Fillers — what is it, prices, types, indications, effects, photo before and after


Biodegradable (biocompatible, absorbable) fillers, over time, react metabolism in the tissues and gradually resolve. Fillers are divided into drugs based on hyaluronic acid: Restylane, Juvederm, Belotero, Surgiderm, etc.

Drugs based on collagen:

  • the collagen can be bovine, it is contained in such drugs as Zyderm, Zyplast, Artecoll and Artefill;
  • based on human collagen produced drugs Autologen, Dermalogen, Isolagen, Cosmoderm, Kosmoplast, Simetra.

Slowly absorbable represent compounds that are excreted from the body within 2-3 years:

  • a product based on calcium hydroxyapatite «Radiesse»;
  • preparation based on synthetic poly-L-lactic acid «Sculpture»;
  • the drug is based on polycaprolactone «Ellans»;

Biodegradiruemye (non-absorbable) made on the basis of synthetic polymer gels that are not excreted. These include preparations containing silicones and other chemicals not entering into chemical reactions in the human body. Autologous: it is often referred used in aesthetic surgery, the body’s own tissues (e.g. fat tissue).

They differ not only in composition but also in density. This is due to the fact that the skin on different areas of the face has different thickness and different structure, with different frequencies is subjected to stretch and compression, mechanical stress.

The density of the preparations varies from 16 to 25 mg/ml of active substance. The use of fillers of different densities allows to obtain an optimum correction for each specific patient.

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They allow you to get rid of wrinkles and change the shape of anatomical structures (nose, chin, lips, cheekbones, oval of the face) without surgery. The client receives the result immediately after injection immediately see the result of the introduction, which only improved after control the swelling of the tissues at the injection site.

Filler instant action allows you to change and regain youth in one to two treatments. With their help, you can always adjust the result of the previous correction, if the introduced amount of the gel is insufficient or broken symmetry on the right and left side of the face.

Biodegradable fillers based on collagen and hyaluronic acid additionally activate metabolism in tissues and improve the condition and appearance of the skin.

Injections can be administered in any time of the year. There are no restrictions on the introduction in the summertime since they increase the photosensitivity of the skin and do not contribute to the appearance of age spots.

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The filler is inherently foreign body, there may be different reactions to it: allergic rejection reactions. In the injection of a substance possible the appearance of pain, itching, swelling, bruises, scars.

The injection is essentially an invasive procedure, because there is a risk of introduction of infection and development of inflammatory processes in the injection of the drug.

The effect of the introduction of unstable. Absorbable fillers are on average about a year, then their introduction should be repeated. Non-absorbable may migrate in the tissues and induce the development of fibrosis. Improper distribution of the drug under the skin gives a convex hillocks. If in the process of drug administration was pinched a vessel in place of compression can form the area of necrosis of tissue with subsequent scar formation.

Their use on the basis of hyaluronic acid can trigger the growth of multiple benign tumours of adipose and connective tissue in the vicinity of the insertion site.

With the introduction of an excess amount of the drug a so-called overcorrection, when the anatomical structures of the face lose their natural volume and shape. Absorbable fillers gradually smooth out this shortcoming of the procedure. The list is constantly updated with new drugs that are more safe for introduction into the human body, therefore becomes increasingly important qualification of the expert who carries out the procedure.

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The difference between mesotherapy, fillingham and the introduction of Botox

All of the above is completely different procedures that solve completely different problems of the skin. Mesotherapy improves the skin condition as a whole increases the level of hydration and accelerates metabolism, promotes the synthesis of collagen. The result of the procedure the skin is tightened and sealed, improving the saturation of the skin with moisture.

Of filling is often used on areas of the face and body of low volume fabrics. For example, to fill wrinkles.

Botox stops the flow of nerve impulses from the Central nervous system to the muscles in the area of injection. The muscles cease to contract and do not cause the formation of facial wrinkles. On the skin Botox is not affected.

Indications and contraindications

Indications for the introduction of fillers:

  1. Reinforcement: the removal of such cosmetic defects as loss of elasticity and skin turgor, the presence of bags under the eyes, the need to restore the oval of the face, to «soften» the severity of nasolabial folds;
  2. Contour filling in the sink areas of the skin, such as wrinkles, nasolacrimal groove, drooping corners of the mouth, etc.;
  3. Chin augmentation, lip volume, reshape the nose and cheeks;
  4. Treatment of acne scars, atopiceskih scars, stretch marks;
  5. The presence of asymmetry of the face that need to be adjusted;
  6. Sagging skin, neck and decollete;
  7. Excessive thinness and laxity of the skin;
  8. Breast augmentation fillers.

Contraindications to the introduction of fillers are divided into temporary and permanent. Permanent contraindications:

  1. The presence of a number of diseases such as diabetes, hemophilia, cancer of any localization, immune disease;
  2. The tendency to form keloids;
  3. Allergic reactions, development of fibrosis or rejection reactions to previous administration of dermal fillers;
  4. The presence in the location of the proposed injection biodegradiruemye filler (silicone).

Temporary contraindications:

  1. Pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  2. The recovery period after a number of cosmetic procedures (peeling, laser resurfacing, etc.);
  3. Bacterial, viral or fungal diseases of the skin;
  4. Chronic diseases of internal organs in the acute stage, acute infectious diseases;
  5. Menstruation.

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Correction zone

In order that the client got the best result regardless of the problem with which he came to the beautician, manufacturers produce many types of filler, different viscosity and gel content of active ingredients. This allows the beautician to choose the best medication depending on the areas and problems to be solved.

There are the following areas of correction:

  • Forehead;
  • The area around the eyes;
  • Nasolabial folds;
  • The area around the mouth;
  • Lips;
  • Neck;
  • The chest area;
  • Chest;
  • Hands.

The correction zone are distinguished because in the soft tissues of the face takes a large number of vascular and nerve bundles. Because different areas of the face approach to the administration of the drug is different. For example, a standard correction of the temporal region is forbidden, as the risk of damage taking place in this region vessels and nerves is very high.

To correct this area with filler can only do so using a flexible cannula with a rounded tip that pushes tissue in your progress, instead of to injure them, as does the needle.

If painful injection?

Administration of drugs for fillinga causes customers pain of varying severity. Pain and discomfort at the injection site may persist for about a week.

To reduce the pain created by a number of drugs with lidocaine in the composition. Can be used local anesthesia drugs like ointment «EMLA» which only reduces pain, but it completely eliminates. A number of modern hospitals have a permit to hold conduction anesthesia to make the procedure completely painless.

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Common complications

Complications are divided into short and long-term.

Short term complications occur during or immediately after the procedure, the introduction of the filler and disappear without treatment. These include:

  1. Soreness at the injection site;
  2. Itching, swelling and redness at the injection site;
  3. Bruising after fillers to the site of vascular injury;
  4. Excess, insufficient and asymmetric correction;
  5. Tissue necrosis at the injection site;
  6. The development of purulent-inflammatory processes in response to contact with puncture wounds of pathogenic bacteria.

Long-term complications can appear immediately after the procedure, and after a few weeks or months after drug administration. These include:

  1. The redistribution of the filler under the skin with the formation of a visible whitish accumulations of the drug;
  2. The formation of dense knots under the skin can be as a result of the introduction of too much of the drug, and the result of the formation of fibrous tissue around the injection site;
  3. Allergic reactions to the drug can constantly disturb the patient as the allergen (the filler) is always in the body and causes a reaction of the immune system;
  4. Activation of viral infections, most often herpes simplex virus, with the appearance of the characteristic rash;
  5. Lowering the filler under the force of gravity with the formation of visible puffiness of the face.
  6. When injected the gel into a blood vessel may develop embolism and impaired blood supply to nearby tissues.

Rehabilitation after the procedure

In order to reduce the risk of complications during the procedure, use ice packs applied on the area where was conducted the injection.

Within a few days after the procedure advised not to touch your face, sleep face in the pillow, not to apply cosmetics, so as not to trigger increased swelling and the appearance or the growth of hematomas.

In some cases you will need to visit your beautician, which will massage the areas with inserted filler for better distribution under the skin. Within a week or two it will be necessary to refuse to visit the sauna, Solarium, steam bath, gym and water sports, not to provoke swelling and not an infection in the puncture wounds.

A week before the procedure and another 3-4 days after it is not recommended to take drugs that promote blood thinners (aspirin) to reduce the risk of haematomas in the site of injections.

If there is a hematoma at the site of injection, it is necessary to treat with medicinal ointments or creams, they will recommend a cosmetologist after the procedure.

Complications during the procedure

The result of the correction procedure using gels is influenced by such factors as :

  1. Exact observance of technology of injection beautician;
  2. The consciousness of the patient.

If the drug is injected too superficially under the skin, it increases the risk of bumps and irregularities on the surface of the skin. Under the skin of the eyelids is introduced deep enough gel can Shine a grayish or bluish spot with fuzzy edges.

If the filler into the skin will come close to the sweat and sebaceous glands, then there is a possibility of the development of purulent inflammation due to the bacteria penetrating into the mouth of the gland with the skin surface.

Too deep insertion leads to a decrease in the effectiveness of the procedure, requires more of the drug and, therefore, makes the procedure more expensive for the client. The patient must remember and tell the beautician what fillers he entered and in what areas, what diseases he suffers from and what drugs were taken the last time.

Withholding information or neglectful attitude when a person does not remember important facts about the state of his body and the previous injection, can cause serious complications in the introduction.

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After the procedure you need to follow the recommendations of your beautician not to conduct an independent manipulation of the face at the site of injection. If the patient believes that the gel is poorly distributed and slow in the skin, it is best not to massage yourself, and to see a specialist.

When the wrong kneading movements can squeeze the gel out of the area for correction which it has been entered, and cause its migration under the skin.

Hardware to carry out beauty treatments for the face can be no earlier than one month after injection, when the drug will be distributed under the skin.

It must be remembered that any thermal, ultrasonic, mechanical, light exposure would contribute to the removal of the gel from the tissues.

How much are injectable fillers

Procedure in Moscow in the regions
contour modeling of facial fillers including the cost of the drug from 11500 RUB. from 9000 RUB.
bioreinforcement from 26000 RUB from 19000 RUB.
breast augmentation with macrolane fillers from $ 20 for 1 ml from $ 20 for 1 ml

The exact price of the procedure you can learn during a personal consultation with your chosen hospital. Stoimosti impact: the price of a particular drug that will be selected for the procedure, the amount of the drug you will need to enter to obtain the effect, the presence of discounts on services and drugs in the clinic.

Name Price
— Restylane (0.5 ml) 10 500 RUB.
— Restylane (1.0 ml) 14 500 RUB.
— Restylane Vital (1.0 ml) 13 000 RUB.
— Restylane Vital (2.0 ml) 17, 000.
— Restylane Vital Light (1.0 ml) 11 500 RUB.
— Restylane Vital Light (2.0 ml) 16 000 RUB.
— Restylane Lidocaine (0.5 ml) 11 200 RUB
— Restylane Lidocaine (1.0 ml) 14 500 RUB.
— Restylane Touch (0.5 ml) 9 800 RUB.
— Lipp Restylane (0.5 ml) 11 200 RUB
— Restylane Lipp (1.0 ml) 17, 000.
— Restylane SubQ (2.0 ml) 35 000 rubles.
— Perlane Restylane (0.5 ml) 13 000 RUB.
— Restylane Perlane (1.0 ml) 15 500 RUB.
— Juvederm Ultra 2 (0.55 ml) 10 500 RUB.
— Juvederm Ultra 3 (0.8 ml) 14 500 RUB.
— Juvederm Ultra 4 (0.8 ml) 15 000 RUB.
— Juvederm Ultra Smile 14 500 RUB.
— Juvederm Volume (2.0 ml) 35 000 rubles.
— Juvederm Hydrate (1.0 ml) 11 500 RUB.
— Belotero Soft (1.0 ml) 12 500 RUB.
— Belotero Basic (1.0 ml) 14 000 RUB.
— Belotero Intense (1.0 ml) 15 000 RUB.
— Surgiderm 24 XP (0.8 ml) 13 000 RUB.
— Surgiderm 30 XP (0.8 ml) 14 500 RUB.
— Radiesse (0,3) 11 000 RUB.
— Radiesse (0,8) 18 000 rubles.
— Radiesse (1.5 m) 26 000 RUB
— Glytone 2 13 000 RUB.
— Glytone 3 15 000 RUB.
— Glytone 4 18 000 rubles.

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