Hair method of eyebrow tattooing — before and after, reviews, prices

If before clumsily tattooed commas in the eyebrows certainly were called «Wow-effect» from others just due to the newness and cost of the procedure, now with the «art» on the face to wait, except that you can bewilderment, pity and ridicule.

Do not understand how you can agree to do such a thing for myself. The explanation here can be only one: we see the cause of such «eyebrow» becomes a misunderstanding between master and client, when the client is himself perfect and as close to natural eyebrow, and the wizard does understand and knows how.

To solve a number of problems with the eyebrows, but do not lose the natural beauty given by nature, should pay attention to the hair method.

Methods and techniques

Permanent makeup eyebrows, make several ways:

  • hair: all over the surface of the eyebrow, or on certain sections of drawn hairs;
  • sterowanie: the whole contour of the eyebrow or only part of it that you want to emphasize, paint filled tightly and without gaps.

Each has its pros and cons, with different quality of performance can look like naturally, and ugly. But still, if we talk about the naturalness, the advantage here still have a hair of the method.

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Hypothetically all the variety of ways to tattoo hairs is to determine the direction of growth of the eyebrows at each of the sites and as accurately as possible under the same angle and in the same direction to draw stripes machine for tattooing. If you use European appliances, all tattooed «hairs» have the same length and thickness, one with real hair direction.

If you use the Eastern technique, some of the «hairs» may be the wrong direction to create the most natural visual effect.

You should bear in mind that the technique in which the tattooed «hair» start from the lower border of the eyebrow go up and the top is slightly rounded toward the tip of the brow is no longer relevant.

In the end, such «arts» tattooed and natural hairs overlap each other at an angle and formed a checker, which don’t look natural, like you eyebrow wax nor stow.

At each of the sites eyebrow line tattoo needs for your location to repeat the direction of hair growth. That would be cool. And then to distinguish permanent makeup from natural eyebrows will not be possible either at distance or near.

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You should refuse to perform the eyebrows in the following cases:

  • pregnancy at any time;
  • monthly and the last days in front of them (there is a risk of heavy bleeding, and pain threshold is much lower than in the middle of the cycle);
  • decompensated diabetes mellitus;
  • cardiovascular disease;
  • exacerbation of herpes;
  • a violation of the processes of blood clotting;
  • bacterial or fungal diseases of the skin;
  • cancer;
  • polyvalent Allergy;
  • epilepsy;
  • mental illness.

How is the procedure

The procedure itself takes not so much time as required to her. The goal is to make this permanent makeup eyebrows, as it appears to the client (or even better). Selecting the right option requires patience and attention from both the client and the therapist.

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Step 1: Discussion. In the beginning, the wizard asks client about her preferences and about how she sees her own eyebrow after the procedure. Here you can use photos, pictures. Many artists draw eyebrows on future paper or propose client finished drawings of different eyebrow shapes to help her decide.

At this stage selected the color of the future eyebrows. To make eyebrows look natural, their color should be the same as the color of the hair. Allowed to eyebrows were high on a half-tone darker.

Step 2: Run the sketch. Under the sketch often refers to drawing eyebrows with a cosmetic pencil directly on the client. The sketch can be edited multiple times until the resulting option would not fully satisfy the client.

Stage 3: Pain Relief. It hurts. To reduce pain can be applied with anesthetic cream such as «EMLA» or injection of lidocaine subcutaneously. The first option will make the procedure a little less painful, and the second will allow you to have a good time and even a little bored, as no unpleasant sensations at all.

There are masters who believe that the use of anesthetics may have a negative impact on the end result, because do without anesthesia. But when you consider that during painful procedures, not every client will be able to lie still, then there results, too, can get «blurry».

Step 4: execution of the tattoo. Applied to the skin antiseptic. In the presence of the client opens the sterile needle. Paint for the execution of the tattoo mixed in certain proportion and made into a machine for carrying out tattooing, which resembles a pen.

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During the first visit, the wizard fills the main number of stripes. It can take about 1 hour. The wizard then gives the client a mirror to assess the intermediate result of the procedure. If there are bugs or requests, then the procedure continues. Sometimes the second stage takes another 20-30 minutes.

Step 5: Completion of the procedure. During the tattoo and for some time after the completion of the sores on the skin stands out the pus, and sometimes blood droplets.

The appearance of blood is not desirable, as he washed and pigment. Rubbing eyebrow at this time is strictly prohibited. You can just lightly DAB them with a soft cloth until crusts are formed.

Also you may notice a small swelling, which usually goes away on its own within 1-2 days.

Care after conducting

The healing process takes about a week. In the early days can be a feeling of tightness, itching, slight swelling and even bruising if you were affected by small vessels on the surface of the skin. On the third or fourth day, usually appear brown, which can have a different thickness and density. Go brown for a few days. To tear them away is impossible, because in place of broken crust may remain bright skin.

In the early days will need to apply to the eyebrows of any of the antiseptics, such as chlorhexidine or Miramistin, avoid contact with water. Because the head is best to wash before the procedure.

In the first week it is not recommended to visit the thermal procedures (bath, sauna), use decorative cosmetics, brush the skin of the eyebrows.

Do I need a correction?

Correction not everyone needs. But usually it is performed in cases where the first experience of the tattoo was successful, and I want to add color or to slightly adjust the shape. Typically, the correction is carried out not earlier than one month after the main procedure, and requires the same care healing skin eyebrows.

As far as permanent makeup?

The durability of permanent makeup eyebrows is affected by several factors.

  • The skin type.

For oily skin permanent makeup lasts much worse than in the dry. If the owners of oily and combination skin can go with tattooing a year, if you have dry skin you can not think about correction in the next 2-3 years.

  • The properties of the dyes.
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Depending on what the drug is used for the procedure, the tattooing will stay and fade differently. For example, the ink for tattoos will stay 10 years or more. However, most likely, will change color from black to bluish gray, and from brown to brick red. Modern German remedies for stretch marks fade after six months after the introduction, the U.S. kept an average of 3 years.

  • The depth of insertion of the paint.

The average depth of the injection when tattooing does not exceed 1 mm, and most generally is only 0.5 mm deeper Than the injected dye, the longer it will keep.

  • The individual characteristics of the organism.

Because of the peculiarities of metabolism is often difficult to assume, how to behave in the dye in the skin, what shade it would give as fading how long will be maintained the effect of the procedure. It so happens that the dye spreads under the skin, spreading through the subcutaneous tissue or in blood and lymphatic vessels, which is also impossible to predict before the procedure.


Name of service Cost, rubles
permanent makeup eyebrows hair technique 5000-15000
correction of permanent makeup eyebrows 3000-10000

It is worth considering that the cost of correction is usually 50-75% of the cost of the main procedure.

The before and after photos hair of the method of eyebrow tattooing