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The Internet is more commonly seen positive reviews of cellulite Floresan. This is not surprising, as the range of Fitnes Body this manufacturer has long established itself as an effective Toolkit of unsightly «orange peel».

Features of the line

Floresan is a Russian cosmetic company that produces an inexpensive and effective means for skin care. Its main principle in production is to achieve maximum natural ingredients. The active effect of herbal additives included in the composition of cosmetic products Floresan, provides the most effective and long-lasting effect on the skin.

The company Floresan provides complete information about the production cycle, guaranteeing the naturalness of incoming components and preservation of useful properties of plant extracts.

The feature of the line is expressed in the fact that every cosmetic product from the Fitness Body has a unique set of components that differ in action.

Unlike many rulers, or offering a cooling or warming effect, the company Floresan provides customers with the ability to exert combined effect on the skin.

This way of dealing with cellulite not only helps to get rid of orange peel. regular changes in temperature from hot to cold help to increase elasticity of the skin and the vessel walls under the upper layers of the epidermis, to evenly distribute the fat deposits, to withdraw the excess fluid to get rid of the stagnation and accumulation of harmful substances.

Cosmetic activities Floresan stimulates the skin and significantly improves its resistance to environmental factors.

Range of line

To restore skin firmness and elasticity, getting rid of the external manifestations of cellulite Floresan the company offers the following tools to choose from:

  • base lifting cream;
  • gel scrub and the usual shower gel with cooling effect;
  • firming gel for legs with a tanning effect;
  • thermoactive lotion-spray;
  • night Express gel;
  • hot scrub slimming;
  • ice wrap;
  • massage oils and creams with a large number of active components.

Due to the wide range allows every woman to choose the most convenient way of getting rid of cellulite.


Cosmetics Floresan shower gel, gel scrub, ice wrap, etc. contain a large number of aggressive active ingredients and efirnyh oils, so is not suitable for everyone.

The range of Body Fitnes is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • the possibility of an allergic reaction to the drug components;
  • any violation of the integrity of the skin: wounds, abrasions, cuts;
  • disease serdechno-vascular system;
  • frequent changes in pressure;
  • varicose veins;
  • increased sensitivity of the skin.

If during the use of beauty solutions now is extremely unpleasant, not corresponding to the specified instructions to the effect, the feeling, the skin began to peel off, dry, covered with signs of irritation and inflammation, the use of funds needs to stop.


Floresan cream asset of cellulite and other means of the line Fitness Body prove its effectiveness after 4-5 applications.

The skin:

  1. is tightened,
  2. moistened,
  3. smoothed and hides the cellulite bumps.

Particularly high efficiency can be achieved if you use some of the most powerful means of cosmetic line, combining different methods of influence on the skin.

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How to use Floreana cellulite

Funds from cellulite Floresan use at different times of day, depending on their purpose and how they are applied:

  • the shower gel. Before you start peeling or body wraps, the skin must be clean. For this it is best to use shower gel «active weight loss». It contains the same components as the more aggressive funds Floresan, only in smaller doses. This cleansing will contribute to its preparation for the subsequent anti-cellulite procedures;
  • hot scrub. It includes cinnamon essential oil, caffeine and extract of hot pepper, which is a major component of a large number of ointments and creams of cellulite thanks to its aggressive heating and irritating effect. The fine particles of scrub with massage applied to stimulate the skin’s surface, provide a snapshot of blood flow in the smallest blood vessels, accelerate the microcirculation. Caffeine significantly increases the elasticity, oil of cinnamon and algae extracts soften the skin and improve its appearance. Scrub is applied in circular massaging movements on a clean skin, and then wash off with warm water;
  • hot oil. Scrub skin in the shower prepares the body for the subsequent intense massage action. This is best to use a hot oil line Floresan cinnamon and leather. Additional massage will help raise the tone of the top layer of the epidermis, redistributes fatty deposits, followed by their full cleavage, and normalizes metabolic processes;
  • cream-active cellulite. One of the final stages of the line. In order to secure a tonic and firming effect, it will be enough to put on the skin cream-active Fitness Body. It contains large amounts of nicotinic acid – a strong stimulant to improve the tone and elasticity of the cell walls;
  • ice wrap. Intense contrasting method of skin exposure. Especially effective after you apply the hot scrub and subsequent massage with hot oil. Carry out wrap need several hours after warm-up operation, so not too hard to injure the skin. Large amount of menthol will cause the epidermis cells to operate in emergency mode, will significantly increase their resistance. Due to cold effect of the skin will come into tension, will flatten and hide the bumps of «orange peel»;
  • night cream hot chocolate. Unlike most tools do not require rinsing. Intended for additional impact at a time when the body is not distracted by extraneous stimuli, and is at rest. The effect occurs due to its healing nourishing, firming and regenerating ingredients of the chocolate. The skin is visibly softened, improves its appearance, also sets out the effect of the earlier procedures.

These tools are most effective in the lineup, but they are not always worth using due to the large number of components with a strong effect. Line Floresan also contains several cosmetic products with more gentle effect is intended for regular use.

If you use them at least a couple times a week, this will help to preserve the elasticity of skin and prevent cellulite to appear again on problem areas.


The rate of application of cosmetics Floresan cellulite is about 2 months.

All this time, 3-4 times a week is necessary to produce a set of procedures to reduce orange peel:

  • use shower gel,
  • scrub
  • to massage with hot oil and to consolidate the effect of an ice wrap or cream to get rid of cellulite.

If you want, 2-3 months course of treatment can be repeated.

Useful tips

In order to speed up the effect, get rid of cellulite, improve skin tone and improve your appearance, it is best to combine the use of these funds with the following manipulations:

  • without physical exercise no cream and ointments will not be effective. The main cause of cellulite is excess weight and violation of microcirculation of blood due to his appearance, so it is best to make time for exercise. perfect running, swimming or cardio workout in the gym under the guidance of coach;
  • for additional heat exposure and withdrawal of excess fluid from the body will need to buy a special breeches of airtight material. They are well suited for more intense effects of body wraps. The slimming composition is applied to the skin, covered with cling film. On top of this gently worn these pants for weight loss;
  • for weight loss need to eat healthy food. To unsubscribe from fast food, sweet, fatty and salty foods and add in the daily menu more vegetables, fruits, foods with lots of protein;
  • diet also need to be revised. For the fastest weight loss, you need to give up meals 4-5 hours before sleep. The size of the portions decreases from morning to evening: Breakfast should be dense, and dinner, on the contrary, light;
  • a great help in the fight against cellulite will be additional physiotherapy. If possible, it is best to enroll in a massage parlour for a course of intensive treatment massage on problem areas. Also help to get rid of cellulite galvanization or Darsonval;
  • bad habits, alcohol and tobacco slow down healing and fat burning effects. It is best to take a course of anti-cellulite therapy to give up booze and cigarettes.

Effect complex cosmetics line Floresan, as well as the desire to have a beautiful, fit body, will help to quickly get rid of cellulite and improve the condition of the skin and the whole organism.

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