Gel cleanser for oily skin — best Aven

Facial skin requires special care, as it is most exposed to the environment, as well as emotional States. The most difficult to care for skin if dermis refers to the problem type.

To solve natural problems of skin, cosmetologists advise to use daily gel cleanser for oily skin.

How to choose

Among a large number of gels for washing, which are produced by many cosmetic companies to make the right choice difficult.

Buying gel care for problem skin, you should consider several factors:

  1. The tool should be designed specifically for oily type skin person.
  2. It is desirable that the product had an age category.
  3. The gel should not only cleansing, but also moisturizing properties.

Be sure to pay attention to what components are part of.

Not recommended products:

  • with allergens;
  • aggressive substances;
  • having the color tint;
  • having a pungent smell.

It is desirable to select a colorless gel with a light floral aroma.

The presence in the composition of concentrates, fragrances and other chemical components may cause deterioration of the skin.

Before you choose a gel cleanser for problem skin, it is recommended to visit not only a beautician but also a dermatologist. The assistants will give the necessary recommendations.


That cosmetic products are divided for use into several types depending on skin type, known to many. But each medium also has its own characteristics, so choosing a cleanser for the dermis, and take into account the type of impact.

Depending on the active components of the gels are divided into four types:

  1. With aftername. The most effective and high quality. They gently moisturize and cleanse the skin, providing anti-inflammatory action.
  2. With anions. Considered to be not particularly effective, as in connection with the feature makeup can not penetrate deep into the dermis, and accordingly do not eliminate problems such as sebaceous secretion and inflammation. Anions are repelled from the epidermis, therefore not able to clean the surface of dead skin layers and stubborn dirt. As the structure includes the components, drying the skin.
  3. With the cations. Enough high-quality assets, but the cations characteristic of very deep penetration into the dermis, which can cause allergic reactions, irritation, or cause skin dryness. If skin is not sensitive, then you can safely use the gel.
  4. Neionogennye. Buteffective and substandard beauty products. They remove only the surface layer of dirt, not solving the basic problems. This effect turns out to be plain water. The application of such remedies is meaningless.
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Companies that produce high-quality gels for washing, also divided the products into several types according to the age criteria.

If the product specified, for what skin type it is designed to what age recommended, and its membership includes aftername (cateory), then professionals suggest to buy it without hesitation.

What is needed

Gel cleanser, if you have problems with the facial skin designed to solve the main problem – the elimination of contaminants, and the pores from the sebaceous secretions, which provoke the appearance of acne and other inflammations.

Cosmetologists recommend to use the gel rather than the more simple means, for example, soap.

A feature of the gels is that a quality product has a gentle action on the dermis, in contrast mylasa means that the skin reacts to the dryness, peeling and irritation.

In addition, the advantage of the gel products is the development of the composition depending on different criteria of the skin.

When you use the gel, the components contained in it, cleanse the epithelium and pores, simultaneously napitia cells with nutrients. But this deep tissue penetration can lead to a negative reaction (irritation). This is due to the violation of the lipid barrier, serving as a natural protection for the dermis.

To reduce side effect risks in the medium add:

  • minerals;
  • vegetable oil;
  • extracts of herbs;
  • supplements;
  • vitamins.

Cleanser for the face is necessary in order to resolve problems of the dermis, to restore and preserve its great condition.

Browse the best gel cleanser for oily skin

Manufacturers of gels for the face, do not always produce quality products. However, well-known companies prefer to maintain their brand and implement a product that meets all requirements.

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To popular and effective gel for oily skin include three main brands:

  1. Nivea «PUR» Effect. It includes thermo-gel, and chamomile extract. The action aimed at cleansing the pores and hydration of the dermis.
  2. L’oreal Paris «PUR». Has a versatile structure, which can cope with almost all problems the outer layer of the skin.
  3. Yves Rocher «Deep cleaning». The main action is aimed at fighting acne. Feature composition in that it contains anti-inflammatory components (aloe Vera and salicylic acid).

Also allocate such manufacturers of cosmetic products, such as:

  • Garinger;
  • Mary Kay;
  • Vichy;
  • Pure line;
  • Faberlik.

In comparison with many gels for washing, most people and experts are of the opinion that the best gel cleanser for oily skin – Klinans. Releases the company Aven.

Advantage funds – its ecomanagement and hypoallergenicity. Aven gel is ideal for those who have problems with acne and oiliness of the skin.

Video: Rules of procedure

If he needed

Whether to use gel for the face if you have problems with the dermis, of course, everyone decides. But if you listen to all advice and choose the right tool for daily use will give a positive result.

Soap and other cheaper products for the purification of the epithelium will not give the same effect, since their structure is simple and the action is designed solely to remedy the contamination with the superficial layer of the dermis.

Application of gel needed to combat skin defects. The only but important point is the correct selection and application of the product. If you use any means, regardless of skin type, the result can be an allergic reaction, increase in inflammatory lesions (acne), sebum, etc.

Application rules

All cleansing gels are applied basically by the same scheme.

The packaging tool must be instructions for use, and which need to follow:

  1. Rinse face with clean warm water.
  2. On the tips of the fingers applied a small amount of product.
  3. RUB the remedy into the surface of the dermis around the face.
  4. Wash off with water several times.
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Do not apply the product on the palm, and then the method of «washing» on the face. This method of application will not give the desired effect, because without rubbing the epithelium, the product will clean only a portion of the contaminants do not penetrate deeper into the tissue.

The choice of tools and the peculiarities of its use, it is recommended to discuss with a dermatologist and a cosmetologist. The skin is different, so the approach needs to be special.

Advice beauticians

In order to solve the problems of the skin on the face needs constant care. The application of the gel is an important step in this process.

Beauticians give some tips for caring for skin problems and the use of cleansers:

  1. Apply the gel should be daily.
  2. Before using the gel twice a week is desirable to use masks, scrubs, etc.
  3. About using soap it is better to completely forget.
  4. Choose preferably a gel based on herbs with anti-inflammatory properties (aloe, chamomile, etc.).
  5. You cannot use products that contain harsh chemicals.
  6. After the cleanser is applied to the skin moisturizer.

Regular use of gel will make the skin smooth, get rid of any irritation, reduce inflammation and give the skin a healthy look. Those who have problem skin, you need to understand, the better to care for it, the better it will look.

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