Face massage against wrinkles — in clinics and at home, prices, photos, reviews, videos

Similar procedures can be carried out in specialized clinics and in the home.

The effectiveness of massage is due to the following factors:

  • Stimulation of blood pressure and metabolic cellular processes;
  • Providing the skin with nutrients in the required amount;
  • Production of collagen and elastin, responsible for elasticity and firmness of the skin;
  • Strengthen muscle — smoothing of wrinkles;
  • Elimination of puffiness and increase in tone;
  • Reduction in the rate of the capillaries, eliminating acne and redness;
  • Eliminating the effect of the sagging skin, drawing the contours of the face;
  • Calm the skin and relieve tension that contributes to wrinkles;
  • Prevention prevention of fine lines and wrinkles.

The effect depends on the correctness and regularity of sessions, and is smoothing old wrinkles and preventing the appearance of new blemishes.

Technique and rules

An important nuance in the return of youth of the skin is the observance of rules of carrying out of massage that help to prevent difficulties and complications during the procedure:

  1. Not to hold sessions in the presence of inflammatory processes on the skin;
  2. Clean the skin with cosmetic products before the session, if possible, to do hot compress to relax the muscular tissues;
  3. To perform the massage daily for 10 – 20 minutes.

To perform the procedure should be strictly along the massage lines by developed by experts of the motion. If you do not follow these tips, you can hurt yourself stretching the skin and worsen its condition.

This is why we need to thoroughly study massage lines that pass from the ear lobe to chin, from ear lobe to the lower lip from the upper lip to the temple, from the middle ear to the corners of the mouth, from the middle of the nose to the temples, from the middle of the forehead to the temples, from the outer corner to the inner eye, upper and lower eyelid.

The movement of lymph taking place in this direction. The holding of the session in accordance with the movement of the lymph in several times increases the efficiency. Movement during the massage can be varied, for example, light tapping, mild pressure, pinching, stroking, etc.

The skin around the eyes is very sensitive, so be careful to make movement in this area, not using pressure and pressure.

Sessions were conducted before bedtime give the skin elasticity and increase blood circulation, which favors the alignment of the skin.

Massage carried out in the morning, immediately after sleep gets rid of bags and dark circles under the eyes and also reduces swelling of tissue.

How to make at home

To perform the procedure at home should be for ten days. The duration of each session should not exceed fifteen minutes.

If the result does not meet expectations, then after a week you should repeat the set of procedures, passing on more effective methods.

Video: Massage facial wrinkles

Japanese method of Asahi

This technique has been known for over a hundred years and is enjoyed by women very popular.

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Thanks to massage the Asahi (translation — facial massage from wrinkles) after the second procedure noticeable improvement.

Technique this technique is the impact on deep muscles and connective tissue of the face. After the procedure the structure of the connective tissues is improved and the skin becomes shiny and taut.

Japanese massage consists of unusual techniques, which prevent the stretching of the tissues, toning the muscles and skin.

Strong effect on the skin allows you to remove both facial and age wrinkles. Caution when executing the procedure to be followed in the zones of location of lymph nodes, and tender skin around the eyes.

For this procedure use cosmetic lotion to remove makeup or to prepare the oat milk. Recipe of oat milk: take flakes «Hercules» and wrap in a double layer of cheesecloth, then soak with water. Use the extraction, which can drain into a Cup or in hand during the massage.

Video: Japanese face massage (self-massage)

Exercise # 1 – Smoothing of the forehead

Index, ring and middle fingers of both palms should be placed on the center of the forehead and press firmly to the skin. Count to three and with pressure to take the hands to the temples. To turn the palm sideways and hold on the sides of the face, reducing the force of the onslaught. Repeat the exercise three times.

Exercise # 2 – elimination of the swelling to increase in the eye

This session consists of several stages: the upper and lower eyelids separately. Hands should be fail-to-face with extended elbows. Place middle fingers on the outer corners of the eyes, and easy, with no pressure to hold them to the inner corners. You then slightly increase pressure and to hold the hemisphere along the top of the orbital bone, fixing the movement for three seconds at the temples. A procedure should be finished, painting something under the lower eyelid bulge, reaching to the inner corners of the eyes. Massage the upper eyelids should be sticking to the same principle. Here, consider the above scheme and to adhere to General recommendations.

Exercise # 3 – the Chin, mouth and corners of lips

The pads of the ring and middle fingers should be placed in the hole at the center of the chin, then push your mouth to circle and snap your fingers in the center above the upper lip. Reception should be repeated from the bottom up, stopping at the points of start and finish for three seconds.

Exercise # 4 – the Cheeks, nasolabial folds and lips

The exercise starts with the area of the hollows located at the wings of the nose. The index and middle finger of both hands simultaneously should carry out an arcuate movement from both sides from top to bottom. Repeat the steps you must push not more than three times per session.

Exercise # 5 – enhancing the cheeks and lower face

The fingers should be placed horizontally on the cheeks, spreading his elbows to the sides, parallel to the floor. The exercise consists of squeezing the nostrils, resulting in a pressure on the temples. Massage movements should be carried out with effort to stay in the start and end points for three seconds. Japanese wisdom says that the effect of the procedure depends on the perseverance of the master and regularity of sessions.

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The Chinese view

Chinese massage technique is designed to influence biologically active points of the face. Activation of the deep processes in the body promotes healing and rejuvenation. This does not require effort during a session.

The most important thing to work out the required area, and thus begins the process of regeneration of skin tissue, develop collagen and elastin that helps the natural filling of wrinkles and smoothing the skin.

Video: Chinese anti-aging massage for the face

Chinese massage technique at home

  1. Apply it on the face fat cream or a special oil pharmacy;
  2. RUB the palm of your hand until the feeling of heat;
  3. Palm bring together and apply to face, during which the eyes perform a circular motion, alternately blinking quickened;
  4. Then tap presses on the eyeballs;
  5. Massage of the nose is performed by using the index fingers of both hands, which stimulates the nasal septum (circular motion). The wings of the nose should be stroking from top to bottom;
  6. The cheeks should be patted with fingertips, enhancing the claps at the expense of weakening 5 and 10 on the account;
  7. The auricle should be massaged with middle fingers, moving toward the ear from tragus;
  8. From the forehead to the nape of the neck should be spread fingers, performing a movement crest.

These exercises wash the face not only wrinkles, but also age, due to the activation of areas known only to the Chinese sages.

Massage spoons

For this procedure you need to use different size spoons from coffee, to soup kitchens. It is also necessary to prepare a container with hot and cold water. This technique is very effective and helps to smooth out wrinkles after the first application.

The first step is to apply the cream on the face or on the reverse (convex) side of the spoon. To perform alternately the first hot then cold tools for fifteen minutes.

Movement of the tools held on the lines of movement of lymph, repeating five to ten times. In one session it is better to affect a larger number of active zones, especially need to work on the nasolabial folds, the eyebrows, the skin around the eyes and chin.

Video: Massage of face spoons for beginners


Olena: For a long time I have used various expensive cosmetics, but the desired result was not achieved. On the advice of a friend I started a massage for the face anti wrinkle, alternating between different methodology. The most effective technique, in my opinion, this massage silver spoons, on which I first went to the beauty parlor, and after spent your own at home. The result I am satisfied and will never give massage to cosmetics!

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Alexander: On the advice of an experienced cosmetologist I for several years doing facial massage at home. The result, as stated on the face! I’ve regained my youth and in forty years I look thirty! No cream will not give such a result. Cosmetics I use, but only for the session and, of course, decorative. The most effective procedure for eliminating wrinkles, this is a Japanese massage of the face, which over several sessions in two weeks, gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles.

Face massage against wrinkles in clinical conditions

The procedure of facial massage at the clinic are not only an effective method, but also the supervision of a specialist, who with the help of specialized equipment evaluates the type and condition of the skin.

Any kind of massages to a certain extent smoothes wrinkles and increases skin tone.

There are the following classification of facial massage from wrinkles:

  1. Beauty (classic) – focus on maintaining a skin tone of the face and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Includes vibration. Stroking, rubbing and kneading of the skin;
  2. Plastic – designed for people with thick, oily and porous skin. It acts on subcutaneous tissue and the skin;
  3. Sculptural and eliminates the age-related significant changes on the face and due to its efficiency is able to sever the plastic surgery;
  4. Lymphatic drainage – assists to remove toxins from the skin and stimulates the metabolism. Reduces swelling and congestion;
  5. Hardware represents the effects on the skin electric current. Galvanizing – light tension electric current, electromotors – introduction in the subcutaneous layers of the electrodes of the medical and cosmetic substances;
  6. Acupressure facial wrinkles is a great technique for healing and rejuvenation. Improves skin tone, relieves swelling, and restores the skin’s metabolism.

Thus, a facial anti-aging and facial wrinkles can be carried out both independently and in a clinical setting. The main rule when undertaking restoration procedures is the regularity and compliance with the required criteria.