Hands liposuction cost, photos, before and after, laser

Liposuction of the arms every year is gaining popularity. Consider when to do liposuction of the arms, so much is this procedure and how to prepare for it.

What it is

Liposuction is a surgical method of removing fatty tissue from different parts of the body and its further correction. It may be implemented in various ways using modern techniques.

Frequency liposuction of the arms is slightly smaller than the number of operations on his chin or belly, but more and more women and men are turning to plastic surgeon with a desire to get rid of fat on shoulders and arms.

Why the shoulders are often the problem area

Area of the shoulders can have a greater fat mass for the following reasons:

  1. Genetic predisposition (physical inclination) of the organism to the deposition of fat in the shoulder area.
  2. A sedentary way of life.
  3. Various disorders and malfunctions in the hormonal system.
  4. Taking certain medications can also contribute to deposition of fat in certain areas of the body.

Advantages and disadvantages of this procedure

Advantages of liposuction are:

  1. Liposuction allows a person to purchase a «new» form and get rid of localized fat deposits in different parts of the body (cheeks, chin, belly, hands, etc.).
  2. This operation is the fastest way to remove fat. No diet or sport for a couple of hours will not give such a result.
  3. Operation will help a person to get rid of complexes, which could develop because of the shortcomings in the figure. Also it can help you become more confident.
  4. Thanks to a good correction with this technique you can change the size of the clothes at least two sizes too small.
  5. You can remove fat from several areas at the same time (combined with liposuction).
  6. Given fat will not recover, if you adhere to medical recommendations.
  7. Most of these operations are successful, and patients are satisfied with the result.
  8. Thanks to modern techniques, doctors can minimize the pain and facilitate rehabilitation.
  9. Within a year after liposuction, most patients already do lose weight on a few pounds, so they do not require re-operation.
  10. Excess weight can trigger heart disease, blood vessels to cause diabetes and many other dangerous pathologies, therefore, liposuction will help to reduce the risk of their development.

The disadvantages of liposuction are:

  1. The high cost of the procedure makes it not available to all who want to lose weight this way.
  2. High risk of dangerous complications (bleeding, hematoma, etc).
  3. The operation has many contraindications, so not all people can do it for their health.
  4. As with any surgery, liposuction can cause harm (people a long time to have to take drugs, which is certainly not useful).
  5. The introduction of anesthesia also negatively displayed on the body, especially on the cardiovascular system.
  6. As has been proven by scientists, any surgery increases the risk of developing cancer by about 25% because a man have to suffer a lot of stress.
  7. The risk that a patient will not be happy with the result.
  8. No stabbing pain, pain after liposuction is still not completely get rid of. Moreover, even after the discharge of the person can be quite a long time to suffer pain, and feel discomfort in the operated area.
  9. The risk of infection is considered to be one of the biggest drawbacks. However, this complication is directly related to the cleanliness of the surgery and sterility of further dressings.

For this reason, it is important to carefully choose the right clinic and an experienced surgeon who will not make mistakes (most of complications patients develop medical fault when the surgeon does not perform the correct technique of liposuction or works not sufficiently sterile conditions).

  1. Long period of rehabilitation requires a lot of patience and effort.
  2. Despite the fact that the result of the surgery will be noticeable immediately after surgery the tissue can completely recover not earlier than in six months.
  3. The need to perform a lot of rules before and after the surgery.
  4. Liposuction can leave scars on the skin which with long-term healing can be very visible.
  5. If you get an infection or hematoma, the patient may require re-operation.
  6. The risk of a variety of symptoms after anesthesia (shivering, headache, weakness, etc.).
  7. When severe blood loss, a person may become anemic and have a deficiency of nutrients.
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Direct indications for liposuction of the arms are:

  • the disproportionate amount of hands;
  • the presence of talc in the area of the shoulders and inner arms;
  • the presence of abundant fat of complications in the shoulder area that could not be removed by diet and exercise.

It is also important to say that the best time this operation is performed in patients with ages forty to fifty-five years, until their skin has not lost elasticity, otherwise, otherwise, after the procedure the skin may be very SAG.

To consult a surgeon doctor will examine the intended area of operation and will select the best solution to the problem.


Direct contraindications to liposuction are the state and disease:

  1. Patient age of eighteen (in General, not recommended to do liposuction are people at least twenty-one years).
  2. Pregnancy and breast-feeding.
  3. The presence of acute gastrointestinal disease.
  4. Hepatitis and other liver disease.
  5. Acute or chronic renal failure.
  6. Diseases of the blood.
  7. The clotting of blood.
  8. HIV infection.
  9. TB.
  10. The defeat of skin in the intended area of operation.
  11. Acute respiratory disease (influenza, SARS).
  12. Oncologic pathology.
  13. The aftermath of a stroke or heart attack.
  14. Depression and other disorders in the CNS.
  15. Of vascular disease.
  16. Idiosyncrasy of the patient to anesthesia or certain medications.
  17. The weakening of the body after recent surgery.
  18. Anemia.
  19. Patient age older than 65 years.

How to prepare for the procedure

General preparation for liposuction of the arms provides for the implementation of such actions:

  1. Two weeks before the procedure, you need:
  • to abandon the use of alcoholic beverages;
  • to quit Smoking;
  • to maintain their emotional state (not to be nervous, do not expose yourself to stress);
  • to avoid hypothermia;
  • start taking vitamins;
  • to abandon the use of salt;
  • do not overeat;
  • to refuse medication that may affect blood clotting;
  • go on a healthy diet to strengthen the immune system before surgery;
  • to abandon the use of sweet and fat.
  1. A week before the procedure, you should consult your surgeon who will conduct the operation and pass these tests:
  • analysis of blood clotting;
  • test for HIV infection;
  • General analysis of blood and urine;
  • pregnancy test (for women);
  • ECG.
  1. On the day of surgery cannot be applied to the area of operations of any deodorants, Soaps and other cosmetics. It is also forbidden to eat and drink.
  2. Before surgery, you need to remove jewelry from neck and ears, so they do not interfere with the surgeon to do the operation.
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You should also remove the lenses and dentures.

Video: Nuances of technique

How to carry out liposuction of the arms

Liposuction of the arms is held thus:

  1. The patient is administered General anesthesia, and he falls asleep.
  2. The doctor treats the area for operation antiseptic solutions.
  3. On the patient’s skin are small punctures or incisions (open liposuction).
  4. Further, under the skin in the area of fat is injected with a special solution, which will expand the space between the vessels and break down fat cells.
  5. Introduced through the tube out the fat.
  6. At the end of the fabric are sewed and again processed with special solutions.
  7. Overlap the bandage.

The main differences between laser and ultrasonic methods

Laser liposuction of the arms is quite new to contouring. It is done by introducing a special laser probe under the skin.

This liposuction has the advantages of its implementation:

  • minimal risk of uneven fat removal;
  • minimal risk of hematoma or damage to blood vessels, since the laser does not pass too deeply into the layers of soft tissue;
  • the ability to not only remove fat, but also tightening of the skin;
  • the possibility of laser liposuction on almost any area of the body where there is excess fat.

The disadvantages of laser liposuction are:

  • it on the sagging skin of the patient can stay folds;
  • the end result of the procedure will be noticeable only after two months;
  • painful procedure.

With regard to ultrasonic liposuction, it is more often done than laser. Its essence is to remove the fat using a low atmospheric pressure. Thus, excess fat weight literally evacuated by tubes introduced into the human body.

Advantages of ultrasonic liposuction are:

  • on the patient’s body will not remain ugly scars – just a small round marks from the tubes;
  • pretty quick recovery period;
  • low risk of bleeding.

The disadvantages of this operation are considered as possible complications and reverse the obesity of the patient.

Photo: Before and after

The rehabilitation period

The rehabilitation period after surgery is two to six weeks. He’s usually very easily tolerated by patients and does not cause negative effects.

With this, one after the liposuction it is necessary to be prepared for the fact that his body will ache, appear swelling and discomfort. It is also possible dizziness, headache and nausea. These are normal effects from the anesthesia that will disappear in a couple of days after the procedure.

Usually the stitches removed on the seventh day (if no complications). Dressings are made daily, even after discharge home.

It is also worth remembering that until the sutures are removed and complete wound healing cannot be wet by water (especially not desirable to take a hot bath and a swimming pool).

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If you comply with all aftercare recommendations, the rehabilitation period will be much easier.

Possible complications

Often after the operation, patients appear these complications:

  1. Pigmentation of the hands.
  2. Hematoma.
  3. Swelling of the hands.
  4. Seroma (rare).
  5. Necrosis.
  6. Sagging of the skin.
  7. Hypersensitivity.
  8. The appearance of bumps on the skin.
  9. Violation of proportionality and identity in the thickness of the hands.
  10. Anemia.
  11. Blood loss.
  12. The ingress of infection.

Cause complications can the following factors:

  1. Failure to comply with the rules of sterility when carrying out liposuction, or during dressings.
  2. Failure to comply with patient medical recommendations (especially weight lifting and the agreement for the operation of the explicit contraindications).
  3. Improper technique operation, which has led to excessive trauma to the tissues of the patient.
  4. Reduced immunity and General debility of the human body when carrying out liposuction.

The average cost

The price of liposuction depends on the complexity of the operation, its scope and the qualification of the surgeon.

On average, the cost ranges from 40 to 50 thousand rubles.

When combining liposuction with correction of other body parts this figure may be higher.

Expert advice

So as not to cause complications, you should adhere to these recommendations of the doctors:

  1. Do not expect from a surgeon impossible. He has the power only to correct your figure. The rest is not in his power, after all, the patient must independently lose weight through diet and exercise.
  2. It is impossible to do liposuction in the presence of serious pathologies, as this increases the risk of complications.
  3. At the first visit to the surgeon you need to clearly understand what you want and formulate their wishes in detail. Also not be amiss to ask about the possible intricacies of the procedure and side effects from its implementation.
  4. In the first days after liposuction is not to make any sudden hand movements. It is best to rewind elastic bow, to reduce the risk of edema.
  5. You need to regularly make dressings.
  6. At least a month should abandon physical stress on hands, especially weight lifting.
  7. To recover quickly, you need to eat well, but the diet should not be the same as before the operation. You should avoid fats, meats, sausages and other foods that lead to rapid weight gain.

Instead, it is better to eat vegetables and fruits, nuts, cereals and drink juices.