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What it is

Mesotherapy is a cosmetic procedure in which the patient introduces biological active substances. They promote skin regeneration and restore. This leads to overall facial rejuvenation.

Traditional mesotherapy to be carried out with injections. The drugs are administered with small needles. Despite the quick result, this kind of mesotherapy can be very traumatic and may contribute to infection, so the beauticians are increasingly using another type of this procedure, which is called non-injection mesotherapy.

When non-injection method does not use any sharp tools that can damage the skin. Yourself active ingredients penetrate into the layers of the epidermis without damaging the upper corneal layer of the skin.

The stages of

There are the following stages of the non-injection mesotherapy:

  1. Cleansing the human face with fruit acids and gentle peels.
  2. The application of the special mixture which will open the pores.
  3. Application on top of the mortar caused the devices for recovery of cells.
  4. Lubrication of the skin «fixing» cosmetics to preserve the effect of the procedure.


As practice shows, this method works great and as doing its job. Thanks to her, the desired substance can be delivered exactly in the layer of the epidermis, which is responsible for the folds and wrinkles on the skin.

Moreover, by using non-injection mesotherapy is possible to achieve such results:

  1. You can completely get rid of small mimic wrinkles on the face.
  2. Take a deep age wrinkles less noticeable.
  3. To remove hyperpigmentation, which appears as a result of exposure to external irritants (the influence of the sun, Smoking, etc.).
  4. Relieve redness, and replace it with a healthy glow.
  5. Rejuvenate the face to make it more fresh and rested.
  6. To get rid of oily skin and acne.
  7. To eliminate the problem of sagging facial skin (it will become more elastic, and the facial contours are noticeably tightened).
  8. To get rid of stretch marks (during mesotherapy in the abdomen and other parts of the body).
  9. The elimination of dark circles and bags.
  10. Hydration of the skin.

Review of devices for carrying out non-injection mesotherapy

For mesotherapy can be used such categories of devices:

  • lasers;
  • cryogenic apparatus;
  • ultrasonic apparatus;
  • magnetic equipment;
  • ion (emitting) equipment.

Under the influence of these devices on the skin, its permeability is greatly increased, which enables the active substances better penetrate the layers of the epidermis.

There are several options for delivering therapeutic compounds into the skin. They are all made with such apparatus and procedures:

  1. Hydrometridae is a kind of modern electrophoresis. In this light the electric impulses will open in the skin of small channels, through which therapeutic mixture can penetrate deep into the skin.
  2. Kriomezoterapiya is exposure to cold and electrical waves to the skin, making it possible to provide not only rejuvenation, but also lifting.
  3. Laser involves the saturation of the skin active biological substances using infrared laser. This procedure has two effects: the improvement of the skin and accumulation in it of nutrients.
  4. Oxygen — literally saturates the cells with oxygen, which is a kind of pressure under high pressure. While a person improves complexion, diminishes pigmentation and moisturizes skin.
  5. Iontophoresis involves the introduction of active substances when exposed to a special current. This procedure helps to improve circulation and strengthen blood vessels in the face.
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Indications to carrying out of non-injection mesotherapy are:

  1. The first signs of aging.
  2. Loss of skin elasticity.
  3. Pronounced hyperpigmentation of the skin.
  4. The acquisition of a grayish color.
  5. Bruises under the eyes.
  6. Facial fatigue.
  7. The appearance of fine lines and deep facial wrinkles.
  8. Acne.
  9. Severe acne.
  10. The presence of purulent pimples on the face.
  11. Rosacea.
  12. The presence of spider veins on the face.
  13. Swelling of the face.
  14. The presence of scars and small defects.
  15. Enlarged pores.
  16. Dry skin, arisen after other cosmetic procedures.

In addition, needle-free mesotherapy is often used to treat the scalp, restoring hair growth and reducing oily skin.


In order not to cause any complications, before carrying out this procedure it is very important to read these contraindications:

  1. Pregnancy and breast-feeding.
  2. The period of menstruation in women.
  3. The presence of acute or chronic inflammation in the body.
  4. Idiosyncrasy of the person to the formulations of drugs (allergic to such substances).
  5. Hypersensitivity of the skin.
  6. Various chronic skin diseases.
  7. Diseases of the circulatory system or kidneys.
  8. Close blood vessels in the face.
  9. Eczema and dermatitis are in place for the intended procedure.
  10. Oncologic pathology.
  11. Disorders in the Central nervous system of a person.
  12. Depression.
  13. Fever and increased body temperature.
  14. Acute respiratory illness.
  15. Acute infectious or bacterial disease.
  16. A person with pacemakers.
  17. Individual intolerance of the patient to any radiation or physiotherapy effects.
  18. The presence of cosmetic maintenance threads (in contouring the face), which can be damaged during the procedure.
  19. The presence of metallic implants in place for the procedure.

In addition, it is important to know that mesotherapy without injections is not advisable for patients with the age of eighteen.

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The pros and cons of the procedure in the salon

The holding of non-injection mesotherapy professional salon has the following advantages:

  1. A specialist would do the procedure all the rules that eliminates the possibility of redness, swelling, bruising and other unpleasant complications.
  2. If a person during a session will be bad, he will be immediately assisted, can not be said about mesotherapy at home.
  3. The painless procedure is due to the fact that the skin will not be punctured by needles.
  4. Very quick rehabilitation period (only two hours).
  5. Maximum safety is achieved because for such a mesotherapy beauticians do not use the syringes, so there is no risk of transmission of infections.

The main disadvantage of non-injection mesotherapy in the salon is that it is not as effective as traditional. Despite this, the procedure still has a beneficial effect on the skin, but to achieve really significant results, you need to do several procedures.

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Another disadvantage of mesotherapy in the cabin is the high cost of the procedure, which can afford it may not be anyone.

The advantages and disadvantages of using home

The main advantages of mesotherapy at home are:

  • time savings (everyone will be able to carry out the procedure at a convenient time;
  • saving money (just time spent on the dermaroller can be used over several sessions);
  • high efficiency home treatment with the correct procedures.

Pros of home mesotherapy at first glance seem undeniable. Despite this, before making a final decision on the venue of mesotherapy, you should see and cons for such rejuvenation.

The main disadvantages of home mesotherapy are:

  • high risk of trauma;
  • the responsibility for the result will be only on the man;
  • the risk to choose the wrong serum can lead to redness, burning and flaking of the skin;
  • the risk of infection or allergic reactions;
  • imprecise technique procedure may provide more harm than good;
  • a longer recovery period.


Usually the results of non-injection mesotherapy patients there were no strong side effects.

However, sometimes in violation of certain rules of the procedure in humans may experience:

  1. Redness may occur for several hours after the procedure. It eliminated emollient creams.
  2. Getting an infection can happen during mesotherapy at home.
  3. Erythema may appear as a precursor to allergic reactions. This happens during the procedure person with individual intolerance of a means that is inflicted on the skin.

For this reason, all patients prior to beginning mesotherapy it is advisable to wish for the Allergy tests.

  1. Itching on the skin also manifests as an allergic reaction to external stimuli. Usually this occurs holders of hypersensitive skin.

Peculiarities of rehabilitation

Despite the fact that this procedure is done without direct injections and manipulation to the effect achieved, should be aware of such rules of rehabilitation:

  1. It is impossible within three days to visit bath, pool or sauna, as this can lead to faster excretion from the skin introduced biological substances.
  2. It is impossible to engage in active physical exercise.
  3. Not to visit the Solarium, or sunbathe on the sun as this can cause pigmentation on the skin.
  4. It is undesirable to put on the face any cosmetics for at least two weeks.
  5. To exclude any cosmetic procedure that will help cleanse the skin.

Also, it is important to say that if redness, itching or other unwanted effects, the person need as soon as possible to consult a beautician to fix the problem. Otherwise, the patient’s condition may deteriorate.

The opinion of cosmetologists

According to many beauticians, intraceuticals rejuvenate — it is an innovative means of rejuvenation, which is completely painless, and most importantly, effectively to get rid of many skin flaws.

This procedure is perfect for those who are afraid of pain or not trust to treat injections due to risk of infection. All this can be avoided with the help of mesotherapy without injections.

Approximately since the age of forty, everyone’s skin gradually begins to lose elasticity and natural moisture. This results in the appearance of facial wrinkles and pigmentation. Luckily, mesotherapy is designed to slow the aging process.

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Moreover, this cosmetic procedure can be done by not only women but also men who wish to look young and fresh.

According to many experts, mesotherapy without injections is a new word in cosmetology. This procedure is also good because it can be performed not only on the face but also on the abdomen, thighs and other parts of the body that have uneven skin, stretch marks or cellulite.

The number of treatments to achieve the best effect

To achieve maximum results, cosmetologists are advised to undergo a rejuvenating course of mesotherapy, which includes the implementation of six treatments.

Moreover, to maintain the effect and to slow further skin aging, you need to undergo re-treatment at least once a year.

As additional therapy for skin experts advise regularly to moisturize the face cream, apply vitamin mask and eat lots of foods rich in fiber.

What medications are used

Traditional non-injection mesotherapy can not do without these drugs:

  1. Galanova acid, X-ADN gel. These substances in their simultaneous use will smooth out wrinkles, moisturize the skin and to rid it of the traces of negative externalities.
  2. A solution of vitamin C and DMAE are needed to prevent and slow down the aging process.
  3. Peptide glutathion plays the role of detoxifier. It directly affects the regenerative processes in the cells.
  4. Glycolic acid smooths the skin, helps to expand the pores and improve the sebaceous glands.


The cost of non-injection mesotherapy depends on what equipment will be implemented by the procedure, as well as the complexity and neglect of the patient.

On average, the price for this cosmetic event is from 4 to 7 thousand rubles.

Every year intraceuticals rejuvenate facial is gaining popularity. This is a very effective treatment, however it has many contraindications, so before its implementation, it is recommended to weigh everything and think about it.

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