Folk remedy for hair loss, natural home remedies for baldness for women and men reviews

Many manufacturers of cosmetics and medicines in its advertising cleverly used the emotions of losing hair people. But if their product does not have the same desired effect, emotional involvement in the problem only intensifies.

Of course, some medications of hair loss may not work because there are different causes of increased hair loss and different types of baldness and not every drug can act directly on it. But most drugs do not give the expected effect because of the absence in their composition of the necessary active substances.

An example of such a drug is known to many lotion to stimulate hair growth of the Russian production «Aspirin», which turned out to be ordinary WATER. Only water, no more other substances.

The drug has long been a «trade secret», while curious shoppers took the drug for examination, the results of which surprised even seasoned experts.

Having spent a lot of time and money on the wonder drug (read: Korean funds, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, medical cosmetics for hair, etc.) and men and women come eventually to proven folk remedies for hair loss on the head.

The way this is the place where many, if not all, most as a result, in subsequent prefers folk remedies for their effectiveness, availability, lack of marketing strategies and promotion plans to conquer a segment of the market.

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The types and causes of baldness

Baldness in women is:

  • diffuse hair fall evenly over the entire head after a period of strict diet, a trip to the sea, stress, childbirth, illness, including diseases of the endocrine system;
  • androgenetic hair fall out on top as a result of increased sensitivity of hair follicles to testosterone;
  • traumatic: hair loss in areas of greatest tension in the tight hairstyle;
  • alopecia: hair falls out in certain well-defined areas of the scalp, rarely of the body;
  • scar: at the site of cuts, burns and abrasions developing scar, where hair does not grow.

Diffuse alopecia occurs in women more often. It is this kind of well treated folk remedies.

In traumatic alopecia in women, they help to restore hair density, if the habit of subjecting the hair to excessive tension will disappear. For example, if you remove the hair extensions and perinatality them correctly, but not immediately, but after some time, when hair growth resumes.

Alopecia baldness cured with their special tools, traditional methods are used only in the recovery phase of the normal hair growth in areas of bald spots and for relapse prevention.

Male pattern baldness in types is the same as in women, but the frequency of different species varies considerably. In the first place in men is androgenetic alopecia, which many began at a young age. In second place diffuse.

Just as in women, in men, diffuse hair loss is successfully treated folk remedies. For the treatment of androgenetic alopecia we need different tools that will affect the very cause of the disease rather than its manifestations such as hair loss.

In children causes of hair loss are much more diverse than in adults. It may be a fungus of the skin, and anemia, and the result is the disruption of the internal organs.

Because before you treat folk remedies thinning hair in a child should show to his paediatrician and undergo the necessary examination.

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Traditional methods for hair loss

The most popular and frequently used remedies for alopecia are:

Burdock oil

This is usually the first thing that comes to mind and that the eyes are looking at the shelf with cosmetics in the store at the appearance of excessive hair loss.

In fact, this oil is perfect for those who do not like the feeling of heat and burning from the local irritating means, and stimulates the metabolism in the hair follicles, accelerates hair growth, and most importantly, nourishes long hair from the roots to the tips.

For nutritional value it can be compared only to that of olive oil or black cumin, but such effects on the hair follicles, like burdock oil, these oils not. It can be used alone, or in combination with other components in complex homemade masks.


Mustard powder, namely, it is used to prepare stimulating hair growth masks, has a strong irritant, strengthens blood flow to the scalp, speeds up metabolism and, consequently, improves growth of hair.

For preparation of masks you can buy already ground mustard, but you can buy whole mustard seeds and grind them in a coffee grinder. But in the second case, such fine grinding in production might not happen.

Before applying mustard mask on the scalp, make sure you have no sensitivity to such a strong irritation.

This is the easiest way to do the test by hand or add a pinch of mustard powder to any for hair, which you yourself repeatedly tested.

If, in response to the application of mustard to the skin will appear only slight burning and a sensation of heat, you can safely use a component to restore hair density.


The natural power of the decoction of nettle is often overlooked, considering it nothing more than a good conditioner for hair.

In many ways, this attitude caused widespread nettle: it’s not the same as some unknown flowers and berries from some unknown forest of the Amazon river. And for good reason. This herb is also an excellent hair rinse, and an excellent stimulant for the strengthening and growth of hair.


Honey and other bee products such as propolis, Royal jelly, bee venom, is a wonderful nourishing and stimulating hair. He also, especially in combination with fermented milk products such as kefir, buttermilk or yogurt, has the ability to lighten hair 1-2 shades.

Only here, in order to obtain a lightening effect, you need to leave a honey-yogurt mask on hair for all night.

Here is a huge opportunity for experimentation with image and hair color for those who are afraid to use chemical hair dyes. If a mask with honey and yogurt to add cool brewed coffee, the hair after a few hours of aging become pronounced chocolate shade.

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More intense chocolate brown color will give the hair the tea leaves or infusion of the peels of walnut. Blondes and Rus, who is solid brown without the need to add to the mask of camomile tea, and the scalp calm and hair will give a nice Golden walnut hue.

Especially, such experiments are shown to those women who have hair damaged plates and irons, and who have hair damaged by tight rubber bands, bundles and braids, hair extensions. A large number of natural ingredients masks with diverse action helps damaged hair follicles to recover faster and gives good growth of hair with regular use.


Habit to acidify the water to rinse hair our grandmothers appeared in those days, when the hair is washed with plain soap made from fat and lye. Accordingly, this soap often had an alkaline reaction, from which the hair has become stiff and lost the Shine.

Hardly knew then about acid-alkaline balance, but the trial came to the conclusion that acidified water perfectly smoothes the hair, making them manageable and shiny. Acidified water, vinegar, or lemon juice. Lemon juice is preferred because in addition to the citric acid it contains large amounts of vitamins and nutrients. In addition, it is stronger than vinegar will eliminate the overproduction of sebum by the sebaceous glands, so the hair stays clean longer.

Alcohol tinctures and drinks

Tincture on alcohol has a more pronounced effect as due to the direct warming action of the alcohol, and through a deeper penetration of active ingredients insist the plant or its fruit in the skin with which it washes off the protective fat layer.

Usually for the treatment of hair loss folk remedies tincture is prepared with onions. If owners of long hair concerned about onion odor that can remain on the hair after using it, onion tincture removes this restriction. For cooking, it is necessary to take a small glass jar, finely chop one or two onions, pour chopped onion in a jar to the neck and fill it with vodka or 70% medical alcohol.

It is in a dark place for 7-10 days. Then a small portion of the tincture can be cast and slowly used both independently and as part of masks.

Egg whites and yolks

Mask with egg are a great nutrient, which nourishes the hair roots, improves the condition of skin and hair along their entire length. Beaten egg can be used as a standalone tool for strengthen the hair, and as part of complex masks.

Important tips for women

  1. Much better and more efficient to use traditional methods to prevent hair thinning than for the treatment of incipient baldness. For example, from time to time to do firming masks for hair loss during pregnancy and in the first months after birth than to stop excessive hair loss and to restore their former thickness. And hair loss 3-4 months after childbirth begins each young moms.
  2. Help your men. If female baldness is stimulates communication among women for a joint search for solutions and support, male pattern baldness often causes men to withdraw into themselves and experience the problem alone. So be sure to tell your men what hair may fall out which tools you can use to restore hair growth and that hair loss everyone faces in their lives.
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Most simple recipes masks that even a man can cook by yourself.


  • 2 tablespoons of brandy;
  • 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise.

All mix and apply to hair under a shower cap. Can be top to wear a warm hat or warm the scalp with warm air dryer. After an hour wash your hair as usual. You can rinse your hair with water acidified with lemon juice. For men with short hair is enough of a glass of warm water and juice from 1 slice of lemon.

With honey

1 teaspoon of honey with no top. 1 tablespoon of any oil that is in the kitchen (ideally olive, but it is possible and common sunflower, as in this mask, the main stimulating ingredient is honey).

Mix the honey (if sugar, then grind) with oil and apply on hair roots for 60 minutes under a shower cap. Then the hair wash as usual, was washed them at the end of the acidified water.


Fit man only if he agrees for a long time to endure the pain of mustard on the skin. Half a teaspoon of mustard powder with no top to soak in 1 tablespoon hot water and mix with 1 tablespoon of any oil (to soothe the burning). The mask is applied to the scalp under a shower cap for 15 minutes.

Then, if the mask is well tolerated, the time of exposure can be extended up to 60 minutes. Mask is washed off with hair shampoo. After washing rinse the hair acidified water.

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