Foundation for oily skin and problem, best, rating

Today, concealer is truly an indispensable thing in every women’s cosmetic bag, which can be used to hide minor skin blemishes.

These funds give the skin a natural healthy hue and even tone, but the owners of oily epidermis choice of Foundation to always be a problem, because this type of epidermis remedy is often simply lasts a long time and not doing its job.

Consider bole details the basics of proper selection of skincare for oily epidermis and also technique of its application.

Following are recommendations for the correct selection of tonal resources for the skin with a high fat content:

  1. This cream in its composition should not have any fat structures or oils, because it will be used already oily skin.
  2. It is recommended to choose tools based on water or helium.
  3. It is very important to choose the concealer according to your own age. Labeling age ranges are always indicated on the packaging of the cream.

  4. If you have oily skin, the cream must contain quince, nettle or licorice root. These are the substances most effectively eliminate Shine and normalize the function of sebaceous glands of the skin.
  5. People with problem including oily skin, it is not advisable to apply the cream, which is composed of isoprene or lanolin. These substances will clog pores and promote the formation of inflammation and acne. In addition, artificial additives, synthetic dyes also should not be held in a quality cream.
  6. Well, if cream will contain zinc oxide and mineral dust. They protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation and give it a matte finish.
  7. Before buying a Foundation the woman is recommended to undergo a preliminary consultation with a cosmetologist or dermatologist in order to understand the overall condition of your skin and identify the root cause of it fat.
  8. The means for such type of skin should be thick enough to be able to hide the flaws.
  9. To date, the Foundation has several standard colors. People with oily skin are advised to use the most natural colors of creams.
  10. When buying makeup it is important to pay attention to its expiration date. The longer it is, the more chemical compounds is in the cream. Also it is not advisable to buy the tool if its shelf life is coming to an end.
  11. In the presence of lumps or streaks in the cream, to buy such a tool you should not. It speaks to the poor quality.
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Oily skin is a serious problem for many girls, as usual cosmetics for them, often just don’t fit. Moreover, holders of oily skin is rather limited in selection specially designed creams for skin high fat and not really that much. For this reason, it should be possible to carefully approach the choice of his means.

It is important to know that incorrectly selected concealer is not only to eliminate the defects on the skin, but also accentuate them.

Additional recommendations on the selection of a cosmetic product are:

  1. The tool should be smooth with a gentle texture.
  2. If problem areas are small, then instead of a full application of Foundation to mask the acne with a special pencil. It does not create a mask effect on the face.
  3. If your skin is prone to frequent inflammation, the cream should be anti-inflammatory agents.
  4. It is important that the tool had a mark «for oily skin», otherwise no reason to buy it just yet.

  5. Before buying it is desirable to use the tester. He is in every cosmetics shop. Apply this remedy on the face, as it is not hygienic. Instead, a bit of Foundation from the tester should be applied on the inner surface of the brush and a little shade. If the hue, density and texture are just right, the cream can be taken. If the cream leaves stains and has a nonuniform layer structure, it is best to put it back on the shelf and choose another tool.
  6. It is important when choosing a Foundation take into account the time of year. Thus, for winter, will fit a lighter tone, and for the summer.

How to apply

For proper toning, you can use these tools:

  1. Make-up brushes. Them more comfortable to use for application of cream in the nose area and on the eyelids. It is best to use brushes with synthetic bristles, as they are more easy to care for.
  2. Sponges or sponge great for applying the cream all over the face, thus, different densities. When used correctly, the sponge this cosmetic product will be good to stay on the skin for quite a long time.
  3. Use your own fingers. This is the simple secret by which, using only fingertips, it is possible to apply thin Foundation, without creating a mask effect. Moreover, with this method the cream is consumed much more economical.

The technique for toning requires practice and adherence to all recommendations.

General method of applying this tool is:

  1. First you need to prepare the skin – cleanse it and moisturize. Apply the cream only after the full absorption of the previous layer.
  2. Apply the cream best under natural light. So you can see all the flaws on the skin and discreetly to hide them. If there are large eels, prior to application of Foundation they need to cover the spot with concealer.
  3. The cream is better applied, first it needs to apply on your palm, then apply on the skin areas on the cheeks, forehead, chin, nose.
  4. Next is shade of cream on the skin evenly from the center to the edges of the face.
  5. Least creams should be in the area of the folds of the skin, as it can get fancy and highlight wrinkles.
  6. To fix the cream, top it is necessary to apply a layer of powder.
  7. It is important to also put a little money on the neck and décolleté, that was not such a sharp difference in the skin tone.

A rating of the best creams for oily skin

A rating of the best creams for oily skin:

  1. Stay-True Makeup Clinique is a good cosmetic for sensitive skin that is able to stay on for up to six hours. Use it to hide redness and bumps as well as make the skin matte. Another advantage of this cream is that after applying it skin.
  2. Diorskin Ultra Mat is cream with long-lasting effect, which can save your original look on the face of the day! It is simple to use and enriches the skin with nutrients, making it more moisturized. Moreover, the line of such creams has many shades and helps to relieve inflammation.
  3. Max Factor Second Skin — this cream is a chameleon that adapts to your skin tone. It allows you to make skin soft and smooth while not clogging pores.
  4. Interesting Max Factor 3 in 1 is an essential versatile item. This cream is both a Foundation and tone corrector. It eliminates Shine and evens the complexion. This cream will replace three of the component makeup.
  5. BB Cream Garnier allows you to make the skin matte and moisturizes it. Also this tool successfully hides skin imperfections and makes it smooth. Another advantage of Garnier BB Cream is its low cost and good retention on the skin.

Suitable for problematic

For oily skin you can also use all of the above creams, as they are also designed to eliminate redness and rash.

You need to remember for what purpose you apply:

  • If you want to eliminate skin imperfections, you should use dense concealer.
  • If you just need to align the complexion, in this case it is reasonable to apply the cream a light texture.

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The rules of removal from the face

The following rules apply removing face cream with oily and problematic skin:

  1. By using makeup remover to remove the first layer of Foundation.
  2. Carefully wash cleansing gel.
  3. You can make a face scrub to clear pores.
  4. To moisturize the skin cream or milk.

Tips beautician

To achieve the most natural effect from using the cream, you need to use such tips cosmetologists:

  1. If you want to make a thick coating, it is best to apply several thin layers of Foundation instead of one thick layer.
  2. To give prominence to the contours of the face is desirable to use a Foundation two shades — dark and light.
  3. For day Macapa better to use a thin layer of cream, and for evening – more dense.
  4. To hide the redness of the skin will help cream with a greenish tone, especially when applied only to certain areas of the skin.

  5. To makeup was more natural, the concealer can be mixed with regular moisturizer.
  6. To concealer lasts longer, it is advisable to store it in a cool place.
  7. Each time after applying the cream, it should be thoroughly removed. To sleep with this makeup not.
  8. Should not buy cream in stores untested, as you risk getting a poor quality fake.

Concealer can be used for both dry and oily skin. The main thing is to choose the right tool and then makeup will look harmonious and long hold on the face.

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