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The cellulite can be treated differently. You can wear a long skirt or tight tights, and solve the problem. But it’s not just a cosmetic defect, it is accompanied by excessive fatty deposits, circulation, fragile capillaries, decreased skin tone. All this leads to serious diseases. So the cellulite you should pay close attention. And every woman has enough forces and means to prepare a scrub, mask or wrap at home.

Peculiarities of chemical composition and action

To pick the cream of cellulite is not easy, as each organism has its own individual characteristics. And the extent of the problem may be different. And you need to focus not on price (the higher, the better), and composition. It depends on the composition, will solve your problem or not.

Attention! To make the skin elastic and destroy the «orange peel» is possible only in the early stages of the problem. So don’t screw this cosmetic defect, and immediately start fighting.

Cream «orange peel» must contain an active and additional components. Active effect on body fat reduction, and on the processes of metabolism, skin nutrition and a number of other important points.

Substances which are used in cosmetology for solving this problem, and checked people and time is:

  1. Caffeine increases blood circulation, subcutaneous metabolism, has a tonic effect. Carefully use high blood pressure and should not be used in the evening, as caffeine affects the body exciting. Most often found in coffee scrubs used in massage.
  2. Tea extract is used as a stimulant of blood circulation, as a preventive remedy for varicose veins.
  3. Mint, theophylline, theobromine affect metabolic processes and hence fat burning.
  4. Coenzyme Q10 and Carnitin supply oxygen to cells.
  5. Vitamins (b group, C, E, A) required for regeneration of the skin.
  6. Extracts of many plants effectively impact on the problem areas: red pepper, horsetail, horse chestnut extract, brown and red algae, grape.
  7. Nutritional compounds: oils, vitamins, minerals.

Attention! In any anti-cellulite cream must contain caffeine or green tea, it is important the presence of essential oils (citrus, cypress, juniper).

Naturally, all the above-mentioned substances in a single cream will not come. But focusing on the label of the jar, you can choose the best anti-cellulite composition.

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Review pharmacy means from of cellulite

  • Funds by type of action can be divided into those that have:
    cold impact: splitting of fatty tissue is by increasing blood circulation and metabolic reactions;
  • hot effects: increased blood flow and breakdown fatty tissue is due to heating and irritation of the skin.
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Attention! Modern tools can help the muscles stay in tone, make the skin smooth, but not enough to eliminate cellulite. The mix should include exercise and eating right, otherwise no amount of magic potions will not help you.

Anti-cellulite cosmetics which are offered today, manufacturers, it is very extensive:

  • gels,
  • creams,
  • oil
  • lotions.

But it is our job to review pharmacy means as the most reliable and effective. Sometimes they cope better with the problem than cosmetic.

Ointment Kapsikam is characterized by a strong warming effect, which helps active circulation, the involvement of fat cells in metabolism, their decay. The skin becomes more smooth and equal, and through the pores out toxins and excess fluid. The wax can be used in small quantities as an additional ingredient to body wraps or masks. It should not be used in pure form.

Vials of caffeine is also used against the «orange peel», although the medical application of it is somewhat different.

Caffeine can speed up the breakdown of fat cells, has long been known as a means of combating obesity.

The contents of the vials is introduced into the home anti-cellulite body wraps or masks.

Aminophylline was never intended to solve this problem. But having tried it once, found that it has a great impact on burning fat and disengagement of cellulite formations. The active substance added to cosmetic preparations. Of powders, vials or tablets make creams, compositions for masks and wraps.

Shilajit: a natural remedy with a unique composition. It is used for different purposes, but as an aid against cellulite began to use not long ago. Its action increases blood flow, reduces layer of adipose tissue, improves tone and elasticity of the skin. Shilajit can be added to baths, made their own mixes for procedures.

Cardamom oil has a similar effect: increases blood flow and increases metabolism. The skin becomes smooth and elastic. But oil is not used separately, it can be used to scrub with sea salt and olive oil.

Best recipes, homemade

Home remedies is an alternative to industrial cosmetics. They are the least efficient, but economical. And the necessary components to create them is always «at hand». The recipes are numerous and different ingredients: honey, coffee, Shilajit, ginger, essential oils plus a binder basis – the cream or wash.

Attention! When you prepare funds at home, count a portion at a time. Again this drug is not recommended.

The result is noticeable after a few weeks of use. This interval is characterized by both industrial production and made their own.

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The best remedy for cellulite at home — based on caffeine. For making is taken one vial of caffeine and 1st.l. child or any greasy cream. Gently and carefully RUB it into problem areas for 15-20 min, then wash off. Use once a week.

Mask with grape juice helps to make skin elastic, boosts collagen production. Used nutritional milk 10ml, 5ml. honey (liquid), 70мл. natural grape juice. Mix ingredients and RUB into problem areas with massage movements. The procedure lasts 10-15min., then the composition is washed off the skin.

Tool with aminophylline prepared as follows: to grind to powder 1таблетку aminophylline and mix it with vaseline to obtain a homogeneous composition. Regularly RUB the mixture into the problem areas. Over time, the skin surface will become smooth and glowing.

Scrub with cinnamon and black pepper can be prepared by mixing half a slice sleeps, coffee, 2st.l. olive oil, 2 hours.l. cinnamon, a pinch of ground black pepper and 2 drops of orange essential oil. The skin should be warmed up, apply and massage for 5-7 min. Rinse and lubricated moisturizing cream.

Wrap with blue clay. Need to take a bath with hot water and clean the skin scrub. Clay diluted to the composition of the cream. Lubricate the problem areas and wrap with foil. Then you need to bundle up with a blanket for 20 min. Clay will take the excess fluid and silicon, part of its composition, makes the skin supple.

You can also sometimes take anti-cellulite bath oil jojoba, lemon, cypress or rosemary.

Attention! If you feel a strong burning sensation, it means you need to remove. Moderate pain is normal. To stimulate the circulation is used irritating components.

That it is possible during pregnancy

During pregnancy our skin can change. With the growth of the fetus increases the uterus, which puts pressure on the lymph nodes and veins. The flow of blood and lymph flow slows, fluid builds up in the abdomen. Hormonal changes also provoke the development of cellulite.

This problem applies to most expectant mothers, but often it is temporary. To resolve this issue during pregnancy should be cautious not to hurt the baby.

Attention! Anti-cellulite funds can be used only in the first trimester and only after consulting a doctor.

You should use a safe means of cellulite during pregnancy. This cream or gel on a natural basis (green tea, sea kelp, calendula, sea salt). But the body in this period is more sensitive, so allergic reactions are possible.

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And the best option is prevention:

  1. proper and balanced diet;
  2. a light massage using a washcloth;
  3. nutrition and cleansing of the skin;
  4. the lack of high heel shoes and tight clothes;
  5. performance of a complex of exercises for pregnant women.

After delivery, you can deal with them more thoroughly and quickly come to a «form».


Since the means and methods of treatment are very different, and contraindications can be many. They depend on the individual intolerance of the components, transferred from earlier or present diseases.

Do not apply a new tool directly on the body, try on a small skin area for allergies.

In addition, many anti-cellulite treatments is essentially physiotherapy. Mesotherapy, ozone therapy, vacuum massage, phonophoresis may not use all. If you have any doubts, ask advice from the beautician. Wrong your body medical procedure could end very badly.

For any woman cellulite is not just a problem, it is a tragedy. It’s so hard to part with your favorite short skirt, a top or a vivid swimsuit. Modern cosmetology offers a lot of options. But we come back to home remedies, proven recipes. And once again convinced: this is something that will surely help!

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