Facial cryomassage liquid nitrogen — what is it, reviews, contraindications, prices, photos before and after, video

And though it is carried out with the use of liquid nitrogen, either polar cold or discomfort to the patient during the session is not experiencing. Slight tingling and coolness replaced by a tide of warmth and good cheer.


  • prevention and elimination of the first signs of skin aging;
  • gray or earthy color of the skin;
  • elimination of puffiness, including, and after plastic operations;
  • oily skin, enlarged pores, prone to the formation of blackheads, acne;
  • to prepare the skin for peeling, cleansing, plastic surgery;
  • skin treatment after peels, microdermabrasion, electrocoagulation, for the relief of pain, burning sensation, feeling hot;
  • reducing the severity of rosacea, acne;
  • elimination of scars, pigmentation lesions;
  • the strengthening effect of mesotherapy and biorevitalization;
  • treatment of demodicosis;
  • rosacea and couperosis.


  • increased sensitivity of the skin exposed to the cold;
  • exacerbation of viral or bacterial skin diseases (sores);
  • violation of the integrity of the skin on the face;
  • the active form of tuberculosis;
  • acute respiratory illness accompanied by malaise and fever;
  • the psychological unpreparedness of the patient for such treatment.

How is the procedure

The technique of carrying out cryomassage of the face one, but it has a number of features depending on the patient’s skin.

Video: cryotherapy


In the case of blackheads and a small amount of pustular elements is based on skin lines. The processing time of each zone does not exceed 15 seconds. Treatment time is 3-5 minutes. The main effects are a decrease in the rate of reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, pore constriction, stimulation of local immunity. If a patient has multiple deep may drain purulent lesions tend to heal with scarring, cryomassage is performed according to the method of dushirovanie when the skin over the pustules and scarring is treated for a long time, tight contact of the end of the cotton swab with the skin before the development of unstable whitening of the skin over the item.

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Each element can be processed 2-3 times in one session. Subsequently, the skin over the elements and scarring after this treatment peels, which promotes elimination and healing of acne, smoothes scars.

When demodicosis.

The problem is the sick one that the mites of the genus Demodex on the skin of healthy people, the immune system which controls the reproduction of the mites and prevents the development of the disease. Because any ways, aimed at eliminating Demodex, are doomed to failure: just cured people in contact with other people will be infected again.

In this regard, cryotherapy is a more advantageous treatment method, as not only inhibits the ability of demodexes to reproduce, but also stimulates the immune, nervous and endocrine system that enhances the body’s defenses against disease.

Most often in isolation cryomassage person not applicable. Typically, it is used in combination with General hypothermia and tick treatment medicines.


Rosacea procedure is carried out only in the case if for a number of years the patient had no disease progression, since cryo can only enhance the redness, vasodilation with the formation of the vascular network.

The massage is performed on the skin lines with the capture areas of redness or location of the vascular network. But the impact is less long, usually less than 10 seconds on the area, more surface. The session lasts 3-5 minutes.

The condition of the skin after the procedure practically does not change, there may be slight redness or pink as a sign of blood flow to the skin. Because immediately after the procedure you can return to business as usual.

No special care the skin after the procedure does not require, but it makes sense to make a moisturizing or nourishing mask, use a good cream, because the effect of skin funds and procedures on the skin is magnified.

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The application of the treatment liquid nitrogen can be performed at any time of the year, including summer, it does not affect the photosensitivity of the skin.

During pregnancy

Pregnancy is not a contraindication to the use of cryomassage, but not all doctors are willing to take a pregnant woman to the procedure, because the changed hormones and the immune system can not always give predictable results. Just keep in mind that the person is a vast reflexogenic zone, exposure to which can lead to a change in uterine tone.

Side effects

Cold Allergy

To avoid cold Allergy during cryomassage of the face is carried out cold test on the skin of the forearm. In case of hypersensitivity of the skin to cold identified in the test, cryotherapy is contraindicated.

Freezing of skin

When a normal duration of contact of liquid nitrogen with the skin, the skin temperature is lowered to about 0 ° C, giving an expressed stimulating, anti-inflammatory, anti-edema effects, but disruption of tissue takes place. With longer exposure may occur frostbite of the tissues, which subsequently will give a pronounced peeling of the skin.

Video: Cryotherapy (Liquid nitrogen)

Dripping liquid nitrogen on the skin, red border of lips and a conjunctiva of eyes

For the safe conduct of the procedure cotton swab after dipping into liquid nitrogen be sure to keep some time over a container and slightly shake to remove dripping. The patient’s eyes must be tightly closed.

If a drop of liquid nitrogen fall on the wet surface of the vermilion border or the surface of the eye, then stick like glue the frozen metal to wet skin. To remove these drops quickly fails, because in their place, can form deep source of frostbite.

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Prices face cryomassage liquid nitrogen

Procedure The cost in rubles
Cryomassage of the face 330-1200
Consultation of the beautician 500-1000
Cryomassage acne on the face 350-1680

The cost of cryo often point separately, and you can get it, at least for the first procedure only after consulting a cosmetologist. So always check prices in your medical centre, and whether this cost consult a specialist.

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