Gynecomastia in adolescents (adolescent gynecomastia) treatment, symptoms, surgery, cost, photo before and after

Gynecomastia in adolescents is visible or palpable on palpation breast augmentation which may vary from small sizes up to the size of the glands in the adult female.

True gynecomastia is closely connected with the puberty of boys and is the clinical manifestation of acute imbalance of sex steroids.

This occurs most often in the 12-14 years and it is noted in 30% of adolescent boys. It runs independently in most cases, however, this pathology is not to be underestimated.

Youthful gynecomastia in 17 years – this is quite normal, however, after a few months it should disappear by itself. If not, should immediately contact the doctor.

Causes of

The reason most often is the imbalance of two hormones: testosterone and estrogen.

In fact, male mammary gland is nothing more than vestigial (residual) body, but under certain hormonal changes, it can grow and become small bumps, consisting of glandular tissue.

This phenomenon creates many problems of a psychological nature, it becomes the reason for the emergence of such negative emotions as fear, shame, awkwardness.

Youthful gynecomastia in men causes a lot of complexes and the appearance of low self-esteem. In the end, in spite of their harmlessness and reversibility, it can cause serious psychological trauma as a teenager, and an adult male.

There are more than thirty possible causes of this pathology, among which we can highlight three large groups:

  1. The predominance in the body of female hormones.
  2. The decrease in the level of male hormones.
  3. The use of certain medications.

As for diseases that can cause gynecomastia, these include the following:

  • cirrhosis;
  • kidney disease;
  • tumors;
  • Kleinfelter syndrome (a genetic disease associated with chromosome);
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • tuberculosis;
  • intoxication and metabolic disorders;
  • thyroid disease;
  • adenoma of the prostate gland.

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There are several types of disease, but immediately we can distinguish two:

  • true;
  • about.

In the first case, breast augmentation is associated with enlarged Breasts, whereas in the case of false gynecomastia, breast augmentation involves the deposition of excess fat.

In turn, the true is divided into:

  • physiological;
  • drug;
  • idiopathic.

Physiological gynecomastia in adolescents observed in 12-15 years as a result of the reduction in the level of testosterone in the body. It is a normal phenomenon, although at this age does not occur in all.

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Physiological is divided into:

  • gynecomastia in the newborn;
  • gynecomastia in adolescents;
  • gynecomastia elderly.

Drug gynecomastia

This occurs after the intake of certain medications. Most often this pathology is reversible and after discontinuation of the medication alone, if not yet irreversible changes in tissues glands. Usually to the group of such drugs include gormonozawisimae and anticancer drugs.

Idiopathic gynecomastia is gynecomastia, the causes of which is unknown. If the survey of the organism and revealed the facts that do not fit into the usual pattern of occurrence of physiological gynecomastia, then the diagnosis is «idiopathic gynecomastia».

Possible complications

The danger lies in the possible protracted nature of the disease that may cause breast cancer.

The following symptoms in case of disease duration, must seem suspicious:

  • the appearance of seals in the chest area;
  • the discoloration of the skin near the formations;
  • the appearance of discharge from the nipple;
  • the increase in axillary lymph nodes.

When you see these symptoms should immediately consult a doctor.


Often, patients with gynecomastia turn at once to the surgeon and as a treatment choose surgical intervention. This results in the removal of the breast, but does not always eliminate the problem, because after the surgery she may return, say, on the other hand.

The first thing at the first sign of disease, it is better to consult endocrinologist. Diagnosis will involve the inspection, palpation, determining the type, cause and stage of the disease, should also be carried out a complete medical history and hormonal analysis of blood and examination of other body systems in various diseases.

The stage of the disease

There are three stages of the disease:

  1. The initial stage is called «developing» and lasts about four months. Changes at this stage are reversible in the appointment of proper and timely treatment.
  2. The intermediate stage lasts from four months to a year. At this time, the symptoms of the pathology increases, the changes become almost irreversible.
  3. The fibrotic stage is characterized by increased iron deposition in the glandular connective tissue, around which subsequently develop body fat. At this stage the results do not give even a conservative intervention, and changes are already irreversible.

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Treatment of gynecomastia in adolescents

How to treat gynecomastia in adolescents? This question is often asked themselves concerned parents, however, teenage gynecomastia often goes away by itself and requires no medication, no surgery, but if it is protracted, to refuse treatment impossible. Another sign that should alert is the size of the increase that exceeds three to three and a half centimeters.

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If the cause is poor secretion of androgens, it is possible to assign use of sex hormones (Omnadren, Sustanon etc.).

Effective recognized and the gel «Androgel», containing testosterone (patients daily rubs it on his skin). If the mammary glands are greatly enlarged, and pharmaceutical methods do not help, they often resort to surgery in order to give the breast aesthetic appearance.

It should be noted that gynecomastia in adolescents girls is also possible, as well as boys. To self-medicate can neither in one nor in other case. With the question of how to get rid of gynecomastia it is better to consult a specialist.

The rehabilitation period

The operation requires when all medicinal methods are useless or it becomes clear knowingly (for example, when the tumor lesions).

The essence is to remove tissue of the breast and restore its correct, original contour.

This operation is called a «mastectomy» and is performed under General anesthesia. Most often it takes one and a half hours and is well tolerated by most patients. The recovery phase takes more than a month: the first day held in the hospital in the next two or three days of prescribed bed rest.

Within fourteen days you need to wear compression underwear, and after four weeks pass all the bruising and swelling. However, finally the chest reverts to its former contours, not earlier than six months after the operation.

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Name of service The average cost
Increase (prosthesis) mammary glands 230 000
Surgical correction of gynecomastia (men) 60 000
Breast lift atrophy 300 000
Reduction breast hypertrophy 320 000
Plastic areola and nipple 95 000
Eliminating breast asymmetry 300 000

The cost of surgery for removal of gynecomastia varies from 65000 to 130000 rubles depending on the clinic and the «package of services» that are included in this procedure.

N p/p Name operations and medical services Cost (RUB)
1 Vacuum liposuction from 14000 to 23000
2 Resection method (with preservation of the nipple and areola) from 22000 to 39000
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Frequently asked questions

At what age can the emergence of gynecomastia in boys?


To what expert you need to apply in the first place by increasing the breast?

It depends on what bothers the patient. If chest pain is present, it is better to appeal to mammologist. If concerned about the fact of increase, it is possible to address to the endocrinologist, subsequently, to the surgeon.

How common is gynecomastia in adolescents?

It is found in about 30% of adolescent boys.

What are the main signs?

The main features of the pathology in adolescents are:

  • increase the breast in diameter;
  • the increase in diameter of the nipple and areola;
  • the presence of increased pigmentation of the areola;
  • hypersensitivity of the nipples, causing discomfort.

In some cases it is necessary to resort to surgical intervention in boys teenagers?

Youthful gynecomastia treatment, as such, does not require, because often go away on their own. If the pathology lasts a long time and medical intervention have not yielded results, surgery will be scheduled.

How difficult is the surgery and the recovery period after it?

Operation «breast» is considered uncomplicated and tolerated quite well. Of course, like any other surgery, it carries risks, but statistics are reassuring. The rehabilitation period does not last long – about a month.

After some time you can start to exercise?

After two weeks after surgery you can do any exercise, of course, given the fact that the load on the pectoral muscles will be gentle.

Photos before and after surgery