Foundation cream for dry skin in the winter, the best moisturizing what to choose

Dry skin produces a small amount of fat secret is designed to protect the upper layer of the epidermis. Summer without additional moisture and she is dehydrated. In the winter she needs nourishment, otherwise the skin begins to peel.

The external influence of the sun, wind and frost leads to:

  • the contraction,
  • peeling,
  • premature formation of wrinkles,
  • dim shade.

That’s why owners of dry skin need to carefully choose the makeup of the appropriate type. This is especially true of Foundation makeup, so-called mast-Hawa – Foundation.

But the first is to know which tool will work best for you, familiarize yourself with the rules of its application and removal.


Foundation cream for dry skin should not only mask imperfections and even skin tone, but to care.

Picking up beauty tool, it is important to take into account peculiarities of the skin:

  • increased sensitivity;
  • the tendency to dehydration;
  • the severity of pores and fine wrinkles;
  • the excessive fineness of the epidermis;
  • peeling;
  • the rough surface.

The base should have a liquid texture, which facilitates its application. A good cream:

  • absorbs quickly
  • evenly distributed
  • does not create the feeling of the mask on the face,
  • moisturizes and protects.

The packaging should look for a marking for dry skin. The composition of this cream a large number of moisturizers and oils, vitamins, plant extracts and organic acids. The product must be protected from ultraviolet radiation.

A good remedy includes the following components:

  • jojoba, almond, argan, Shea, etc.;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • aloe;
  • lanolin;
  • vaseline;
  • natural wax;
  • squalene;
  • glycerin;
  • pectin;
  • vitamin C, E, A.

Do not forget about the appropriate tone. It is better to prefer natural tones, as close as possible to the natural complexion.

Cream with red or yellow pigments would be inappropriate even in the evening makeup.

To check how suitable tone definitely need to test it. For this cause a drop on your finger and smear on the border of the face and neck or under the chin. In this area the skin is more Tokay and light, so it appear faster color properties of the cream.

The Foundation that will best blend in with the skin tone, fit perfectly.

How to apply

Before applying makeup, you should wash your face with a gentle foam. Soap use is not recommended, as it dries the skin badly. If there is peeling, it is recommended to make nourishing mask. Then wipe the skin tonic, apply the cream and let it soak for 5-10 minutes.

The tone is best applied with a brush or sponge. To shade from the center to the periphery along the growth direction of the gun, smoothing the hairs down. Forehead cream smeared from the middle to the edges are drawn like rays of the sun.

This technique will evenly distribute the tool to the border of the hair (at the temples, top of forehead and eyebrows). It is important to monitor these sites does not remain not feathered cream, otherwise there will appear a yellow tint, giving the inaccuracy of the whole makeup.

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Separately it is necessary to examine the nose and wings, the area around the eyes. The border of the face and neck must be carefully shaded to avoid the mask effect. In conclusion, the skin should be slightly loose powder or mineral powder.

If the consistency of the cream is thick, then the concentration can be diluted to any moisturizer for the face. So the skin will become velvety and will look as natural as possible.

Cream with red or yellow pigmentary bude inappropriate even in the evening makeup.

A rating of the best creams for dry skin

  1. Cream New York Baby Skin (Maybelline) makes the surface smooth and delicate, like a baby. Well it covers blemishes hides pores, lasts a long time. In its structure a large amount of silicone, which creates a protective film on the face. But it must be applied moderately, to avoid the effect of photoshop.
  2. Next on the list is Alliance Perfect (L’oreal), containing glycerin and silicone, which are obtained through the coating, preventing moisture evaporation. The texture is even and thin, but not thin, lies flat, but slightly emphasizes the peeling.
  3. Part of the Aera Teint Pure cream (Vichy) comprises light-reflecting particles that give the skin a healthy glow and velvety. Thermal spring water provides hydration and comfort.

The cream protects from the sun, does not clog the pores, prevents the respiration of the tissues, but does not cope with the peeling. Suitable for sensitive type.

  1. «Quiet glow» (Avon) is not heavy, hides minor imperfections – freckles, age spots. This tool is affordable for most buyers price range. The consistency is quite oily, which does not emphasize wrinkles and pores. Lies easily, smells good, leaves no residue, does not spread.
  2. Best moisturizer for summer — Aqua Vitalumiere (Chanel). This fluid is water-based with lightweight texture, it is easily and uniformly applied, smells good. Gives a light Shine effect. The face remains smooth and silky thanks to the protection from drying out.
  3. Mousse Foundation Nude Sensation (Bourjoi) has gained popularity because of the ability to hide the flaws and at the same time creating an invisible coating. The consistency is quite thick, which is not felt after application.
  4. If you have to spend a whole day on your feet, you need to take care of persistent make-up. Extra Virgin Minerals (THE BODY SHOP) contains mineral components. It is perfectly moisturizes, nourishes and protects the skin from the adverse effects of the environment up to 24 hours. The product are non-comedogenic.
  5. Make Up Atelier Base Lissante – delicate emulsion, moisturizing and comprehensively caring for the expense of a combination of plant extracts. Due to the liquid texture on the skin is almost imperceptible, but carefully evens skin tone, creating a lifting effect. Disguises wrinkles and prevents the evaporation of moisture.
  6. To combat first signs of aging will fit True Comfort Foundation (by Clarins) with oil bodies, special anti-aging complex and UV protection.
  7. For women of a more Mature age designed Foundation Repairwear Lazer Focus (Clinique). It has a light airy texture, but despite that tightly covers the skin, fills fine lines, smoothes surface and tone, disguises spider and sprocket.
  8. To support optimal moisture balance in the cells of the epidermis specially developed cream Diorskin Eclat Satin (Dior).
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Separately the sensitive type

Sensitive skin should choose hypoallergenic cosmetics that does not cause irritation. The packaging must be a corresponding note.

The consistency is better to choose a not too thick cream so it does not clog the pores. Composed of high quality means no alcohol.

Such properties has a Stay-True Make-up (Clinique). Brand is positioning itself as the manufacturer of cosmetics for sensitive skin.

The cream absorbs quickly, is not heavy, it hides red spots, signs of inflammation, not shiny and doesn’t create the feeling of a thick mask.

Redness Solutions Makeup – cream medium density.

It does not clog the creases and pores, moisturizes perfectly, lasts up to 8 hours, does not stain clothes. After prolonged use removes redness, no peeling stresses.

Suitable in winter

Foundation cream for dry skin in winter is always different:

  • shade. In the cold season face not covered by a tan, so lighter;
  • composition. The product should contain more natural oils and vitamins.

The choice of textures depends on individual preferences. But for protection from the wind and cold is better to buy a more compact tool capable of creating blagodarnaya film on the skin. A lightweight fluid is better to postpone until the summer.

Light-reflecting particles is also required. They will remove the yellowness from the artificial lighting, it visually evens the tone and gives a healthy glow.

Well established BB cream Time Returning BB Cushion with mucin – nutrient extracted from snail slime. It nourishes the skin, prevents the formation of wrinkles and rejuvenates.

If you choose the right shade is difficult, it does not matter. Winter serum Forever Youth Liberator (Yves Saint Laurent) adapts to any skin color.

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Owners of sensitive skin suitable intensive serum Serum Foundation (Bobbi Brown). She carefully smoothes the surface of the face, hides imperfections and protects from harmful weather conditions. The product has moisturizing properties, prevents chapping and peeling.

Apply the cream in the winter must not later than half an hour before going outside.

The rules of removal from the face

At night it is necessary to remove makeup.

So as not to injure the already dry and sensitive skin, to remove makeup properly. This is perfect greasy lotion or micellar water. You should then wash and apply a nourishing cream or serum. Before going to sleep beneficial vitamin mask.

Tips beautician

Simple tips cosmetologists will help to keep youth and beauty for a long time:

  1. In any case you cannot go to bed without first removing makeup.
  2. Don’t need on top of a single layer of Foundation apply a second. Tool will fall unevenly, will roll down, and the skin covered with spots.
  3. It is undesirable to use a concealer in the eye area. Some ingredients can cause irritation and inflammation.
  4. It is not necessary to transform day makeup into evening. Even if the resistant and able to survive on the skin of the day, it is better to remove makeup and accumulated on her the day dust and dirt, and then up again.

When choosing a concealer, it is correct to give preference to well-known and trusted manufacturers. The cost of such funds is much higher, but the reputation of the brand avoids negative reactions.

It doesn’t get irritated, rashes or redness, which it is impossible to say with certainty about the little-known brands of cosmetics. Attention should be paid to the composition and notes that the product is intended for dry skin, does not cause allergies and does not contain alcohol.

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