Gas-liquid peel (Jet Peel) — what is it, reviews, contraindications, prices, photos before and after

This procedure is based on the treatment of the skin with water and medical gases, namely oxygen and CO2, which serves to the surface of the epidermis under the pressure of eight atmospheres by means of special nozzles.

The pros and cons of the procedure

The advantages of this peel is that the applied pressure contributes to leaching from the skin Igorevich and dead skin cells, helps the resurfacing of scars and removing acne.

It is carried out using nozzles with microscopium, which allows you to accelerate the compressed gas to supersonic speed.

Inside the nozzle there is a special needle, which forms a flow rate of 300 m/sec. Therefore, such peeling can be easily compared with lymphatic drainage massage, which stimulates cellular metabolism.

He also has the following features:

  • safety for the patient;
  • hygiene;
  • quick recovery period;
  • ease of use, as the peeling can be performed at any time of the year and on any area of the body;
  • the ability to accurately deliver drugs to the desired layers of the skin;
  • the lack of an allergic reaction.

The disadvantages include the unpleasant feeling that may arise during the procedure, thanks to the powerful flow of water and air. The pressure nozzle is not enough to remove the skin from blackheads, so to solve this problem, experts are yet unable to. However, the feeling is far from painful, so it is possible «to endure».

The essence of the procedure

Prior to start the procedure, the cosmetologist holds a variety of preparatory manipulations that are designed to protect the patient from negative consequences.

Thorough and proper preparation allows you to save the epidermis from inflammatory processes and faster to regenerate the skin after aggressive attack.

The procedure is performed in the following order:

  1. Before the procedure, be sure to hold the make-up remover. If this is not done, it will reduce the effect of peeling. Moreover, there is a risk of infection.
  2. Then the specialist conducts two types of exfoliation: chemical and enzymatic. Together they help to «loosen» the epidermis of the patient and to remove dead skin particles cells.
  3. Then on the skin with termomatika and isopropyl alcohol. This solution is designed to soften comedones, located in the deep layers of the skin and has two effects: antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.
  4. Cosmetologist with the help of a magnifying glass finds comedones and squeezes them being sterile gloves. Some blackheads have to get with the disposable needle.
  5. After cleaning, apply lotion, and the patient’s face is ready for gas-liquid peeling.
  6. Leave the skin to calm down and the pores to close, so the following applies tightens pores mask which is applied for fifteen minutes.
  7. Next is the actual procedure. It is a non-Intrusive skin treatment using gas-liquid jet. It is important to note that during peeling, the nozzle which delivers the jet does not touch the skin of the patient, it affects a powerful stream of air and microdroplets of liquid.
  8. Peeling is completed with application of protective agents, chosen under the skin type of the patient.
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The Unit Jet Peel

The device Jet Peel is a unique setting, allowing the right substances to penetrate under the patient’s skin without puncture or any direct contact.

In the gas pipe of this unit is the mixture of gas and fluids, which accelerates to supersonic speed. Compact nozzle, which is included, creates the pressure at which the mixture goes under the skin of the patient.

So called cooling of the skin and constriction of blood vessels, which minimizes the traumatic effect and relieves the person from pain.

The unit Jet Peel guarantee is not aggressive effect on the skin and noticeable effect. With it you can do not only peeling, but also simple facial cleansing and resurfacing of scars and massage.

It’s advantages are the following features:

  • soft recovery after the procedure;
  • no need to use pain medications;
  • the presence of split-level massage, which activates the production of collagen and elastin, responsible for the safety of youth.

Emerging effects of Jet Peel:

  1. Lifting.
  2. Exfoliating.
  3. Decongestants.
  4. Lymphatic drainage.
  5. Analgesic.

The device Jet Peel is a godsend for people suffering from acne, wrinkles and scars.

  • Acne.

Gas-liquid peeling not just addresses the symptom, he is fighting with pathogenic bacteria, cleanses the skin and prevents the renewal of their appearance.

  • Wrinkles.

After four to eight treatments, skin lines, fine lines disappear, and large become less noticeable.

  • Scars.

The device has been successfully smoothes acne scars, skin texture is visibly improved. The result is visible already after the first treatment, however for the complete «destruction» of scars it is necessary to conduct at least four to five sessions.

Video: Peeling machine Jet Peel


The conduct is recommended under the following circumstances:

  • the desire to align the skin relief;
  • for acne;
  • with aging skin;
  • reducing the skin tone;
  • the wrinkles around the eyelids and lips;
  • in advanced stages;
  • strong pigmentation and the presence of pigment spots;
  • scarring after acne;
  • seborrhea of the skin;
  • if your skin is prone to comedones (blackheads);
  • in the prevention of aging;
  • to improve the complexion.


Contraindications the following factors:

  • herpes in the acute stage;
  • mental disorders;
  • colds and infectious diseases;
  • fever;
  • circulatory disorders;
  • systemic lupus is;
  • cancer;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • chronic diseases of the heart, liver and kidneys;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • hypertension;
  • intoxication;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

The rehabilitation period

As such, the rehabilitation period after the gas-liquid peeling does not exist. The procedure is using the latest apparatus and environmentally friendly products: water and air, so for the life and health of the patient, it poses no threat.

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Prices for gas-liquid peeling

The average cost varies from 2000 to 4500 rubles for one procedure. Often requires a course of treatments consisting of four to six sessions, so overall the course of treatment will cost around 15,000 – 20,000 rubles.

The unit JET PEEL (Israel) The cost of the procedure/./
Face 4 000r.
Face + neck + neckline 5 500r.
Neckline + chest 3 700r.
Optional: Barafort (introduction mezokokteyley) – 2ампулы 1 000.


The unit JET PEEL (Israel)gas-Liquid cleansing skin: peeling, massage The cost of the procedure/./
Back 4 000r.
Belly 3 500r.
Hands 3 500r.

Video: Peeling machine «Jet Peel 3V»

Frequently asked questions

How many procedures would be required to achieve the maximum and most lasting effect?

The effect is visible already after the first session, but to achieve the impressive results we recommend a course of about five treatments.

Today the market offers a variety of «analog» device , Jet Peel, whether to believe it and they really can be called a worthy counterparts?

Unique parameters of the device Jet Peel is still no one has managed to reproduce because of the complexity of this design. When selecting the unit that will be undergoing the peeling, all the experts agree «miser pays twice.» Possible counterparts that hit the market of cosmetology offer more favorable terms, however, the result obtained from using them will not go to any comparison with the work of the unit Jet Peel.

Is it possible to do in the summer?

Yes, it can be done at any time of the year, as it has no seasonal restrictions. Moreover, it is even recommended before you travel to warmer climes for the acquisition of a more even tan.

How long is the procedure?

The duration of the work depends on the amount of the treated skin surface. Its duration may vary from twenty minutes to two hours.

Experts say that the device Jet Peel can treat scars. Tell me, does it matter the age of the scar?

This unit is able to cope with the scars of any age and origin, whether a trauma or a trace of surgical intervention.

It is believed that the gas-liquid peeling is a very mild procedure and other types of peels provide faster results. Is it really so?

It is really gentle, however it can be used carefully, and aggressive. However, unlike others, only the peeling machine Jet Peel boasts a hands free procedure.

Are there any pain?

No, pain is eliminated. Possible discomfort from the feed force necessary mixture, but no more. There are even cases when patients opposite like the whole process and by the end of the procedure they fall asleep. This is due to the onset of relaxation with gradually decreasing pressure.

What age can I carry out?

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It can be done eighteen years old.

What happens to the skin of the patient after the procedure?

As a result, the patient aktiviziruyutsya blood circulation, improves complexion. Also removes dark spots, leaving wrinkles, starts the production of collagen and elastin.

Experts say that Jet Peel allows you to work gently on the skin of the eyelid. Not does the fluid in the eye, I do not know this procedure is eye hazard?

The unit Jet Peel allows you to work with delicate and sensitive skin of the eyelids (even with the upper eyelid). There is a soft and non-contact impact, which ultimately gives you the ability to tighten the skin and reduce puffiness under the eyes. Any discomfort the patient is experiencing. And, of course, the procedure poses no threat to the eyes.

Is it possible to do after Botox injections?

It can be performed two weeks later.

Is it possible to do if the face are moles?

Moles do not constitute contraindications. In the process of peeling, they are in no way affected and, in any case, are not injured.

Is it true that after peeling the skin is red, there is a «blood dew» and need a long time to stay out of society?

Gas-liquid peeling is a non-contact action of the stream, so these effects could be taken. The so-called «blood dew» can appear only in case of the treatment of scars. Thus, it should be noted that even in this case, the pain the patient is experiencing.

How often can I do this procedure?

It can be done once a week or less.

How long the procedure is practiced in Russia?


Is the unit Jet Peel medical equipment?

Yes, this unit was the health Ministry of the Russian Federation as «a Medical device for dermatology and cosmetology».

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