Feminizing vaginoplasty — what it is, prices, reviews


Srotapanna inversion

To create large and small labia, clitoris and vagina, use the skin of the penis and scrotum.

  • Operative technique.

Before the operation is carried out the electrolysis to avoid hair growth in the newly formed vagina. To create a neo-vagina the corpus cavernosum of the penis (which fills with blood during erection) are removed. The skin of the penis is turned inside out and dipped into the small pelvis. Skin heads used to create the clitoris.

With rare exceptions the operation is performed in two stages. At the first stage form the vagina. And during the second operation to create the clitoris, large and small labia. The urethra is shortened and fitted so that the patient was comfortable to pee sitting down.

  • The results of the operation.

You should consider the fact that female genital mutilation is performed after an intensive course of female hormones. Long-term use of high doses of drugs leads to a reduction in the genital organs of men in volume.

This means that the amount of tissue for vaginoplasty is not so much. Because the surgeon has two options:

  • create a small vagina in that case, if the patient does not intend in the future to engage in vaginal sex;
  • to create a small vagina and pound it out (beirout);
  • use the extra fabric from the skin of the perineum, thighs, buttocks in order to create sufficient vagina, but there is the risk of scars at the places where are the additional flaps of skin.

Advantages of operation:

  • srotapanna inversion is a relatively simple operation compared to the sigmoid method;
  • the cost of this surgery is less;
  • there is no risk of peritonitis and adhesion of intestinal diseases.

The disadvantages of the method:

  • the need for lifelong stretching of a neo-vagina;
  • the need for hygiene procedures to reduce the risk of odour and inflammation;
  • during sex you need to use lubricant.

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Colovaginoplasty (sigmoid colon)

To create the vagina is used a plot of the sigmoid colon. Large and small labia are re-created from the skin of the scrotum, the clitoris is the skin of the glans penis.

  • Operative technique.

The operation can be performed in the classical way through a wide incision in the abdominal wall, but most surgeons use the laparoscope to reduce the amount of scarring in the abdomen. Plot of the sigmoid colon is moved together with the supply vessels and nerve trunks at the new location. The ends of the colon are sewn together.

The clitoris, large and small labia are formed during the second operation. The prostate gland is usually left intact to thanks to its stimulation the patient was able to orgasm during sex.

  • Results colovaginoplasty.
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In the end, the patient receives the vagina, which is more like in their physiology and size to the vagina of genetic women: it is moistened and cleans itself, it does not need to constantly stretch, there is the risk that it will pull together and heal. Moisture. which secrete the cells of the gut, allows sex without the use of lubricants.

Advantages of operation:

  • the result, as close to natural;
  • no need for a lifetime of probing.

Disadvantages of surgery:

  • it is very difficult for the patient surgery with a long recovery period;
  • higher risk of complications such as peritonitis, dehiscence of sutures in the intestine, the need to withdraw a colostomy (to make a hole for the release of intestinal contents in the abdominal wall);
  • there is a risk of necrosis (necrosis) of the transplanted fragment of the intestine;
  • in the first years of a neo-vagina may be so intense to bleed, it will always have to use the pads;
  • the cost of the transplant of the intestine is much higher.

Preparing for surgery

Usually, radical surgery for sex change is preceded by a long hormone therapy and working with a psychologist who gives an opinion about transsexual women.

In some cases, operations on the formation of female genitals is preceded by a bilateral orchiectomy, i.e. removal of the testes to reduce production of male sex hormones.

When the decision to conduct a feminizing vaginoplasty accepted, you must:

  • to refuse to accept hormonal preparations a month before the proposed transaction;
  • undergo a series of examinations and pass the necessary tests;
  • to treat acute exacerbation of chronic diseases, eliminate all foci of infection in the body (carious teeth, inflammation of the sinuses, etc.);
  • stop taking any drugs that may affect blood clotting.


In addition to the standard list of contraindications for General anesthesia and surgery there are many reasons not to do the surgery psychological in nature:

  • a doubt: the operation is irreversible;
  • the pressure of relatives, friends, sexual partners: any external influence may prompt a patient to the decision, which it may later regret;
  • the lack of psychological need to have female genitals, satisfaction with sexual relationships, which is at the moment;
  • homosexual orientation;
  • the desire to have children in the future;
  • fear of surgery and its possible complications.

The postoperative period

Being in the hospital

The average hospital will have to spend a week or even more, because the operation is traumatic and after it the patient requires monitoring by medical personnel. At this time, mandatory assigned broad-spectrum antibiotics, painkillers, tools preventing the formation of blood clots in the vessels of the lower extremities and pelvis.

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In the postoperative period should resume administration of drugs of female sex hormones, but the dose can be reduced.

The first five days in the urethra needs to be a special catheter, through which comes out the contents of the bladder. The catheter is necessary in order for the seams on the urethra was not irritated by urine, which is for open wounds quite aggressive fluid.

Care of the newly formed vagina

The first week should in the morning wash it with plenty of neo-vagina with a solution of furacilin, a chamomile extract or a weak solution of potassium permanganate with a Turkey Baster. Then in those places where the stitches need to be applied to any anti-inflammatory ointment, for example, levomekol. Further, when the sutures come out, it will be enough boiled water with a mild soap solution.

The first two months of the vagina must be a special prosthesis, which prevents the walls of the neo-vagina harden. This prosthesis can only be removed once a day during hygiene procedures.

Then you will need with your fingers or with a Dildo stretch vagina. For the same you can have sex. If you do not do probing (stretch) constantly, then gradually the neo-vagina can overgrow.

Regulation of bowel

In order to provide tissues with optimal conditions for healing, we need to establish the bowels. For this selected special diet, is assigned to probiotic preparations. In that case, if in the postoperative period there is constipation, the intake of laxative drugs is prohibited, you can use the enema.

The fact that a laxative enhances intestinal motility and increases intra-abdominal pressure, which adversely affects the state of the neo-vagina.

Physical activity

Within the first month you can only lie or stand. Sitting is not recommended. You can gently sit down on the toilet, and then at the very edge, so that the weight is distributed on your feet. Squatting in General is strictly prohibited.

Playing sports, heavy physical work should be postponed no less than six months. It is not necessary to take any action, which greatly tense up the abdominal muscles.


If the vagina is formed in its size allows to carry out a full sexual intercourse, to begin sexual life two months after grafting.

But be sure to use water-soluble lubricants based on silicone and a condom.


  • Adverse effects of anesthesia.

The most frequent adverse events conducted anesthesia are nausea, dizziness, headache, confusion, muscle pain.

  • Thrombosis of the veins of the lower extremities and pelvis.
  • Fistula.
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In the case of inflammatory reaction between the pelvic organs can be formed by the through passages are missing. This can be a fistula between the vagina and rectum or vagina and bladder. To eliminate such defects can only be surgically.

  • Reduced sensitivity.

Any surgery on the genitalia is performed in this manner to preserve the innervation of transplanted organs. If, during manipulation of the nerve endings are damaged, the sensitivity of the new vagina can be significantly reduced or absent. It makes uncomfortable sexual activity and leads to inability to orgasm.

  • Reduction of the vagina, the loss of her body hair growth inside the vagina.
  • Narrowing of the urethra.

If operated urethra heals with scarring, it can show a stricture and problems with urination. This condition requires surgical correction.

  • Some difficulties to practice vaginal sex.

Causes of difficulties the main two:

  1. The first is not always a sufficient length and volume of neo-vagina. In order to simulate a vagina 15-17 cm long (this length is minimal), some patients have enough tissue and there is not enough space between the pelvic organs.
  2. The second is the presence of structural features of bones the female and male pelvis, which is not allowed to have sex in the missionary position.

The first figure is the variation of male and female symphysis. The second is the location of the vagina when coitus. From the differences in bone structure a man during sexual intercourse in the missionary position may feel considerable discomfort.

The price is on feminizing vaginoplasty

Name of service the cost
penile inversion from 150,000 rubles
sigmoid colon from 200,000 rubles

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