Filamentality (butt lift Brazilian threads) — what it is, the before and after photos, prices, reviews

Most clinics that offer this procedure to their clients, positioning the Brazilian lift as similar to a surgical operation for tightening of the buttocks. Whether so it, consider in our article.

The advantages of telementoring compared to plastic surgery:

  • Without anesthesia.

Accordingly, there are no restrictions related to contraindications for anesthesia. And there is no risk of complications of anesthesia.

  • Without scars.

For the introduction thread no need to make large incisions because the scars will not.

  • Short recovery period.

When the sutures are inserted, the tissue damage is minimal, because the recovery procedure fast.

  • A stimulating effect on tissue.

In the introduction of strands and increased blood flow and metabolism. If you use filament polylactic acid or masonite, it also stimulated rejuvenation of the tissues at the injection site.

The degree of ptosis of the buttocks

The process of prolapse of the soft tissues of the buttocks is divided into:

  • pratos: when beginning to form a fold of skin on the border of the buttocks and thighs;
  • actually ptosis: a fold formed and tissue of the buttocks begins to loom over the skin fold.

If we talk about filamentality, it is effective only in the case of prepose. Threads in this case, slightly lift the skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue to create volume in the upper part of the buttocks to prevent further prolapse of tissue.

In case of ptosis, they can give only temporary effect. Increases the risk of complications of telementoring, such as the eruption of filaments and the formation of prodolzhaj retractions of the skin in those places where it passes.


  1. Those who are not satisfied with their own appearance and wants to make adjustments. Those who have flat buttocks from nature, and those who lost much weight and those who want to look young at any age.
  2. Those who have contraindications for the plastic surgery or the anesthesia or does not want to expose your body to a severe strain, as a full-fledged plastic surgery.
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Should not rely heavily on the magic words in the thread facelift is that the method has virtually no contraindications. They are just not as strict as in the case of the operation.

These include:

  • pregnancy;
  • keloid or hypertrophic scars of the skin in response to injury;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • colds, infectious diseases;
  • diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissues of any localization;
  • allergies;
  • blood diseases, disorders of blood clotting;
  • cancer;
  • diabetes.

What types of threads can be used

Polypropylene yarn

Most commonly used threads Aptos. They have microscopic notches that allow a reliable fixation of tissue in a certain position. Polypropylene fibers do not cause allergies or rejection reactions. Don’t resolve.

An absorbable suture polylactic acid

Are acid gradually breaks down in the tissues with the formation of lactic acid. And lactic acid, in turn, has a stimulating effect on the metabolism and synthesis of collagen and elastin. Once the thread is completely resorbed in its place is a scaffolding of collagen and elastin, which prevents the development of spinal tissues.

In addition to revitalizing threads from the polylactic acid have a mechanical effect. They have notches for fixing the tissue in a aligned position.

When you consider that resolve the threads of polylactic acid for 8-9 months, then it is safe to say that they have a prolonged lifting effect.

For Video: Threads Of Aptos


If the first two types of filaments are suitable for the correction of ptosis of the buttocks, lifting masonite is used only for the prevention of ptosis. They do not have notches, so I can not provide a significant degree of tension and lifting the tissues. Threads consist of polydioxanone and covered with polyglycolic acid.

Resorption meso threads stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin and creating a framework that will support the skin in a certain position.

Masonite is good for those who are satisfied with their own appearance and want to keep their shape for a long time.

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How is the procedure

For the procedure local anesthesia is used. Time is from 30 to 60 minutes. The introduction of the filaments treated with antiseptics. The threads are introduced through punctures or small incisions with the aid of needles or cannulas.

After all the threads are introduced, they are stretched and their ends are trimmed. Because the anesthesia during the procedure is not used, then the patient can watch the process of stretching the filaments and to determine the degree of their tension and appearance of the buttocks, which in this case turns out.

After extraction of the cannula and cutting of the ends of the threads designated puncture treated with antiseptic and stuck a band-aid. In order to place the introduction thread is applied cold for about an hour to reduce swelling and to prevent bruising.

The recovery period

In the period of rehabilitation after the procedure is necessary to observe a number of restrictions in order to:

  • to avoid the eruption of filaments and redistribution of tissues with the formation of longitudinal mounds and troughs;
  • to prevent the infection of places of injections;
  • to reduce swelling of the skin and to prevent the buildup of edema.

Usually restrictions must be observed at least 20 days because that’s how much time is formed around the filaments connective tissue capsule. The whole recovery period may take up to six months.

What you need to do:

  • reduce physical activity to avoid significant range of motion in the hip joints, sudden movements with large muscle effort (sharp lifting something heavy, for example);
  • do not massage the area of the procedure, not to sit on the hard;
  • treating the punctured antiseptics;
  • in the early days to the buttocks can be applied cold;
  • not recommended any heat treatments, and not only the sauna and Solarium, but also taking a hot bath.

If concerned about pain, accept pain medication as needed.

How long does the effect

Usually the effect of the procedure butt lift thread is about. In this taut volume falls gradually returning to its original level.

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Most plastic surgeons who are responsible for the long-term results buttocks lift, refuse from the butt lift threads, because I think the procedure failed in most cases to give the patient the expected effect.

Possible complications

  • The eruption of filaments.

While threads go deeper into tissue than was introduced, and the taut threads of the fabric are omitted.

  • Contouring thread.

In this case, thread the opposite move in the more superficial layers of tissues and start to become palpable or visible under the skin. For the buttocks unlike the eruption is a very rare complication.

  • Education retractions.

Usually those who have tissue of the buttocks loose. In those places where the yarn, fabric tightened. And in the intervals between the threads start bulging. Appearance this picture spoils very.

  • Infection threads.

Usually requires extraction threads in order to avoid inflammation of the subcutaneous adipose tissue and subsequent scarring.

Price telementoring

The name of the services and materials The cost
1 thread Aptos from 5000 rubles
1 mesothread from 750 rubles
butt lift with threads (including the cost of yarn) from 105000 rubles

The before and after photos

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