Exercises to increase breast growth at home — photos, videos

What girl wouldn’t want to have firmer, bigger Breasts, which would have pleased not only her, but others as well. Nature absolutely reward all the ideal parameters may not.

Someone has a fat form, someone ugly or very little chest. If the stomach to fight: to stick to any diets, to exercises to enlarge Breasts is very difficult. Can only help a set of exercises.

To solve the problem of ugly Breasts, today there are a huge number of physical exercises that affect the chest muscles, thereby they strengthen and increase their volume. As a result, our chest and becomes more and more elastic.

In order to move on to compound exercises, you need to conduct the workout. Run, jump, do the slopes in side, no less than 15-20 minutes.

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How often should to do?

For the shortest possible time to achieve results, almost all girls begin a daily work.

This is a mistake, because muscles grow during rest between exercise. Meaning in daily training absolutely no. The best schedule power loads – to do 3 times a week.

The sport helps strengthen bust

Swimming and boating are the most effective types of sports to strengthen chest muscles. Hedgehog if you decide to do in the gym, then you will help trainers with more weight.

Most importantly – listen to all the instructions of an experienced instructor who will tell and show you how to do exercises for breast growth. A lot of weight – 80% of mass you can lift.

Exercises with more weight you need to perform in several approaches. Perfect rod. In the first approach it can be raised without pancakes. In the second – 60%. The last approach is performed with maximum weight.

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In order to see the effect, each exercise should be performed no more than 10 times, otherwise the exercise will become fat burning in nature and no effect will. As soon as you feel a burn in your muscles, do not stop, repeat the exercise 2-3 more times.

Remember that during exercise the most important thing is the breath. You should breathe quietly and rhythmically: breathe in, force, on relaxation of the exhale.

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Exercise with dumbbells

Exercise will help not only to increase breast volume, but will make a strong and uploaded your hands.

Many women after the age of 30 begin to SAG, the muscles in the upper arms. Dumbbells can help in this matter.

To perform the exercise lie on your back, take the dumbbells and begin to work with your hands: hands (do not straighten completely at the top should be slightly bent) to themselves, then to dissolve in hand, pressed to the chest.

Better to start with light dumbbell and gradually increase the load. During exercise, make sure to properly breathe: on the inhale, take your hands off of yourself, on the exhale draw them closer to himself. Exercise should be done 20 times.

For this exercise, you must also add 15 reps at another position hands with dumbbells: right arm with the dumbbell extended along the thigh, and the left is raised in front of chest; must alternately change hands in places: along the left thigh, right up.

Remember that exercises to increase bust with dumbbells can help you gain the extra 2-3 size, because the composition of the breast is composed of mammary glands and adipose tissue. Of muscle but a little will increase it, but it will make toned and elastic.

Exercise «Palm»

One of the most effective exercises is the «Palm». To do this, sit on a chair or be near the wall. The most important thing is to make the back smooth, otherwise all the load back will take over and no action will not. Join your palms as during prayer. Very much presses on the palm of your hand to feel the strength in his shoulders. Hands held in suspense for 10 seconds – no less, to achieve a result.

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After 10 seconds, remote hands 5 inches and leave them in that position again for 10 seconds. Drop the hands and shake them as hard as you can. Such tasks are performed twice.


The simple exercise that can increase breast size is a banal push-UPS. How to do this exercise is known by all people because it is taught in physical education classes. To do push-UPS should be at least 30 reps. But in practice, many women difficult to do push-UPS 3-4 times, not that 30. So the first time you need to do twenty push-UPS for the class, regardless of the number of approaches. Then you only need to gradually reduce the number of approaches, without diminishing the number of push-UPS.

Exercise «The Wall»

You need to be facing the wall and put on her palm, and then with the strength to push like want to move it. You should push with enough force to feel tension in the muscles of the chest. 10 seconds push and 10 — relax.

Exercises «Skier»

This exercise is usually performed with weights, for example dumbbells or heavy books. Movement should be done in much the same way that skiers do, pushing the two sticks overnight. But it should be done slowly, lifting hands from hip to chest level, holding them for a few seconds in this position and then slowly lowering. This exercise for breast augmentation performed six times in three approaches.

Exercise «Push up from the chair»

You need to turn to the chair back, put hands on him, then lean on your hands. Pull the legs forward. Stoop down and rise up, bending and unbending arms. This exercise should be done 3 sets of 6-8 times. At the end of the class carry out exercise for breast enlargement «Banner», it needs to lower the arms with dumbbells and hold them in this position some time, or perform the exercise «the Wall», but not to press on the wall, and just «hang» on hand.

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Effective exercise for breast enlargement

Should be straight, feet should be shoulder width apart. Then raise their hands so that the elbows were at chest level, palms should be folded in front of him, so the fingers pointing up. On account of «one and two» you need to press the lower parts of palms to each other. On «three» turn the palm of your fingers to yourself, «four» palms straighten. On five hands dipped down, and the «six» return to their original position.