Face peeling

What are

The effect can be divided into three large groups:

  • chemical: acid and enzyme;
  • hardware: laser, diamond microdermabrasion, ultrasonic peeling;
  • mechanical: coral peeling, various scrubs and exfoliating sponges and brushes.

The depth of exposure is divided into:

  • surface: raised Horny layer of the epidermis;
  • median: shed weight affected epidermis and the papillary layer of the dermis;
  • deep: will be removed practically all of the old skin.


Enzyme peels are very mild in their effect compared to acid, therefore can be used at home. In order to enhance the effect of them, in the enzyme is often added fruit or beta hydroxy acids. Most often salicylic acid, which perfectly cleans the face from blackheads and acne.

Enzyme can be used by owners of sensitive skin and skin with couperose. The combination of enzymes and acids are more suitable for those who have thick and porous skin, for which the action of the enzyme may seem insignificant.

An example of such a peel is «Enzyme-salicylic Stopproblem», which is designed as a product for regular home use.

Enzyme facial peels at the salon is often done not so much to remove the top layer of the epidermis, as for the loosening of the skin prior to mechanical cleaning or care procedure.

Professional drugs there are many manufacturers of salon cosmetics. This is GiGi, Janssen, Kosmoteros, Renovis and many others. In appearance, they can be a gel, and can be produced in the form of enzyme powder.

The only drawback salon enzymatic peeling is the duration of the procedure: to ensure that the enzymes work, it is necessary to keep it on the face about 20-30 minutes. Not so long if not to take into account the discomfort of burning and tingling of the drug.

All enzyme peels are only superficial.


Chemical cleaning is known for a very long time. There are reports that this procedure was conducted by another Queen Nefertiti, which used the juice of the grape or precisee wine, which begins to turn into vinegar.

In its composition of acidic drugs can be:

  • odnochastny: mandelic, salicylic, retinoidy, TCA, and others;
  • multicyclone: peeling of Gessner and others.
  • with scrubbing particles: that is mechanical scrubs, the effect of which is enhanced by the addition of the preparation acids.

With glycolic acid

Glycolic peel is superficial and is more suitable for normal, dry or dehydrated skin. For combination normal/oily skin it can be used for the purposes of rejuvenation, but only in the absence of purulent elements on the face.

Oily skin there are other peels that are more effective: acne, acne and post-acne glycolic peel helps a little. He had a weak effect against age spots. With rosacea, the glycolic peel is contraindicated. The main effects of glycolic acid at increasing the level of hydration, improving its relief, eliminating signs of aging, smoothing wrinkles.

Lactic acid

Considered the most gentle of the peels surface. Can be run year round if you use sunscreen and a total ban on the tan. Helps moisturize the skin, whitening.

Can be used to remove age spots in combination with other bleaching agents. Can be used for skin with rosacea. Milk peels can be monocyclone and multicyclone.

Video: Deep cleaning

Mandelic acid

Almond peeling is suitable dark-skinned people (with 3-5 svmotion according to Fitzpatrick). Can be used in summer and spring. But in this case it is obligatory to use sunscreen or powder with SPF not lower than 30 and is strictly prohibited on the beach and the Solarium. Has a less pronounced irritant effect on the skin compared to other acids, and therefore the reddening of the face after the procedure, expressed not so much.

Can be used for the treatment of acne of mild severity. For the treatment of moderate and severe acne need to use more effective drugs.

Video: almond cleansing facial

Phytic acid

Phytic acid has valuable properties: it inactivates tyrosinase, the enzyme necessary for melanin synthesis. This means that the phytic peel is great for those who treats pigmentation. Phytic peel belongs to the category of mild superficial peels that you can use to patients with sensitive skin and rosacea.

Can be used all year, but only with obligatory protection of skin from sunlight. Phytic acid has a significant antioxidant effect, i.e. it protects skin cells from free radicals and prolongs youthfulness of the skin. Phytic peel is best for people with aging, sluggish skin to address signs of photoaging and the first deep wrinkles.

Yellow (retinol)

Yellow called two types of peels: retinol (vitamin A based) and retinoidy (based on retinoic acid). Both peels have different intensity of effects on the skin, which is very useful for the selection of treatment clients with different skin and different cosmetic problems.

A distinctive feature of the yellow peel is that it can be applied for several hours. Usually gets it on the face of the beautician in the salon, and wash away his client of the house itself.

The main effects of yellow peel is a marked skin rejuvenation, lifting, stimulation of local immunity, melting and removal of comedones, reducing the production of sebum and skin lightening.


A relatively new form of peels, which is characterized by the almost complete absence of peeling and skin irritation. Used for very sensitive skin, promotes its moisturizing, has antioxidant properties.


Is surface peeling. Can be used to prepare the skin for mechanical cleaning. An excellent remedy for oily skin with excessive oiliness, oily seborrhea acne of moderate severity, folliculitis, acne and post-acne.

Has a complex effect on the functioning of the sebaceous glands, reduces the amount of generated secretion, reduces the viscosity of sebum, exfoliates the Horny layer of the epidermis, including at the mouths of the sebaceous glands, that is the prevention of the formation of sebaceous corks.

In addition azelaic acid reduces the number of bacteria that can cause inflammation in the sebaceous glands. Resistance to azelaic acid in microorganisms is not developed, so to use it in contrast to antibiotics can be repetitive rates and outputs the result.

Possesses strong bleaching properties due to the fact that inhibits the synthesis of melanin in melanocytes. Because used in melasma.

Video: Glycolic peel

Pyruvic acid

Refers to surface-median and is intended for Mature skin and for young atonic skin. Peeling pyruvic acid can be used for the treatment of seborrhea, folliculitis, acne and their consequences in the form of scars.

Preparation for peel has an unpleasant smell, because one of the contraindications for its application is the presence in a patient of bronchial asthma.


Favorite exfoliation with oily skin. Salicylic acid is part of the most remedies for acne.

And salicylic peels can be used as a course for the treatment of acne, and one-time to prepare the skin for mechanical cleaning. Salicylic acid can be used during the exacerbation of acne in the form of funds pre-peeling preparation.

Due to this, first, there is a gradual preparation of the skin for peeling, and secondly, reduces the intensity of inflammatory processes on the face and reduces the number of lesions.

In addition to exfoliation, salicylic acid normalizes the acid-alkaline balance of the skin which prevents the growth of bacteria that cause acne and also has anti-inflammatory and substations (reduces sebum production) effect.

Salicylic peels can be used in both young people and older customers who after 30 years are suffering from the manifestations of acne.

Peeling Of Gessner

The preparation for peeling of Jessner includes salicylic acid and lactic acid, and resorcinol. Due to this composition with its help it is possible to solve much more complex problems of the skin, than using only a salicylic or only milk. It’s melasma, age-related changes of the skin, eliminate stretch marks and pigmentation, follicular hyperkeratosis.

To enhance the bleaching properties of the composition, some manufacturers add Koivu and citric acid.

Not suitable for young skin with enlarged pores and acne. This is the peels with a softer action. The method is perfect to prepare the skin for the median trichloroacetic acid laser or microdermabrasion.


Trichloroacetic acid is a caustic compound that penetrates deep into the skin. Peeling trichloroacetic acid belongs to the category median. He’s not usually used for deep peels because of its toxicity.

The results that can be achieved by peeling, TCA is the most effective. But it also has a large number of contraindications and possible adverse consequences to the skin. Because TCA is so important for pre-peeling and post-peeling care. Restores the skin after a TCA for at least a month. Usually recommended no more than 2 procedures of TSA on the course.


Is executed only once in life. Usually held 6 months before the plastic surgery. Deep exfoliation smooths and visually rejuvenates the skin, and the surgery improves the contours of the face.


The acid can be attributed mezopiling – the procedure of introduction of glycolic acid intradermally. To conduct used 1% solution of glycolic acid.

Ravity the risk of side effects is minimal as it does not suffer the barrier function of the epidermis. No redness, no peeling after the procedure. The result from procedure 1 is comparable with the results of several conventional treatments glycolic peel.

Hardware techniques

Peels carried out using different apparatus settings, are performed on a much more serious indications than conventional chemical. But the result from them more pronounced.

Usually the recovery period after a hardware peelings rather long and require special skin care.


Procedures laser peeling may significantly differ from each other in the depth of penetration and effects depending on the type of laser and its settings. With a ray Laska can be removed (basically burn) the top layer of skin to accelerate skin renewal, and you can point to remove all layers of the skin to stimulate reactions in skin restoration after injury.

Usually the procedure involves the destruction of 20% of the area of the skin for the 1st time: in those places where the skin burned by a laser beam, forming a pronounced inflammatory response, and in nearby areas is the activation of cell division in order to close the new cells formed defects.

Due to the fact that in one session burned a large amount of skin, it is possible to obtain significant in addition to rejuvenating more pronounced lifting effect.

Diamond microdermabrasion

Microcrystalline is a type of microdermabrasion which is performed by special nozzles with spraying particles of different sizes. The larger the sprayed particles, the more intense and more serious impact on the skin rotating nozzle.

Method is ideal for removal of cosmetic defects of the skin that protrude or sink in comparison with the level of smooth skin: Hyper — and atrophic scars, stretch marks, for example.

Video: Microdermabrasion of face and neck


Using ultrasound it is possible to carry out peeling of the top layers of the skin and sebaceous glands. Usually associated with causing the skin to active drugs, which penetration into the deeper layers under the influence of ultrasound enhanced.


To the category of mechanical peelings are all funds with the composition of the abrasive particles.


Scrubs, sharply passed their position under the pressure of chemical peels. However, until now the scrubs are produced and sold. But if used on the facial scrubs can be found aggressive of the large particle density and size, such as crushed nut shells, now manufacturers increasingly use softer pellets of polypropylene.

Pellets of polypropylene are good because they have the shape of a ball with no sharp corners and small size to gently exfoliate without causing injury to the skin.


The procedure for hardy. In the peeling fragments of crushed coral. Coral dust is rubbed into the skin and sealed with a special drug for 2 days, so gradually the sharp fragments otshelushivaet the skin layer by layer. The procedure is shown to older persons with the first signs of skin aging.

High risk of traumatic or post-inflammatory pigmentation.


The name of the procedure Cost in RUB.

Superficial peeling machine JET PEEL

face from 2000
face, neck, neckline from 3000
hands/drumstick price for 1 area from 1700
abdomen/buttocks/chest/thigh price for 1 area from 3000
ultrasonic peeling from 1000
microdermabrasion from 2000
superficial chemical peeling drugs Mediderma from 3000

Chemical peels by ENERPEEL drugs

retinol from 5500
glycolic 40% 4500
glycolic 70% from 5500
pyruvic 50% from 4400
salicylic 30% from 4400
Gessner 4500
TCA 25% from 5500
TCA 40% from 6500
phenolic from 29000

Photo before and after acid exfoliation of the face

The before and after photos (laser)

Photo before and after (enzymatic)

Photo before and after (chemical)


T-shirt: Do peels on their own without any salons. To buy drugs through a friend of a cosmetologist. I one set for peelings GiGi enough for 20 treatments. This is 2 full course. And there is one set of 2 as exfoliation. If after the first winter I special changes have not noticed, after the second winter, especially if you compare me with my peers, I like myself. Still, after 30 years of grooming and desolation become visible.

Kitty: Buy a home enzyme peel. A great thing. For your oily skin use once a week for almost six months. Already on the second or third month I began to notice changes on the skin. Now do not part with peeling, even on vacation and trips.

Jeanne: don’t think the peels with something useful. Began to advertise peels, as zombies began to do peels. Peels do, and mesotherapy for many years are doing, and patients, plastic surgeons have not diminished. Need for food to watch sports, and you will be young.

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