Foundation for oily skin best Vichy, clinique

Each morning, any self-respecting woman, waking up, beginning to bring their appearance in order. Applying makeup is almost 90% of the time allotted for yourself. Use Foundation for oily skin will help to disguise the shortcomings.

What to look for when choosing

When buying a new Foundation must be based on the type of skin: it can be too dry or too oily, to combine both these components.

To properly install the type experienced beautician or dermatologist.

Carefully read the label

Skin problems be sure to pay attention to the composition of the select, cream. In different types and components must be different.

If the skin is dry, the concealer needs to be oil based and moisturizing effect.

But remember that the overabundance of oils, can adversely affect and/or exacerbate the situation. Too oily the Foundation clogs the pores. And this leads to the formation of pimples, acne, the development of the inflammatory process.

For oily skin – on the contrary, the Foundation should contain minimum amounts of oil.

Therapeutic concealer must meet the following requirements:

  • to be hypoallergenic;
  • to possess antibacterial properties (for example, can be composed of salicylic acid);
  • moisturizing effect can be achieved if the composition contains natural oils: jojoba, almond, peach;
  • to have protection from UV rays;
  • the presence in the composition of natural extracts from plants – have a beneficial effect on the recovery process of the skin;
  • to have a «matting effect», i.e. he should be involved in the regulation of secreted sebum (the presence in the extract of the tea tree, Hypericum, medicinal chamomile).

There are components which should not be in the cream having a therapeutic effect. This:

  • silicone;
  • parabens;
  • talc.

In the modern market of cosmetic products are virtually impossible to find a cream with the complete absence of talc. So, when buying, should pay attention to the minimum quantity specified on the package.

Color and texture

Properly selected color medical Foundation – will help as best as possible to disguise visible skin imperfections.

There are some rules which must be adhered to:

  • in winter time the cream should be one shade lighter than natural skin tone;
  • in the summer, on the contrary, the tone shifts to a darker direction by one position;
  • in the event of severe lesions, pigment spots and redness – a cosmetic shall in tone to match the natural shade of the face and have a matte effect;
  • in the presence of wrinkles damage skin, should be bright rather than dark shades;
  • the presence of cute freckles (with a strong desire of their owner) will hide concealer that is one tone darker than the natural complexion.

To select the appropriate tone tint need natural light in the daytime (morning or afternoon). The probe should be applied to the face area: chin or cheek. Drawing on the wrist is unacceptable: very different skin tones.

Treatment cream may have a different texture. When applying it to problem skin, it also should pay close attention.

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Options consistency can be a large number:

  • liquid cream is suitable for those who have problematic oily skin (doesn’t include oil and various fat components);
  • rich cream, on the contrary, suited to owners of dry skin;
  • also for dry skin and dry skin with elements of inflammation, will do fine creamy texture;
  • funds with helium texture will appeal «to the court» the owners of normal and/or prone to a little redness and inflammation of the skin;
  • fluid cream based on skimmed helium will suit girls and women who have a combined and inflamed skin;
  • if you have problems with pimples, black spots, or age exceeds fifty years – a variant of cream with a dense texture, is the perfect choice;
  • «camouflage» means to be used in very rare, specific cases (for example, for a photo shoot, wedding or evening makeup).

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Rules of applying the

Before you apply cream on problem skin, you must strictly follow some rules.

These include the following provisions:

  • before applying the cream thoroughly clean face: if your skin is oily, you need to use lotion or toner, which will remove the excess, if the facial skin is prone to drying – just wash with clean running water;
  • if you have dry skin, before applying the healing tonic you need to use a light moisturizer;
  • Foundation should be used in minimal quantities (to avoid additional blockage of the pores);
  • apply powder, blush and other cosmetics, it is necessary after 10-15minutes after applying Foundation.

Following these simple rules can be achieved applying the perfect makeup that will stay all day and bring only positive emotions.

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A rating of the best creams for dry skin

Modern color cosmetics market is overfilled with various tools that help a woman become more beautiful and therefore more self-confident. All creams for oily skin can be divided according to its condition.

For oily

Sales leader for this type of problem skin is a cosmetic company Vichy.

The advantages should include the following factors:

  • easily and evenly applied;
  • not slipping;
  • helps to disguise any redness of inflamed skin;
  • in most cases, does not cause allergic reactions;
  • has a lot of natural shades;
  • has the ability to protect from ultraviolet rays;
  • lasts up to eight hours;
  • economical.

Foundation for oily skin Vichy is composed of a special substance – Cinidon-A. It has beneficial effects on the epidermis skin and with prolonged use significantly improves its condition.

Has three shades:

  • sand,
  • beige,
  • opal.

Opal (number 15) is recommended for use after 18 years. Can be applied on the skin daily.

Beige shade (room 25) – it is recommended to use 25-30летним girls and women. Incorporates anti-aging ingredients. Protects from ultraviolet radiation, Hypo-allergenic. Is composed of thermal water. Has the smell of summer freshness.

The second most popular remedy for oily skin is the products of the company Clinics. Foundation for oily skin Clinique can be divided into three groups:

  • corrective (has greenish packaging);
  • moisturizing (color packaging pinkish);
  • and actually, for problematic oily skin (beige packaging).

It is composed of substances, which greatly reduce the sebum. Well mask the various rashes and spots. Sufficiently moisturizes and refreshes the skin. Creates almost perfect coverage that lasts all day.

Cosmetics firm Avon is rightly ranked third among tonalnikov for oily problem skin. Gives the face a beautiful natural shade makes invisible acne.

For dry

  • The first is medical cosmetics company Bourjois. Best Foundation for oily skin – this BB cream. It has four colorations. Perfectly nourishes the skin, do not use the product retains its quality throughout the day.
  • In second place – cosmetic cream Noreva. Has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties.

The Finnish cosmetics company Anytime created exclusively based on natural components. In its composition contains extracts of plants, flowers and herbs. Combating dry skin is a distinctive feature of this cosmetic line.

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The rules of removal from the face

The success of a beautiful makeup is not only properly selected and perfectly applied Foundation cream. 50% success the next day is the proper removal of makeup.

There are some rules, following which, troubled skin will gladden us with its beautiful view every day. These include:

  • when removing creams in addition to clean running water, you need to use foams, mousses and gels for the face;
  • cleaning the face of makeup using cosmetic milk;
  • after the main clean – use a refreshing lotion;
  • lines that result in the removal of makeup from the face should conform to the natural: i.e. to go from the forehead and mid-cheeks to the temples.

And most importantly: never go to bed with applied makeup.

Tips beautician

There are a number of rules, doing that even oily skin will be a smooth and elastic. These include:

  • apply the concealer should be in daylight;
  • the line overlay should go from the center to the sides of the face;
  • when using the sponge, is a little to moisten it with water;
  • a little concealer should be applied on the neck and décolleté;
  • if the skin is too dry, a small portion of Foundation can be mixed with moisturizer;
  • a good effect is obtained by mixing the two closely spaced tones.

In conclusion, we note that choosing the right cosmetics for problem skin individuals will bring joy and pleasure not only to the girl or the woman, and all the people around.

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