Facial massage from wrinkles — at home, after 50 years, Chinese, spot

At the first signs of aging women begin to find for yourself a variety of techniques to combat wrinkles. One of the best techniques has long been considered the massage. About why massage helps prolong youth and how it is run, and will tell in this article.

Indications and contraindications

Indications for beginning practice in a rejuvenating massage are:

  1. Man’s desire to slow down aging of the skin and rejuvenate it (the massage is performed as a prophylaxis).
  2. Dullness of the skin and the loss of her healthy appearance.
  3. The presence of deep age-related wrinkles in the area of the forehead, cheeks, nose and neck.
  4. The presence of small facial wrinkles in the eye area.
  5. Loss of skin elasticity.
  6. Sagging of the skin.
  7. Excessive dryness of the skin due to lack of nutrients.

Unfortunately, to perform rejuvenating massages are not for everyone.

Direct contraindications to carrying out this procedure at home are:

  1. Acute respiratory disease accompanied by high temperature and fever.
  2. Open wounds on the skin.
  3. Purulent discharge on the skin.
  4. Cuts, bruises, cracks, and other damage to the integrity of the skin.
  5. Acne.
  6. Various severe skin diseases (herpes, dermatitis, eczema, etc.).
  7. The inflammatory process in the skin.
  8. Not completed the period of rehabilitation after a recent surgery on her face, and after various cosmetic procedures.

We should also say about the execution of the massage during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Doctors do not recommend this procedure in this period as a woman when carrying a child needs rest. The maximum that is allowed is light stroking of the face, but nothing more.

All other anti-aging methods you can practice, but after the birth of a child.

The mechanism of action and effect

In the process of performing a facial massage with it improves overall blood circulation. This leads to activation of metabolic processes and tissue oxygenation.

Thus starts a kind of chain reaction: the cells begin to recover (regenerate), which are derived from the skin of the long-stagnant toxins and rejuvenates it.

With regular massaging you can not only slow the aging process, but also reduce existing wrinkles. Moreover, this procedure will make the skin more fresh, toned and healthy looking.

It is important to note that the manual facial massage is capable of:

  • to relieve stress,
  • the voltage
  • to improve overall health.

Justified it by the fact that on the face there are many special points, the impact of which will positively influence the internal organs. This was known by the ancient Chinese doctors, who actively practiced the so-called acupressure.

Due to the direct effects on muscle fibers, it is possible to reduce tension in facial muscles. This, in turn, promotes a uniform wrinkles.

With proper technique you can achieve:

  • tightening of facial contours,
  • cleansing the skin from rashes and acne,
  • as well as bringing of the epidermis tone, starting thus the process of Samoobrona.

Upon completion of the course, this massage to achieve such results:

  1. Elimination of swelling.
  2. Purchase skin smooth and silky.
  3. Increase skin elasticity.
  4. The acquisition of a healthy hue with a fresh blush.
  5. Elimination of acne and rashes.
  6. Regulation and restoration of metabolism in the skin.
  7. Getting rid of wrinkles (partial).
  8. Improving blood circulation.
  9. Prevention of formation of wrinkles by prolonging youthful skin.
  10. Improvement of General health.
  11. Elimination of dryness and oiliness of the skin (normalization of fat processes).
  12. The face starts to look rested and more fit.
  13. Muscle strengthening, which they are less subject to sagging.
  14. The establishment of the water balance.
  15. Skin nutrition.

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When to start a fight

Twenty-five years people have no visible wrinkles, so all they need is a skin care and prevention of occurrence of wrinkles on the skin.

With about thirty years of age begin to appear the first wrinkles. In this period it is already possible to practice a rejuvenating massage. It will slow the aging process.

Closer to the age of forty a person has visible wrinkles. In this state, with the folds of the skin must be fought by all ways (not just massage, but also masks and other beauty treatments). The only way it is possible to slow down aging of the skin.

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General rules

In order to achieve maximum anti-aging effect, you should be aware of such rules to perform this massage:

  1. To do the procedure need always to cleansed skin before doing this. For this approach gentle cleansing milk or lotion.
  2. Most massage techniques are not a dry skin. Before the procedure, hands or the face to lubricate nourishing fatty oils (you can use oil of peach, coconut, almond).
  3. Avoid sudden movements during the procedure. Especially harmful pressure, pinching, stretching, and strong kneading. This only further hurt the skin. All movements should be smooth and soft. Thus it is necessary to stroke the epidermis, not to injure it.
  4. It is best to do this rejuvenation in the morning or evening. The face should be no decorative cosmetics. After the procedure also, do not immediately apply.
  5. If the massage is done on the basis of any additives or ingredients (honey for example), then such substances should be of high quality and fresh. To enhance their effect, these ingredients can be warmed up a little.
  6. After the procedure you may feel a burning sensation and tingling in the area of the face. This is completely normal, which indicates the rush of blood to the face. In this condition it is very important not chill the skin, so wash with cold water after a massage is impossible.
  7. It is important to know that each massage technique has its own characteristics, so be sure to follow all the rules of its implementation.

How to do a facial massage against wrinkles

The most effective massages facial wrinkles are:

  1. A traditional massage.
  2. Chinese.
  3. Point.
  4. Massage spoons.
  5. Honey.


Classical massage involves the execution of four basic movements – stroking, rubbing, vibration and kneading.

The technique is the following:

  1. First you need to perform the movement from your mouth to the ears in a straight line. Generally, all movement must be in straight lines face.
  2. Next you should RUB the area from the chin to the ear lobe.
  3. Then move smoothly into the nose area and inner corner of the eye. All the movement must alternate from smooth to grinding, and back to stroking.
  4. Next, go to the area of the forehead and move towards the temples. Thus it is necessary to focus on the area of wrinkles and to stay in these areas of the skin longer.

Duration of one session of this massage should not be longer than ten minutes. The traditional course of twenty sessions with distance in two days. As the basis for the procedure, you can apply olive or peach oil.


Chinese facial massage from wrinkles aimed at the activation of special energy qi. It can stimulate the skin and give the cell strength for normal functioning.

A characteristic feature of this technique is that it is very effective and at the same time extremely soft. Because of this, it is practiced all over the world.

As you know, Chinese women are characterized by their perfect skin and long-term preservation of youth. They use many methods, one of which is massage. Thanks to this method of rejuvenation can relieve emotional tension, improve metabolism in the skin, but also improve the production of elastin in the epidermis.

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Moreover, Chinese massage helps to improve the sense of smell, hearing and sight. Its the technique you need to learn over the years, but there’s basic implementation of this type of rejuvenation.

Peculiarities of the Chinese massage are:

  1. Before the procedure skin need to apply oil is cold pressed. It will contribute to the saturation of the skin with vitamins.
  2. Further, should fold their hands in polosamota condition and applying them to the skin. Eyes need to blink and perform a circular motion.
  3. Next you need to put a little pressure on eyeballs. Gradually move to the corners of the eyes and massage them.
  4. Index finger to massage the nasal septum, and then go down to the wings of the nose.
  5. Gently tap the cheeks, gradually intensifying or weakening the movement.
  6. Pulling the chin and seize the upper lip bottom. When the skin is stretched, it needs a little push.
  7. Slow down to the neck and to massage her skin.

The course of rejuvenation is ten sessions with a break of two days.


Acupressure facial wrinkles can start doing this after 50 years. Of course, it is also possible to practice, but the effect will be less.

This is based on ancient medical practices. It involves pressure on certain point on the face that are responsible for the rejuvenation processes.

This procedure requires very careful approach. When properly executed it:

  1. not only will slow down the aging process,
  2. but also improves blood circulation, activates metabolic processes in the skin and give energy to a person,
  3. moreover, spot massage is useful for strengthening the immune system and improve functioning of internal organs.

The technique of acupressure is this:

  1. Before the procedure, hands should be clean and dry. Massage only need your thumbs.
  2. Pressure is necessary to provide only with fingertips strictly towards the surface of the skin.
  3. One pressure should not be longer than seven seconds.

  4. The total time for one procedure should not exceed ten minutes.
  5. First you need to massage the point between the eyebrows.
  6. Then go down and massage the point on the wings of the nose.
  7. After this you need to massage the point in the dimple under the lower lip.
  8. Massaging the area of the temples.
  9. Presses on the points that are in the area of the ears.


Rejuvenation spoons is also from China.

His technique is this:

  1. Before the procedure to make a chamomile decoction.
  2. You should first dip the spoon in cold water and apply it first to the lower eyelids, and then to the top.
  3. Next, in a circular motion to hold a spoon on the forehead, before brushing it with olive oil.
  4. To hold the scoop in the chin, pre-dipping it in a hot decoction of chamomile.
  5. Lighten up and hot spoon to stroke wrinkles in a circular motion.


Honey is a product that has excellent anti-aging properties. It is actively used in cosmetics, especially for face massage. Effective is this procedure with honey for people aged forty years, who already see at deep age wrinkles.

Also, this method of rejuvenation can be practiced and young people to prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Honey massage can be done at home.

It will help:

  • to clean the skin,
  • to saturate it with vitamins,
  • to improve metabolism,
  • tighten the muscles.
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Moreover, honey treatments will nourish the skin with antioxidants in this product of beekeeping.

With regular implementation of this method can give the skin elasticity, to get rid of wrinkles and give a more rested appearance.

It is important to know that for this type of procedure, you need to use only natural honey. For oily skin suit of thick dark honey – buckwheat, and dry-and sensitive — bright lime.

When performing this massage, you have to gradually put pressure on the skin. This motion must be sufficiently elastic, but not sharp. Pain should not be.

Special attention should be given to areas with wrinkles and sagging skin. If there is a rash or pimples, these places need to press down.

Technique of massage with honey is this:

  1. Clean the face and apply honey with the addition of oils to the skin.
  2. Wait until the honey itself is slightly absorbed, then start massage.
  3. Lightly massage the neck area, chin and cheeks.
  4. Pressure and stroking of the muscles.
  5. Go to the eye area and carefully consider the skin there. This is not to stretch the skin around the eyes because it is very thin. Movement should be light and tap.
  6. Go to your forehead and massage it.
  7. Wash away the remnants of honey.

Duration of one session should not be longer than ten minutes. The course is 20 sessions.

After massage, the person needs to thoroughly wash and refresh your face with a light toner. Instead of water you can apply a light decoction of chamomile or green tea.

Useful tips

To slightly slow down the processes of skin aging, it is important to follow these tips to prevent the formation of wrinkles:

  1. Have good sleep, mental and physical rest.
  2. To avoid feelings and a strong nerve surge.
  3. To take care of your face and neck. This is useful to make natural masks regularly to moisturize, cleanse and tone the skin.
  4. To diagnose and treat any pathology, particularly chronic, that can adversely affect the skin condition.
  5. Do not abuse decorative cosmetics. In General, experts do not advise daily use tools such as Foundation or powder, because they are literally issuewhat the skin what it loses moisture and is aging faster. The current beauty trends dictate the naturalness, so it is better if a girl would be to apply a minimum of makeup.
  6. Not to use poor quality (expired, counterfeit) cosmetics, as it not only harms the skin, and also can cause an allergic reaction.
  7. Eat right. The diet should be rich in nutrients for the normal functioning of all systems. Its basis should be nuts, fruits, vegetables, protein foods, oils and dairy products.
  8. To protect the skin from UV rays and cold. For this you need to use a special protective cream.

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