Eyelid plastic surgery — after, repeated, what not to do, reducing


For women beauty is reflected not only in beautiful and fashionable dress, but also to be in harmony with your body, which is a measure of the ability to watch her figure and shapes.

What created this kind of surgery, such as breast implants.

The peculiarity of breast augmentation is to plan and discuss desired results, since it is not always the desire of the fair sex coincides with the real situation.

This plastic surgery is currently becoming very popular and used by many women to return to the previous form, lost after the birth of children or various diseases, and also aesthetic appearance

What it is

Mammoplasty is a breast correction by means of surgical intervention.

Under surgery means surgery on the breast, which has a whole range of areas, such as:

  • the increase or decrease of the breast;
  • breast;
  • breast lift;
  • endoprosthesis replacement, due to natural absence or after removal of the breast due to illness.

Plastic surgery breast itself is not complicated, but as mentioned above it is surgery, and hence stress to the body.

Therefore, it is worth considering whether such an operation…

And if the decision was in favor of surgery should definitely consult with specialists, monitor clinics that engage in such transactions to reduce the risks to Your health.


In addition to private desire of the patient for correcting the Breasts, there are the following types of indications for this kind of transaction such as:

  • ptosis of the breast when the size is saved, but the chest is omitted;
  • macrospace — chest increases in size, but the location, elasticity saved.
  • microspace – Breasts reduced, due to a congenital lack;

Also a significant indication for the correction of the breast is postlactational period – as a result of breastfeeding a baby, it can lose the form to decline and be less elastic, then surgery is recommended mammoplasty.


Breast correction is an operation, and hence requires no anesthesia, «anesthesia», but do not forget that not every body is able to handle anesthesia.

There are a number of the following readings:

  • age. The age of the woman, which is planning the correction, must be 18 years of age;
  • cancer;
  • infectious diseases;
  • pathology of internal organs;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • breastfeeding.


Depending on the purpose of woman, we must distinguish between the following operations for correction of the breast:

  • surgery reduction mammoplasty. Or reduce the breast to reduce the volume of the breast by removing fat tissue. Breast reduction is less popular than breast augmentation, but all the same, there are patients who have shown breast reduction. Reduction method solves several problems such as eliminate the drooping of the nipple-areola complex, eliminating excess stretched skin. There are several options of breast reduction:
  • liposuction is surgery to remove excess fat in the mammary glands. With the help of liposuction decreases breast size all other sections remain undeformed. After liposuction remains visible seams;
  • short seam method is a technique of vertical incision, just an incision is made in the form of a comma, while the nipple remains sensitive and the operation continues for a relatively short time.
  • mastopexy or breast lift, is aimed at the fixation of breast tissue to the anterior chest wall, correction of the shape of the breast by suturing the wounds in the glandular tissue.
  • augmentation or increasing breast size, bole is common among women. This is the surgery using endoprostheses, so — called implants. The size of the implants depends on the volume of the filler and can be from 120 ml to 850 ml.
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Correction of the areolas

Correction of the shape of the areolas is also a type of mammoplasty, but can be self-procedure, as directed on alignment nipples, which have different size and can be asymmetric to each other.

This operation refers to a number of simple plastic surgeries and takes a lot of time in the process of implementation.

The areola may increase. This occurs in the implantation process, childbirth or breastfeeding. During the operation removes excess layers of skin in the area the areola, and then overlap intradermal sutures.

How to prepare for surgery

Breast correction, like any other operation, is no less serious, and therefore it should be treated responsibly, and of course go through extensive training with a number of clinical studies Your body.

In the process of discussing with the physician it is necessary to tell about the possible pain You may have, as this is a significant contraindication to surgery breast implants.

It is recommended to perform the following steps before surgery:

  • you must make a General analysis of blood. Total blood count shows the hemoglobin level and blood leukocytes. Low level of hemoglobin in the blood is a sign of anemia and a contraindication for surgery for correction of the breast. First, you need to cure anemia and then proceed to surgical intervention;
  • fluorography of the lungs and an electrocardiogram of the heart pathology the lung and cardiovascular disease are a significant indicator of undesirability of such operations. An electrocardiogram of the heart should be done several times before surgery, because heart disease will lead to serious recovery after anesthesia.
  • elimination of bad habits such as Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. An overabundance of nicotine leads to vasoconstriction and blood microcirculation, and in turn it leads to bad zaiavlenie postoperative wound;
  • to pass a urinalysis;
  • to do a breast ultrasound;
  • to consult with the doctor-gynecologist by results of consultatii to do a pregnancy test as hirurgicheskoe intervention during pregnancy is undesirable;
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Video: Operation

How to conduct

Like any other operation should be carried out in the presence of an anesthesiologist, and of the specifics of the plastic surgeon.

Depending on the type of operation, as mentioned above, there are several, and therefore the methods and stages of operation are also different.

For example, a breast lift is characterized in that an incision is made about 13-14 inches, then removed the excess skin overlap the inner seams and tighten the gland.

This operation lasts about an hour, and the rehabilitation period is not prolonged, no more than seven days. Scars around the areola, over time, become invisible.

During the breast reduction. In each breast removed breast. The doctor measurements and determine how much tissue should be removed.

Chest marker is applied to the dotted lines, which will be done in future cuts and overlap the seams. This operation lasts about two hours. Rehabilitation lasts about ten days.

If the breast need to increase, by the way, the most common type in the correction of the breast used implants.

Accordingly, the doctor made the incision, which can be under the breast in the crease or around the areola or in the armpit.

It also defines the placement of the implant in different layers of the breast and may differ from the location due to the individual characteristics of each woman.

Also it should be determined on a bulking prosthesis and not to forget about the consequences that entail low-quality and incorrectly-filled implants.

The rehabilitation period lasts about ten days, but can be increased to the health condition of the patient.

Bans after mammoplasty

After breast surgery prohibited any physical activity. In sleep mode, lie on your back and in any case does not lie on the breast.

Also, after surgery you should not sunbathe in the sun and to limit access to the Solarium. Should not visit the sauna.

Possible complications

Rehabilitation improper passing can cause some types of complications, leading to discomfort and pain.

So after surgery should listen to the advice of the specialist physician in this area.

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But still, as every human organism is arranged individually there is a risk of complications after surgery mammoplasty.

So, there are the following types of complications:

  • suppuration of wounds after surgery;
  • hematoma;
  • loss of sensation in the nipples;
  • hypertrophic scars;
  • rupture of the prosthesis;
  • the displacement of the implant;
  • allergic to denture.

Approximate cost

Breast surgery in modern times and enjoys popularity among women and for health and beauty. As is well known for creating beauty requires time and financial resources.

Breast plastic surgery, which is expensive. And all sorts of promotions, discounts and lesser levels of knowledge can lead to bad consequences.

Depending on the type of mammoplasty, the cost of these procedures can vary from six thousand to six hundred thousand rubles.

The cost depends on the clinic, which specializiruetsya on the data type of transactions from the doctors and their level of experience in the industry, as well as about materials used in process operations, their quality and origin, method of manufacture.

According to marketing research there is a classification, and price list for breast augmentation surgery:

  • breast lift — 150,000 – 250,000 USD;
  • breast enlargement (without cost of implants) -185,000 -250,000 R.;
  • the increase with the lift(without cost implants) – 190,000 – 400,000 R.;
  • replacement implants – 300,000 – 600,000 p.;
  • reducing breast size — 195,000 – 200,000 p.;
  • correction of the shape and areola juice – 6,000 -185,000 R.;

Do not forget that before planning and conducting operations it is necessary to clarify the expert that is included in the cost of operation.

Because there are clinics that consider separately the rehabilitation period, the number of days staying in hospital prices during the correction of the breast.