Flanks liposuction photos, before and after, price, belly

The deposition of fat on the lateral parts of the body happens very quickly. With weight gain almost immediately You will notice perevalivaetsya through the waistband side. They significantly spoil the figure by both men and women.

When the grueling diet and exercise do not produce the desired results, then resort to a liposuction procedure.

Liposuction of the sides allows to achieve a noticeable effect in a short time. The possibilities of modern plastic surgery are currently at the highest level, so you can adjust its shape with minimal injuries and side effects.

Still many people do not recommend the liposuction, and some are even prohibited. We will consider this topic in more detail.

Is there an anatomical difference between a man and a woman

Nature was originally based on the difference between the male and female figures. The determining factor here is hormonal balance of the body, depending on sex. In connection with this distribution and a normal amount of adipose tissue in men and women are different.

The female body always has a more curvaceous. On the sides, thighs, stomach and chest fat is stored in women much faster than men.

Its structure is also different. Tasteuse women is characterized by «increase» in size in all parts at once. Not the desired body fat are pretty evenly at first may not even disturb the proportions of the female figure.

From fattening men extra pounds will gain slower. Distributed and build-up of fat initially in the stomach, then smoothly into the sides. In other parts of the body body fat can be a long time is almost in normal condition.


Liposuction flanks, like any other surgery carries certain risks. Deciding on this procedure You must clearly realize and understand that may not be desirable side effects that can ruin Your body and cause health damage.

Currently of course the risks of complications after plastic surgery, namely liposuction, has significantly decreased, however, they are the place to be.

The main include:

  • the formation of postoperative hematoma and edema, they are considered normal after the procedure and depend on the amount of fat removed, eventually pass;
  • uneven removal of fat, therefore can be violated proper proportion of certain parts of the body;
  • laxity and looseness of the skin on the desired areas, its sagging require additional braces;
  • the jagged appearance of the skin in the form of pits and mounds;
  • pigmentation;
  • burns;
  • an allergic reaction to the anesthesia used;
  • the development of anemia, which is characterized by low level of hemoglobin, this risk is inherent in the individuals, removes large amounts of fat;
  • the response of the body inflammatory processes of various kinds;
  • the risk of contamination of any infection;
  • blood clots in the blood vessels as blood clots and fat.
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Reduction and exclusion requires a sound approach to the choice of the surgeon, who will prescribe all the necessary additional procedures and tests, and will select the most suitable for You individually method and method of liposuction.

Indications and contraindications

The procedure is the surgical removal of adipose tissue has a number of indications and contraindications.

In addition to Your desire and consent, requires the solution of a specialist. Any competent plastic surgeon will not do surgery if there are any serious risks of complications, especially if the contraindications.

Contraindications precluding liposuction:

  • the presence of such diseases as cancer, hepatitis, diabetes mellitus;
  • the period of exacerbation of any chronic disease;
  • pregnancy, breast-feeding, and postpartum period;
  • the age of 18;
  • problems with blood clotting;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Persons suffering strong obesity, are also recommended in this procedure. Removing large volumes of fat can be obtain in addition to negative side effects, a threat to health.

In this regard, this category is first assigned to a certain diet, sometimes surgery is to reduce stretched stomach, to reduce volume of consumed food.

Only after the necessary weight loss possible liposuction procedure, and in some cases may not be needed. Sometimes, this procedure in the course of weight loss is changing to another plastic excess skin.

Plastic surgeons distinguish the cases when and who recommended liposuction, specifically the topic liposuction on the sides.

It is most effective for the following categories:

  • quite fit face, having no critical excess fat in the flanks;
  • people with abnormal proportions of the distribution of adipose tissue when a certain area of the figure (e.g., sides) pronounced its large size.

The procedure

Prior to surgery, usually at the first consultation with the surgeon, You will be assigned specific laboratory tests that help to evaluate overall health.

The doctor will outline the main problem areas of the sides, and tell you where and how to remove excess fat. At this time You need to specify the maximum important questions You can ask.

After receiving the results of all required tests, the date of the procedure.

Now it is performed mainly in two ways: vacuum and laser. Often they complement each other to achieve greater efficiency.

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The procedure is performed with General anaesthesia, sometimes can be applied local anesthesia. The choice depends on the complexity and volume of work and method of operation.

At the time the procedure lasts about an hour, plus or minus half an hour, again depending on the complexity of each case.

The basic steps to perform liposuction of the sides:

  • the designation of zones of correction;
  • the use of anesthesia;
  • punctures and incisions of the skin;
  • liquefaction of fat using a specially injected solution, or using heat of a laser beam;
  • the introduction of a thin needle tube (cannula) and pumping oil by means of vacuum pumping equipment;
  • internal laser processing, resulting in skin tone and contributing to its reduction and regeneration;
  • treatment of punctures and incisions;
  • sutures and dressings.

Photo: Before and after

Useful tips for rehabilitation

The period of rehabilitation after liposuction of the sides is somewhere around three weeks, some more or less. Observing all recommendations You will be able to lead the market in condition in a shorter time, and save the result for the year.

Things to do after surgery:

  • to wear a special compression garment that helps to acquire the desired shape;
  • cancel for a month any physical activity;
  • strictly follow the doctor’s prescription;
  • to physical therapy sections of correction (hardware massage the sides);
  • to monitor their diet and review diet;
  • give up bad habits and lead an active, healthy lifestyle.

Video: Important features

Is it possible to do liposuction of the sides and belly at the same time

Usually the fat deposited on the sides and belly at the same time, and since this zone forms the overall picture of the waist, and requires simultaneous correction.

Liposuction of the abdomen and flanks is often performed exactly the same procedure to obtain the desired result immediately. Not many will be pleased, slim waist with a hanging belly.

The procedure is completely analogous, added a pumping fat on the stomach area, it is done mostly through a puncture in the navel.

People with good elasticity and firmness of the skin as a result of the operation get a perfect shape. Those who with the contractile properties of the skin are less fortunate (and is affected by the age factor), you may need additional tightening or excision of the excess skin.

Here each case is individual, even before the procedure, an experienced doctor can warn You of any side effects.

We can definitely say that the price of liposuction of the sides and belly at the same time, will be higher than for the implementation of these procedures individually in each case.

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The average cost

Interested in the cost of the procedure, its important to understand that overall final price is made up of several components.

The main ones are:

  • the cost of preliminary surveys;
  • price of used anesthesia;
  • the method of liposuction;
  • the volume and complexity of work performed;
  • hospital stay;
  • clinic and plastic surgeon.

Also You should know that liposuction in the sides, will likely need liposuction of the abdomen, and this will inevitably increase the final amount. Correction, the waist is usually more expensive, but sometimes the amount of harvested fat in the abdomen can be significant, and the cost of both zones flattens out or even becomes greater.

After analyzing the average prices of Moscow clinics, we can conclude that the average liposuction of the sides and belly at the same time will cost You about 120 000, 00 rubles.

Individually, these procedures cost: 70 000, 00 and 50 000,00 rubles, respectively.

The basis of the totals laid the plot size correction (in inches) and the method used for liposuction (in accordance with the tariff), and added to this amount rates of additional services.

Your appearance depends on You. Watching her figure, lifestyle and nutrition, You provide yourself with health and beauty. The success of any person depends primarily on how it looks and how much he loves and respects himself.

Improve, especially thanks to modern methods and technologies, observing certain rules and standards, it’s currently not too difficult.

But remember, to surgical methods of body shaping and body should be treated with great responsibility, studying and analyzing all the pros and cons.