Fractional mesotherapy — reviews, skin, the effectiveness of the apparatus, that is, the scalp

What it is

Fractional mesotherapy is one of the methods of hardware cosmetology in which the patient in the skin are special drugs. Their action is directed to the regeneration of the epidermis, improve the regeneration and enhancement of skin elasticity, which leads to overall rejuvenation and smoothing of wrinkles.

Different from classic

Fractional mesotherapy skin — a special technique of carrying out this kind of non-surgical rejuvenation. When her patient undergoes less trauma. Instead, the methodology allows to give more results.

It is considered more effective than traditional injection mesotherapy, as it allows to introduce under the skin of multiple simultaneous injections.

In addition, the beautician can adjust the depth of insertion of the needles and the distance between the injections.

Apparatus for fractional mesotherapy

The apparatus used in fractional mesotherapy is one of the most successful innovations in the field of cosmetology. It gives you the ability to properly and accurately measure the dose of administered drugs, and to control the cavity of the damaged area of the epidermis.

All apparatus for this procedure can be:

  1. stationary (powered from network);
  2. mobile (to recharge batteries).

Thus between needles in such machines, the distance is chosen so that in one session the skin of the patient received about twenty percent of the updates.

Thus, in just five sessions, you can upgrade almost the entire surface of the treated area of the face or body.

The nozzle of this machine comprise a plurality of needles, which is covered with a silver coating. This protects the needles from abrasion and makes it impossible to develop skin inflammation in patients.


The so-called cocktails or drugs for fractional mesotherapy are selected for each person individually depending on the area of the procedure and its orientation.

This is usually done by beauticians use these drugs and drug additives:

  1. Lipolytics are needed to get rid of double chin and fat.
  2. Chamomile is used to treat inflammatory processes.
  3. Elastin and collagen restores skin elasticity and smooth wrinkles.
  4. Hyaluronic acid is aimed at restoring the inner layers of the skin, getting rid of the many flaws and its overall improvement.
  5. Minerals and vitamin complexes necessary for the nutrition of the skin and improve metabolism.
  6. Aloe is used for inflammation.
  7. Ascorbic acid is used in the presence of age spots.
  8. Extracts of various plants have a caring effect on the skin.

These drugs can be administered to the patient either separately or in mixed form.

The subtleties of conduct in different areas

During the procedure, the old skin is formed of «new «fabric. Under the influence of the apparatus the person will recover the basal layer of the skin, without the drawbacks.

Each area for treatment with mesotherapy has the features of their «treatment».

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Fractional mesotherapy of the face is usually conducted in several sessions, especially if the patient has a significant problem with the skin in this area.

First, the esthetician will carefully treat the skin with antiseptic solutions to fully clean and decontaminate.

After that, the patient’s face is provided with a camera and with the help of needles will fill the the necessary drugs.
At the end of the procedure to get the soothing cream.

Also, be aware that after mesotherapy on the face of it, the skin may be red and zadnici some time. This is a normal condition that develops even after a small trauma to the skin.

To reduce the inflammation, it is recommended to apply to the face ice cubes with chamomile broth.


Fractional mesotherapy scalp prescribed for hair breakage, dryness or greasiness of the skin on the head.

This procedure can be quite unpleasant, as the needle will be administered into the head every 5 mm.

Despite this, in most cases, patients patience is rewarded by the improvement of hair appearance healthy Shine and reduce breakage.

What problems it solves

The effectiveness of this cosmetic procedure is the following:

  1. The ability to get rid of puffiness of the skin and excessive fat.
  2. The ability to reduce wrinkles, strengthen elasticity and tone of skin on different parts of the body.
  3. Getting rid of pigmentation.
  4. Warning the appearance of sagging on the skin due to its age-related changes.
  5. Reducing the visibility of scars and pores.
  6. The skin.
  7. Restoration of the skin after the previous surgery and plastic surgery.

Does it hurt to do this procedure

The main difference of this procedure from other types of this procedure is that when it is executed the patient feels minimal pain. Also pain is practically absent, and after the session.

Thus, a person is «comfort», almost the entire treatment process and is not subjected to negative feelings.


The main indications for carrying out the cosmetic the event are:

  1. Acne.
  2. The presence of significant pigment spots on the skin.
  3. Cellulite.
  4. Sagging and flabby skin on different body areas.
  5. The oiliness of the skin of the face and head.
  6. Breakage and dryness of hair.
  7. Peeling of the skin.
  8. Scarring after surgery or previous injury.
  9. The presence of stretch marks after pregnancy or drastic weight changes.
  10. Unhealthy gray complexion.
  11. The presence of wrinkles on the face.
  12. Loss of skin elasticity.
  13. Pronounced pores.


So as not to cause unrealistic effects, before the procedure it is important to familiarize yourself with these contraindications to its conduct:

  1. Pregnancy and breast-feeding.
  2. Patient age of eighteen.
  3. Various disturbances in psycho-emotional terms, and the Central nervous system.
  4. Epilepsy.
  5. Diabetes.
  6. Inflammation in the body.
  7. HIV infection.
  8. Various diseases of the heart and blood vessels.
  9. The clotting of blood.
  10. Hepatitis.
  11. Psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other skin diseases.
  12. Acute respiratory illness.
  13. Period after recently suffering a stroke or heart attack.
  14. The weakening of the body.
  15. The period following recent surgery.
  16. The presence of open wounds in the area of the procedure.
  17. The presence of oncological pathologies.
  18. Fungal or viral lesions of the treated area of the skin.
  19. Taking medications that can contribute to blood clotting.
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The duration of the course

In order to completely refresh the skin and get rid of its defects, the patient need to undergo five to six sessions. The frequency of their conduct should be determined by the beautician. On average, between sessions should be from one to two weeks.

The duration of each session should be between twenty to forty minutes. It is desirable that the cosmetologist in advance planned out the entire course of treatment.

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Possible consequences

If you compare fractional mesotherapy and other types of cosmetic procedures, it is significantly less likely to cause patients side effects and negative consequences.

In spite of this, in any case, the risk is still there, so it should warn future patients.

Among dangerous complications can occur:

  1. The appearance of hyperemia or redness of the face caused due to skin irritation.
  2. The manifestation of allergic reactions (itching, swelling of the skin, rash, pustules and blisters).
  3. Long time passing swelling on the skin.
  4. The bruising is.
  5. The appearance of bruises.
  6. Necrosis (necrosis of skin).
  7. Getting under the skin bacterial infections or fungi.
  8. Inflammation of the skin.
  9. The formation of papules under the skin.
  10. Atrophy of the muscles of the face.
  11. The occurrence of small hematomas.
  12. A worsening of existing diseases (during the procedure if there are serious contraindications).
  13. The appearance of scars on the skin.
  14. Headache.
  15. Nausea may occur when entering certain drugs.
  16. Aggravation of diseases of the skin (when mezoterapii herpes, eczema, etc.).
  17. Tachycardia can be caused by excessive anxiety of patients.
  18. Getting an infection can happen upon failure to comply with a beautician rules of sterility, and when the person after the procedure itself will not adhere to the rules on skin care.

Statistics show that the risk of the above complications after this procedure is about 1 %, while after the classic mesotherapy, the risk of complications is 5 %.

The advantages of the procedure

This procedure has become popular due to its following advantages:

  1. Pretty quick result.
  2. Low risk of complications.
  3. The almost complete absence of pain during the procedure.
  4. A well-tolerated procedure by patients.
  5. Quick rehabilitation period.
  6. The ability to control the depth of insertion of drugs and their dosage due to special devices.
  7. A stable result.
  8. The ability to carry out the procedure without additional harmful anesthesia.
  9. The ability to combine fractional mesotherapy with other cosmetic procedures.
  10. A clear rhythm injected.
  11. The ability to carry out the procedure, even those patients who have a low pain threshold.
  12. Completely missing the effect of tension of the skin with punctures by needles.
  13. Needle for fractional mesotherapy is designed to provide minimal irritation and trauma to the tissues.
  14. Fast during skin regeneration.
  15. Achieving significant improvements in the skin even in case of serious defects on it.
  16. The ability to use a combination of drugs.
  17. An opportunity not often to visit a beautician (once a week).
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Despite several advantages, this procedure has the disadvantages of its implementation:

  1. Quite a long period of treatment.
  2. Sensitive patients can feel discomfort and pain from injections.
  3. Safety fractional mesotherapy is much inferior to the non-injection method.
  4. The procedure has a long list of contraindications.
  5. As a rule, the patient does not have enough days to fully recover after the procedure.

Rules rehabilitation

To speed up the recovery process after the procedure, patients should adhere to these recommendations of a cosmetologist:

  1. Do not apply on face and other body parts that have undergone the treatment, any cosmetics that cause irritation.
  2. Not to visit bath, sauna, Solarium or the pool for the period of treatment.
  3. Do not tan in the sun and not to expose parts of the body to direct sunlight.

  4. Do not take hot baths.
  5. Not to do warming masks as they will contribute to the emergence of inflammation.
  6. Applied to the skin, only those funds advised by a beautician. Usually, rehabilitation is assigned complicating anti-inflammatory and cream.


The price of fractional mesotherapy depends on the area of skin exposure, used camera, number of sessions and the skills of a beautician.

On average, one course of cosmetic action will stand from eight to twelve thousand rubles.

Fractional mesotherapy is a fairly complex procedure that has many nuances. For this reason, it is recommended to think well before to agree on its implementation.

Photo: Before and after