Glycerin for the person from wrinkles — with vitamin E, the mask at night

Composition and properties

Glycerin (glycerol) is a chemical substance in the form of a colorless, viscous, hygroscopic liquid, miscible with water in any proportions. It has properties of most alcohol because he is a triatomic alcohol. A substance sweet to the taste, odorless.

Glycerol activates the process of penetration of nutrients and moisturizers deep into the layers of the skin, increasing their positive impact.

This substance is widely used as one of the components of cosmetic products:

  • soap
  • creams,
  • lotions and so on.

In cream this substance has:

  • moisturizing,
  • rejuvenating effect,
  • effectively reduces mimic wrinkles,
  • skin is lightened and tightened.

Properties and efficacy:

  1. here is an example: if you place it near an open container filled with water, after a certain time, the structure of the drug changes. You will have not really a glycerol, and a mixture of 80% glycerol and 20% water. The preparation is similar to absorb moisture from the environment while in the skin, hydrating the face.
  2. smoothing. The drug fills with water micro cracks and wrinkles on the face, smoothing the skin and rejuvenating it.
  3. protection. Created with glycerin on the face of an original film protects the skin from microbial flora and dirt. Substance can successfully treat eczema and coping with the excessive dryness of the skin without complications.


External use is contraindicated in violation of the integrity of the skin, allergic reactions to the drug.

Application features

The basic quality of the glycerol — water absorption.

The substance covers the skin with a protective film, but at the same time has the ability to absorb moisture from the deeper layers of the epidermis, thus contributing to drying out the skin. That’s why there is a perception that the tool is more harmful than helpful.

However, the substance absorbs the moisture that is in the ambient atmosphere, napitia simultaneously the epidermis. But again: the atmosphere does not always have a sufficient level of humidity. If the air is too dry, the substance absorbs moisture from the deeper layers of the skin, which greatly depletes it.

In winter, when heating devices are much dry air, as well as in countries with dry and hot climate, use skincare, which includes glycerin, is not recommended.

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That is, the glycerol cannot be used as too hot and cold season. If there is a need to use the drug for cosmetic purposes, and the air is dry, you should moisturize: you can use the device for humidifying the air or a spray bottle with water.

Absolutely contraindicated apply on face glycerin undiluted: be sure to mix it with water or oil. In pure form this substance will absorb moisture from the skin, and the maximum degree of presence of glycerol in cosmetics should not exceed 10%.

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Recipes of masks with glycerin from wrinkles on the face

Glycerin facial masks from wrinkles best done in the morning. Since these masks, most of them contain very rich components. To avoid swelling, on the night of the glycerol is better not to use.

Before treat face mask need to wash face, dry with towel. To glycerin was the most effective, it must apply only to wet skin. To enhance the action of the mask can be a bit to steam the face before the procedure.

We offer you several recipes of masks with glycerin from wrinkles:

  • take 10 ml of glycerol, liquid vitamins E and A, 1 yolk, 40 ml of fresh infusion of chamomile.

To prepare the infusion: the pharmacy, dry chamomile (1 sachet) brewing half cups of boiling water, to insist half an hour. In a container with glass or ceramics to pour chamomile infusion, add liquid glycerol, vitamins A and E, the yolk (it should not be cold, optimally room temperature). The mixture is thoroughly stir and apply on face for 15-20 minutes, remove with warm water;

  • particularly useful anti-wrinkle mask with glycerin and gelatin. Prepare gelatin base, with a teaspoon of gelatin pour 7-8 tea spoons of cold boiled water, give to swell, then the capacity to put in a water bath and cook until a homogeneous mass, not boiling. This solution to combine with 4 tablespoons of water and add two teaspoons of liquid glycerin and honey, then mix well. Such a billet can be stored in a clean sealed container in the refrigerator for 14-20 days;
  • a tablespoon of honey to warm water bath, mix with one teaspoon of glycerin, a tablespoon of corn flour, then add to the mixture a tablespoon of mineral water. Apply on face, remove after half an hour warm chamomile infusion;
  • mix the egg yolk with half tablespoon of butter, add one dessert spoon of honey and glycerin, a tablespoon of chamomile infusion. Keep the mask for 10 minutes, rinse with cold water;
  • in mashed boiled potatoes 1 medium size add 20 ml of milk, 1 egg yolk, 20 ml of olive oil, a teaspoon of honey and mix well. Further dilute 5 ml of glycerol in the same amount of warm water and add solution to prepared food, apply the mask on face for 15-20 min;
  • in the pharmacy the bottle of glycerol to enter the contents of 10 capsules of vitamin E, mix. The mask you can do before going to bed, leaving the composition on the face;
  • chicken egg divide, or yolk as to add honey (a teaspoon) and also a tea spoon of glycerin. Egg whites whisking, add the oatmeal (a tablespoon). All components mix and apply on clean face for 20 minutes. Remove the mask with warm water.
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Adverse reactions

The use of this substance very rarely causes adverse reactions. Before applying you should make allergotest:

  • apply some substances on the back side of the brush,
  • watch the reaction of the skin if there is redness or rash, then you are allergic to glycerin and apply it in any case impossible.

Among the adverse reactions that may cause the tool should have the possibility of strong bleaching and depletion of the skin, as the glycerin tends to wash the pigments.

Glycerol can clog pores, resulting in can develop pimples, inflammation. If the composition of cosmetic products, except glycerol, is also silicone, it can lead to flaking and dryness of the dermis.

But negative consequences can only arise in the case of using glycerol in too high concentration, or if you have individual intolerance to this drug. In reasonable doses, when used correctly, the substance brings only benefits.

How to wash

When we read recipes: «wash off the mask with warm water», you need to know that the use of the masks with the use of glycerol, this assertion has nuances.

Just wash with water is not recommended — the result will be. The best would be to moisten a cotton pad with warm water or milk and gently to wet skin. You need to remember that after such a mask to use cosmetic gels, face cream can not.

The course and duration of the procedures

Usually the masks with glycerin is 15-20 procedures that are conducted with an interval of 2-3 days. These courses can be carried out 2 times a year, optimally in spring and autumn.

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Can I leave for the night

Mask with glycerin for the person from wrinkles consists of quite fatty components, so at night this mask is better not to leave in the morning can Wake up swollen.

If a mask with this substance do not rinse and leave on longer for a better effect, it is possible to obtain the effect of drenched skin (all this is because of the properties of the drug to bind moisture).

An exception may be the face mask from wrinkles with glycerin and vitamin E, it can be left overnight without washing, only half an hour after applying the mask should be removed with a cotton swab surplus funds.

Is there an age limit

Age restrictions for use of these masks is not, just follow the helpful tips and use this tool correctly.

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