Hair removal with hot wax (waxing) — what it is, which is better, home, videos, reviews

Another thing that cold be the wax solid, and to begin to use it, it first needs to be heated to a liquid state. «Hot» he is called because in comparison with other species (e.g., warm) it was heated to the highest temperature.


  1. It requires the least amount of supplies, only a spatula and a container for heating.
  2. Due to the high temperature of the hot wax heats the skin and facilitates hair removal because hair removal with hot wax is the most gentle method of hair removal and the least painful.


  1. As the hot wax is removed without the use of fabric strips, its use requires a certain skill.
  2. If you reheat the hot wax in the microwave or in a water bath, there is a risk to overheat it and burn the skin.

Basically the hot wax used to remove hair from the face, underarms, and bikini area. But it can be used for epilation of the skin of the hands and feet.

Video: Warm and hot wax

Hair removal at home

First of all, you need to buy everything you need for the procedure:

  • spatulas;
  • help melting wax faster or a special container for heating wax in a water bath;
  • hot wax for hair removal;
  • products to prepare the skin for the procedure and for application to the skin after hair removal.

Spatulas are best taken disposable wooden so as to scrub the wax after each procedure, just bored.

Help melting wax faster, if you are planning to do waxing by yourself, constantly acquire better, as it will significantly facilitate the procedure. Modern sports drinks not only heat it to the desired temperature, but also to maintain the desired temperature all the time until you need it.

Usually enough is no help melting wax faster on 400 g of wax. In it, on occasion, can be reheated and the wax for holding paraffin of hands and feet. Paraffin in this case is applied with a brush.

Of course, you can heat the wax in a water bath and keep the container of wax in hot water. But to carry such a design is not very convenient. It is likely that the wax will gradually overheat or conversely begin to cool before you can finish the procedure.

The most uncomfortable of ways – is warming in the microwave. You need to heat the wax so that it does not burn the skin, and periodically to heat it during the procedure, as cooling down, the wax solidifies and ceases to be applied easily on the skin. Hot wax depilation is now possible to buy different.

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The most popular brands are Veet, Depilflax, and Caramel.

Usually hot wax is sold in packages in the form of moulded bars, plates or granules. If you plan to remove hair from large areas of the skin, you can take it in blocks or plates.

Wax in granules is to choose those who are going to epilate small areas. In any case, the wax which remains unused after the procedure can be reheated repeatedly, quality does not suffer.

To prepare the skin for depilation it is necessary to use a special degreasing lotion and talc. After the procedure, you can select or soothing and cooling lotion, or lotion that slows hair growth.

Video: Warm wax from Veet

Contraindications for removal

Before you remove the hair, pay attention to the fact that the skin was not:

  • damage the integrity of: cuts, scrapes, abrasions;
  • varicose veins;
  • manifestations of viral, bacterial or fungal diseases;
  • papillomas, warts, warts;
  • irritation regardless of cause that could cause.

Preparation for the procedure

A few days before the hair removal should not sunbathe. The day before the procedure you need to use a scrub. The exfoliation of dead skin cells facilitates the removal of hair.
Before removing hair it is better not to hold the peelings, not to sunbathe, as this can worsen the recovery of skin after procedures.

Implementation of depilacja hot wax

On dry and clean skin must be applied to preparing the lotion. If the skin is prone to dryness, peeling or irritation, then no harm will stalkivat or sprinkle baby powder in the place of hair removal.

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Heated to a liquid state, the wax is applied on the skin with a wooden spatula in the direction of hair growth. At the same time can be applied to several areas of the skin, so as not to waste time waiting for one «cake» of wax will harden enough to remove it.

It is important to leave between the sections applying the wax enough intervals, in order to capture and remove every one of the frozen plates of wax separately. Removed after hardening of the wax against the hair growth.

Video: Technique of applying hot wax

A very good technique of application and removal of hot wax are shown in this video. It is unlikely that you can repeat it as clearly as the first time, but gradually you come to the same ease and confidence movements.

It is important to pay attention to the following basic rules for applying wax:

  • wax need to recruit a sufficient number, the consistency of the wax should be as liquid, but it is important not to overheat the wax;
  • the first layer of wax is always applied in the direction of hair growth, then to distributed the wax can in a circular motion, eights, etc., regardless of the direction of the hair growth;
  • do not try to stretch the wax on the maximum area of skin, the wax layer should be thick enough so you can remove the wax with the hair, otherwise it will tear, but not thick, so when you delete it did not break;
  • edge wax «pellet» should be formed, rounded and dense enough, otherwise the wax cannot grab and remove it together with the hair, plus still have to wash off the remnants of the wax;
  • immediately after removing the wax with the hair to press or push iron place of hair removed, so pain is decreased.
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After all hair will be removed, it is necessary to apply to the skin soothing lotion or oil. If you use a tool that slows hair growth, it is better to apply to the skin before the oil.

First, it is best to practice on easy hair remover wax sections, for example, in the legs. Only when you learn how to use hot wax on the simple skin, you can go to the complicated, such as the underarms or extended bikini.

For bikini is better to choose a wax in granules. It is more sparingly used and is applied over a thin layer, sufficient to form an elastic pellet and to remove the hair.


Wax The cost in rubles
depilflax 1 kg 650
depilflax 500 gr 320

Video: the Procedure of hair removal wax

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