting on hands and feet you have to lift the pelvis up and clench. The upper part of the back can not be off the floor.
  • This exercise can be complicated. I. p. remains the same, only the hands need to take over your head and hook in «the castle». Right leg should be placed on the left knee and while in this position, begin slowly to rise.

In the top of the lift it is necessary to lock for 10 seconds and then return to the starting position. When performing this exercise should strain the muscles of the buttocks and abdomen.

Each of them need to run at least 25 – 30 times.

Well established exercise «walking on the Pope.» You need to sit on floor, legs straight, arms bent at the elbows. Alternately lift right and left side of buttocks, to move forward or backward.


The most common exercise for cellulite on thighs is squats. You should perform 20 times in three sets. To the maximum load accounted for by the hips, have during squats keep your back straight and do not tear the heel from the floor.

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You can use the weights. Also useful «attacks» to the side or back and forth.

In addition, you can do these exercises:

  • I. p. – sitting on the floor, extend your legs straight forward, hands to rest on the floor. Bend the left leg and begin to move it to the right until, until the knee touches the floor behind the right foot. Locked in this position for 20 – 25 seconds and return to starting position.

While turning his hands off the floor.

  • I. p. – lie on your side, one hand to pull up along the trunk and put it on her head, the other hand to rest on the floor in front of him. Bend the top leg at the knee and lift it 20 cm up. Lock to 10 seconds and lower the leg to starting position.

Then turn over and repeat.

  • I. p. – lie on your back, the bent leg is placed on the floor, hands to dissolve in hand. To perform bending bent legs to the right and left side.

All exercises are performed alternately for 10 to 15 times in each direction.

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On the feet

To strengthen the muscles and fight cellulite on the legs will help jumping rope and squatting on bent legs wide apart.

You can also perform the compression of the legs a large elastic ball. For this you need to sit on a chair and knees to compress the ball. To fix this position for 30 seconds and relax the feet. Repeat 25 – 30 times.


To combat cellulite on the stomach is necessary to perform abdominal exercises.

  1. I. p. – lie on your back, extend hands along the body and straighten the legs. Resting his hands on the floor, lift the straight leg off the floor by 20 — 30 cm to Lock in this position for a few seconds and return to starting position.
  2. I. p. – stand upright, feet spread at shoulder width, take your hands dumbbells (3 lbs) and to lower them along the body. Alternately lean left and right. During the incline dumbbell must slide along the body. When he reached the extreme point of the slope, you need to lock for two seconds and reverse the movement with the tilt in the other direction.

A good effect has exercise a «bridge» or «twisting». Repeat each exercise for 20 – 25 times.

Still recommended daily for 10 – 15 minutes to spin the Hoop on the waist. You can use the «hula Hoop» with internal beads or weights.

Why not dramatically increase the load

By tuning in daily exercise, you need to remember about the need to increase physical activity gradually. Otherwise, it is possible to reverse the cosmetic effect.

Untrained body by increased blood flow from intense movements, the possibility of drainage of the venous and lymphatic vessels remain the same. Thus, the outflow of fluid from the top of the tissue occurs fast enough.

As a result of this mismatch is formed stagnant water, and tissue of the subcutaneous tissue begin to condense and thicken. From this the risk of a orange is only growing. If the load increase gradually, both process and blood circulation, and lymph flow will occur in a balanced mode.

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Why you need to drink water when playing sports

In the fight against orange peel it is important to remember about maintaining water balance in the body. Since the exercise is intense perspiration, a loss of moisture should be regularly replaced.

If during the sport, not to drink water can develop dehydration. In such a situation there is a direct threat to the health and the body stops working in full force. Thus about any effectiveness from training cannot be considered.

Useful tips

As experience shows, in a comprehensive approach to the fight against cellulite, you can achieve almost ideal results. However, this process is long and requires considerable effort. In each individual case the result will differ.

To enhance the effectiveness of exercise, follow these tips:

  • when you exercise maximally tense the muscles, try to feel like they are stretched;
  • follow the breath, it is recommended to perform the exercise on the exhale;
  • study regularly, at least 5 times a week.

You need to remember that the effect is not permanent. Once you stop training, «orange peel» may appear again. Unfortunately, completely to get rid of it is impossible.

It is important to understand the essence of the problem and not waste time on test advertised funds, which according to their creators possess miraculous powers against cellulite.

Like a magic pills there, so the only help in this matter will be physical exercise and your perseverance.

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