Hair removal deep bikini (waxing) — done, types and methods, videos, reviews, photo before and after

Other ways you can remove hair from the root for several days or even weeks. Is waxing. Hair removal in the bikini area is now seen as reaching the pinnacle of grooming, when the figure, face, hair, nails are in order, and you need to add the finishing touches.

The technique of hair removal

For a start, I propose to deal with terms that indicate the volume of procedures of hair removal in the bikini area.


Classic bikini involves the removal of hair under the Thong, so that the hair peeking out from under the edges of the linen.


During the epilation deep bikini hair removed from the pubic area and inner thighs. The hair on the labia and in the crease mezhyagodichnoy do not touch.


Brazilian or bikini involves total hair removal from the pubic area, the labia, the folds between the buttocks, buttocks. This removes all hair in the bikini area. It to total hair removal often resorted lovers intimate haircut and bikini design, as it allows you to keep «hair» for a long time and not to spoil the impression of the figure a view of growing hair.

Increasingly, as a way of expression to bikini design men resorted. And before that also do total hair removal. In some salons a gradation as shown above, there is the classic and deep bikini, during which, respectively, removed hairs growing on the edge of the linen, and the whole surface of the perineum. In our article we will use the term «deep bikini» is the value of the removal of all hair from the inner thighs, pubis, genitals, buttock cords and buttocks.

Bikini area

Under the waxing involve the removal of unwanted hair from the root without breaking the hair follicle, because over time, they grow back. Usually, the growth is resumed on the second or third week after waxing.

You can use special lotions and sprays that contain substances that slow growth. But, as a rule, these cosmetic products have a low efficiency and a short action.

The effect duration to 7-10 days to 3-4 weeks. The cream can cause allergies, bruises, abrasions,»the bloody dew».

Comparison criteria Cream Sugar Wax Strips
leverage dissolves part of the hair above the skin the sugar in the solidification of the hair sticks to itself and when removed pulls the hair from the root use only hot wax, which solidification bonds the hair and when removed pulls them by the roots strip wax sticks to the hair side, which are then removed with a rapid movement
efficiency effectively only if you use a cream that can be applied to mucous membranes effectively, subject to a number of conditions with regards to t o sugar and air, you have the necessary skills and experience from a master effectively with proper warming up of the wax so that it was quite hot, but not burn the skin, you have experience from a master not suitable for bikini area and underarms, as a thin layer of cold wax can not grab and hold thick hair listed areas
ease of use can be used alone to independently perform the procedure almost impossible, since frozen sugar should be removed the growth of hair, and the hair on different parts of the perineum can grow in different directions to independently perform a procedure is impossible, since apply hot wax on the crotch area myself uncomfortable, to remove the hair should be against growth, and in different parts of the crotch hair may grow in different directions you can try to remove hair in the pubic area and underwear, but a high risk of skin injury and the formation of hematomas


Cream – this is probably the only method of hair removal that can be used in cases of emergency, except, perhaps, razors, since only this method allows you to remove hair without irritation to the skin.

Women’s private parts

Epilation involves removal of hair that causes hair follicle destruction and persistent violation of hair growth.

Comparison criteria Electrolysis Photoepilation Laser hair removal ELOS hair removal
the mechanism of action of electric resrad affects the hair follicle and destroys it so the hair growth is disrupted the light pulse affects the skin with the hair follicles, selectively destroys the pigmented cells of the rod and the hair follicles, seals the vessel feeding the follicle the laser beam selectively affects pigmented cells containing melanin and red blood cells, containing hemoglobin, the rod and the hair follicle is destroyed, the vessel going to the follicle, sealed the combined effect of light and electromagnetic pulses leads to the destruction of the cells of the hair follicle and its feeder vessel
efficiency the effectiveness of the method is low, as destroyed only those follicles, where it was a precise hit of the discharge in the growth zone the method is effective in case of skin sweetia 1-3 (light) and dark hair are not removed the bright, red, grey, thin and vellus hair depending on the kind of laser it is possible to carry out the procedure people with svetoteni skin from 1 to 6, the hair from dark to light brown, except for grey, light, thin, downy can be used in people with svetoteni skin from 1 to 3, it removes any hair, including thin, red, light gray
duration a few hours 20-40 minutes 20-40 minutes 20-40 minutes
the duration of the effect prolonged, often lifelong few years, may persist for life few years, may persist for life few years, may persist for life
the number of procedures a large is priced from 6-7 10-15 from 5 to 10 from 6 to 12-15
pain very painful procedure painful painful painful
ingrown hairs no no no no
risk of burns there there there there
the risk of pigmentation there there there there
irritation after the procedure there there there can be

Mens intimate zone

Male hair removal is also done, but requires a specific approach and specific skills of a specialist who does it.

It is connected:

  • with the growth of more robust hair for men in the bikini area;
  • with the presence of excess skin, which is especially necessary to take into account when carrying out a waxing, increasing the risk of injury to the skin;
  • with the frequent occurrence of erections in men during the procedure, necessitating her use of a condom.

Many salons prices hair removal in the bikini area for men is higher because the master has to work with a larger area and a large amount of hair. Have with men and their preferences. They often choose the wax.

How to prepare for the procedure

Preparation for hair removal virtually no not required unless you count taking a shower before the procedure. It is desirable that the length of the hair was at least 4-5 mm below the shaft it was enough to grip and remove hair by the root.

Hair removal requires preparation:

  • limit sun exposure;
  • the limit for the plucking and pulling of the hair from the root, you can only shave or remove hair cream;
  • should shave a day or two before the procedure;
  • not be applied to skin cosmetics as it increases the likelihood of burns.

Video: Epilation of deep bikini


Any of the above ways of getting rid of unwanted hair is painful, apart from using razor and cream.

The intensity of the pain depends on:

  • the method of hair removal;
  • the used apparatus and the selected mode;
  • from wizard skills, performing the procedure;
  • sensitivity to pain of the patient.

Based on all the above we can conclude that it is unlikely that the soreness shugaring is less than hair removal with hot wax or the pain of ELOS epilation is less than hair removal with a laser.

Much depends on the master and day of the menstrual cycle, in which the procedure is performed. For most women, the sensitivity is increased before menstruation, and during their occurrence, therefore this period is not the best for hair removal.

If you have to do depilation or hair removal in unfavorable days or the procedure is painful for you, you can use special anesthetics local action, are applied to the skin in the area of the proposed treatment. The most popular are the cream «EMLA» and sprays with lidocaine.

Not worth the wait that caused the skin to completely numb the procedure. Usually the sensitivity is reduced by 30-50%, therefore will have to tune more and morally.

Hair removal during pregnancy

Some women get rid of hair in the bikini area because it is on the contrary the most painless period for them. Someone has to do it before vacation at the beach, in the most inopportune days. Usually the master meet the wishes of their clients and take them to the procedure when using a tampon or menstrual Cup special.

Hair removal during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a period of significant hormonal changes. And hair follicles are very sensitive to changes in hormonal levels. Because all the methods are simply ineffective. It should take into account the potential risk to the fetus from exposure to light, laser, electrical impulses.

Waxing during pregnancy is appropriate if the procedure is repeatedly carried out and easily tolerated before the onset of pregnancy and if the pregnancy proceeds without problems. Known cases when pregnant do the bikini waxing shortly before the trip to the hospital.

But many masters are afraid to take pregnant women to the procedure, as pain during hair removal can lead to increased uterine tone and create a risk of fetal hypoxia and preterm labor.

Harm and consequences


  • Ingrown hairs is the most common complication of the procedure. The use of softening and moisturizing creams have many allows to solve the problem, some of the same in the end or suffer ingrown hairs, or refuse to depilation.
  • Trauma to the skin such as abrasions and bruises, typical and shugaring waxing and appear with insufficient tension of the skin during tear composition with the hair.
  • Irritation and redness cream can be a symptom of allergies, after you sugar or wax, and evidence of poor skin preparation prior to the procedure, sometimes after repeated application to the same area.

Hair removal

  • Skin burns can occur when skin damage to the sun procedure, cosmetic treatment, wrong selection of mode of operation; increased sensitivity of skin to the effects.
  • Irritation of the skin.
  • Folliculitis may appear after the first hair removal procedures as a response to sweating.

The cost

Procedure The cost
Hair removal deep bikini
laser 6000-9900
ELOS 2400
photoepilation 3500-9900
electrolysis 13 RUB/min.
Hair removal deep bikini
sugaring from 660
wax 400-4000

This cost in some salons is not included hair removal in the crease between the buttocks, because it has to be paid separately. Be sure to specify all the nuances in the consultation.

Frequently asked questions

Different hair removal bikini deep?

Bikini waxing involves removal of hair along the edge of the linen. Deep bikini is the removal of the pubes and external genitalia.

When better to do?

In both cases do better when sufficiently restored hair growth in the treated area.

How do hair removal?

A specially prepared skin is treated with light, laser, electrical pulses across the region of visible hair growth by capturing the adjacent areas of smooth skin. After the procedure is applied to the skin healing spray or cream type panthenol.

How often can you do sugaring?

Sugaring can be done when hair will grow to 4-5 mm. each this can occur with a individual speed. But on average, it takes one procedure to two or three, sometimes four weeks.

As far as the effect of the cream?

It largely depends on the color of hair and skin. Blonde hair will be less noticeable, and therefore to remove them with large time intervals, e.g., every 6-10 days. Thick dark hair becomes noticeable on the third or fourth day after removal, and therefore to remove them more often.

Will the treatment hurt?

The bikini area is sensitive, because the procedure is often painful, especially in the area of the Alar section.

Is it possible to remove hair permanently?

Methods of hair removal eliminates hair for a few years and sometimes for life. Waxing gives only a temporary effect.

Photo before and after epilation deep bikini

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