Facial wash oily skin — how to choose

Problem skin – a real disaster. Often, it bothers teenagers and this is connected with puberty. The cosmetic world rich in products for the care of the skin, but the best, so far, considered to be a cleansing, and now you will understand why.

The first task which stands before you is the process of selecting tools.

Selection criteria the following:

  1. Skin type;
  2. Effect;
  3. Composition;
  4. Manufacturer;
  5. Price.
  6. In order to join the ranks of the afflicted in the cosmetic departments of stores, decide what you are looking for, this will turn off the TV, is is your enemy. Choose the foam you need individually. Most often, oily skin is oily, so this means you have oily skin, you too can go.
  7. Different manufacturers offer a lot of effects, but most importantly for you – a cleansing that will not hurt you. The rest of the effects are nice bonuses, but they’re not key, remember this. Just do not expect miracles, over worked product marketers, not fairies.
  8. The composition of the stuff is tricky and it may be understood either the manufacturer or a beautician, but there are a few aspects that are available to mere mortals, but about them a little later.
  9. As for the manufacturer, then you will come to the aid of the Internet, the opinion of other people with the same problem as you, or intuition — the choice is yours.
  10. Buy superexpensive tools makes no sense, since they act almost the same way as their cheaper counterparts. «The amount charged for the title» say the ladies and they are partially right. The price range you set, and then you nobody will tell better of your wallet.


Skin – a truly unique tool, it gently cleans the skin of impurities, but do not dry it. One of the «wonders» of this product – it moisturizes the skin, but not make it greasy. Thus, the «wonder drug» has a double effect: it cleans and moisturizes.

So the foam is needed if:

  1. You want your skin clean;
  2. You want to forget about Shine;
  3. You don’t want all the dirt collected during the day were scored your pores;
  4. You want to be less bothered by rashes and inflammation on the skin.

It is important to understand that skin is only one element of skin care of face, after cleansing you will need hydration and protection. However, some foam should not be used too often, and you should pay attention to this detail when you buy and use, it is really important.

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The characteristics of the composition

The composition is hard to judge the normal buyer, but we will try to shed light on this aspect.

In care add:

  1. Many different plant extracts;
  2. The extracts from herbs;
  3. Trace elements;
  4. Vitamins.

Should not attach much importance, as the concentration of these additives in the product may not be significant, and pay for extract unknown to any of the plant is meaningless.

On the label you can find several detergent components:

  • Sodium lauryl sulfate, it can be considered a relatively mild cleaner and his presence in the lineup completely normal, can not be said about sodium Laureth sulfate.
  • Antiseptic component
  • panthenol, which regulates the exchange of substances in the dermis,
  • antioxidants
  • thickeners and many other delights from the world of chemical.

The amount of a specific component in the product depends on its position in the list structure, is determined in descending order: at the beginning of the list are those components which are more in the tool, more – less. Very often, the same extracts and extracts from plants are in last place in the squad.

In General, to fully judge the structure can only experts or experienced buyers, but do not despair, you can try to become them.

How to use

Methods of using foam is pretty simple, and consists of several stages:

  1. Rinse your face with water;
  2. Apply the product (if necessary);
  3. Apply (except areas around eyes and eyelids);
  4. Gently massage a few seconds;
  5. Rinse with slightly cool water.

Before applying, it is better to read the instructions as there are foams that do not need to lather from the dispenser immediately receive the desired consistency, but in principle, the mechanism almost always the same.

Now the points:

  • Rinse the face with water is necessary and important simply because:
  1. On wet skin is easier to use;
  2. Thanks to the moisture on the face, the components are better absorbed and penetrate the skin;
  3. Warm water opens the pores which makes cleansing better.
  • Not all foams need to lather. There are several types of foams. Some served in the form of a cream which you need to lather in your hand, others are served a ready-made foam and a bottle shake is not necessary. All this can be found in the instructions for use.
  • Apply it is necessary avoiding the eye area. If the foam has a sharp and unpleasant smell, reduce the number of wings of the nose and under the nose. Apply the amount at which you will feel comfortable.
  • Not worth much to RUB means, the beauty of foam is that it is well and quickly absorbed. Neat, lightly spread the foam on face and massage easily.
  • Why rinse it cool water? Because the water will wash out unnecessary residuals, but only cool to close the pores after cleansing, which is useful and should be done.
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Video: the Rules of choice of means

Review of popular facial cleanser oily skin

Now, one of the most popular foams are:

  1. Purifying foam cleanser for oily and problem skin “PURE CONTROL” Family Doctor Bio pharma. The manufacturer promises gentle care and soothing effect, also foam removes makeup;
  2. Cleansing foam for oily skin Avon. The German company claims that the foam has regenerative and anti-inflammatory effects, and this means that it reduces the number of acne and black spots and prevents their appearance;
  3. Gentle foam cleanser BIOCON «Problem skin». BIOCON’s quite famous and a middle-aged company in the cosmetic market. If you buy the foam, you get: «the function of make-up remover and a matte complexion, in addition to the basic features of the tool,» says company;
  4. Clinique «Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Foam». In the description of the product provided that skin reduces redness and soothes inflammation. However, the price for 125 ml is quite high;
  5. Facial wash «Delicate cleansing + toning» Vitex Fasial Deep Cleansing Wash. Pretty well-known Belarusian cosmetics line offers a cleansing foam of lemongrass, coconut oil and glycine, which will help not only clean, but also has anti-aging effect. In the description indicated that the foam «skin»;
  6. Facial wash «Sponge effect» Vitex Pharmacos Cleansing Foam. The main advantage of foam – a hypoallergenic composition, as skin skin, is composed of several useful extracts and increases the protective functions of the skin – provides us a description of the product, but pay attention to the price, which is above average.
  7. Refreshing foam cleanser «Green Pharmacy». This product can offer the function of a make-up remover and a few extracts in the composition, as well as a fairly low price among all presented.
  8. Foam adsorbent Vitex «Black Clean». Another tool of the Belarusian cosmetics offers you to get rid of black spots and become the proud owner of a matte skin throughout the day.
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Is it possible to do at home

You can, if you have such components as:

  1. soap ingredient;
  2. essential oil;
  3. supplements of your choice.

Recipes for foams you can easily find on the Internet, as well as ways of cooking, and there you can buy the components, if not all of the ingredients you can find in nearby stores or pharmacies. Also, this is a good way to find out and whether you like that type of cleanser.

How can I replace

No wonder worked manufacturers, foam is irreplaceable. However, if this is an emergency, you can temporarily replace the foam soap for washing, or medical soap, but remember: soap dries the skin, and the expected effect will be.

What they say beauticians

All beauticians in one voice say: «one tool will not solve your problem, however, the correctly chosen remedy will bring you to the result.» Care needs to be holistic, in addition to the foam you should use for moisturize and protect, and do not forget about diet, sleep and stress levels.

As for the foams, then the opinions of experts were divided: some praised the foam, others say that to use it you need rarely.

However, all therapists agree on one thing – if you have problem skin, you need an individual approach.

On the choice means better to talk to a specialist, he can tell you more accurate and save your time and health.

Troubled skin is not a death sentence, it’s a natural process, a kind of signal your body that something is wrong. Do not be afraid and be ashamed of it, this must be addressed! Leather is a material that requires constant care so that pamper your skin and take care of your health.

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