Heparin ointment from post – acne spots

Pimples and blackheads on the face leave behind footprints and vasodilatation. Girls often mask it with creams. To do so is not necessary, as the skin multiplies rapidly pathological microflora, the pimple and the skin around it becomes inflamed, leaving the label for a long time.

In pharmacies sold a lot of different gels and creams, among which the most available is heparin ointment. With her help, removed red spots, relieve inflammation and the girls quickly forget about the cosmetic defect. The ointment is especially effective if treatment is started in time for fresh scars and spots.

The feature of the composition

Heparin ointment acne combines several active ingredients and excipients which do not interfere with cutaneous respiration, do not change the acid-alkaline balance of the skin and are easily washed, do not change during storage.

It includes:

  • heparin is the main active ingredient, restores blood circulation of the affected area, dissolves existing clots, prevent their formation, reduces edema, inflammation, heals skin;
  • benzocaine (benzocaine) is a great local analgesic action, relieves burning, itching, pain symptoms caused by inflammation, narrowing and occlusion of blood vessels;
  • benzylsuccinic – expands capillaries, stimulates blood circulation, without affecting clotting, enhances the action of heparin;
  • nicotinic acid, glycerol, petroleum jelly, peach butter, stearin, water, additional components provide better absorption of medicinal substances from ointments into the surface and deep layers of the skin.

Complex action of all components of this tool provides not only an effective treatment, but can actively be used to prevent scarring, spots after acne removal. Skin rashes do not itch and do not hurt.

Indications for use

The drug is characterized by a broad spectrum of indications, based on the main substance included in the composition of the heparin.

It is very effective in cases when blood circulation in superficial and deep veins.

  1. Varicose veins of the lower limbs: in the first stage of this disease appears edema, spider veins, there is redness of the skin. This period of the disease heparin ointment helps to get rid of symptoms within two weeks.
  2. Thrombophlebitis of veins on the skin’s surface: the components of the product reduce inflammation, prevent blood clots, and resolves already formed.
  3. Hemorrhoids: are formed as a result of violations of blood circulation in the rectal area. Heparin, which is included with the ointment, restores the process. The affected area is better supplied with blood, reduces swelling, disappear pain, easing defecation.
  4. Leg sores: ointment improves the viscosity and viscosity of blood, tissues receive more oxygen and nutrients, healing and healing faster. Important! Apply the product should be around and not in the actual wound, as this may be the cause of heavy bleeding.
  5. Mastitis during breast feeding (lactation): in lactating women during inflammation of the mammary gland used anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect of the drug.
  6. Elephantiasis: a violation of lymph drainage.
  7. Subcutaneous hematoma formed when the injuries, bruises, and the injured joints, muscles and tendons without compromising the integrity of the skin.
  8. Swelling and densification in some parts of the body (injection infiltrates).
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Important! For the whole period of application of the ointment of alcoholic drinks completely eliminated.

Also in the used in clinics for the removal of subcutaneous pimples, eliminating puffiness, bags and dark circles.

Effective the acne

Acne under the skin is very difficult, especially if it’s not one or two blemishes, and a whole lot of them.

Beauticians recommend the use of heparin ointment immediately after the occurrence of edema, when the inflammation has not gone too far, then the effect will be better.

This drug cannot be used when purulent pimples. For this fit antibacterial gels and creams.

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Rules for the use of heparin ointment acne spots

The problem of acne, pimples and blemishes on the skin cause a lot of trouble. The skin surface looks uneven, disrupted her circulation, can sometimes appear dilated vessels.

Be careful

Before using the heparin ointment spots acne scars you should carefully read the instructions and not to forget that the tool is intended for external use only. In contact with the drug inside or on the mucous membranes, it is necessary to contact the clinic.

Tool can cause allergies.

People who are prone to such displays, before applying, you should conduct a test on existing components of the ointment to test your reaction. To do this, a small amount is applied to the inner area of the forearm.

If during the day does not appear redness, swelling, itching or rashes on this area, then the ointment can be used. The appearance of one or more symptoms at once indicates the presence of hypersensitivity to components of drug, ointment is contraindicated.

Before use, be sure to consider that in ointments contain potent substances that slow blood clotting. Unsupervised use of the ointment for a long time leads to disruption of the process. If you consistently see bruises on body for no reason, hence, thrombus formation is slow, you cannot use the tool.

How to apply

Before applying the skin should be prepared:

  • wash face with warm water;
  • dry the skin with a napkin or soft towel;
  • degrease using alcohol solution, lotion or any other antiseptic.
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Apply the ointment on the problematic place a thin layer, do not stretch and do not RUB the affected area to inflammation does not spread through the vessels and does not cause additional lesions nearby skin tissue.

Do not apply the ointment on open wounds, scratches, abrasions, cracks, skin around the eyes and mucous membranes.

How to apply

Apply heparin ointment 2-3 times a day until until the inflammatory phenomena on average 4-6 days, but not more than two.

If you need a longer application, for example, for the treatment of large hematomas, need to consult a doctor.

Note that in combination with anticoagulants (blood thinners) and anti-inflammatory drugs the effect of the ointment increases, and when Smoking, consumption of tetracycline, antihistamines, on the contrary, decreases.

The result

Cosmetology in the allows to treat different skin imperfections, which is particularly pleasing girls and women.

In the clinic for rejuvenation of the face and body the drug is used in different situations. Very often the result is noticeable the next day.

  1. Against bags formed around the eyes – under eye skin is more thin and delicate, sometimes swelling, combined with the darkening of the skin become cyanotic hue.
  2. Anti-wrinkle tool to apply with fingertips, lightly patting the skin and not stretching it.
  3. Against bruises – due to the fact that the ointment contains nicotinic acid, is a superficial blood vessel dilation, a heparin easier into the skin.
  4. Acne – use an anti-inflammatory and analgesic nature of the ointment. As a result of its use, the inflammation goes away and the pain disappears.
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In order to achieve the fastest result, you should observe the instructions for use, to use the ointment 3-4 times a day, not to interrupt the course of treatment until complete disappearance of symptoms.

Useful tips

The most necessary functions of an ointment are to provide actions for clots, which disappear due to the action of substances in its composition. To eliminate symptoms of illness, injury, pain relief should consider the advice of experts in the field of medicine and cosmetology.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding the use of creams may for a short period and only under the supervision of the attending gynecologist. And in late pregnancy from the use of ointments is better to give up entirely, not to provoke uterine bleeding in childbirth.

The drug is sold in pharmacies without a prescription from a physician, however, should not be used for a long time (over 2 weeks) so as not to cause side effects such as itching, rashes and redness.

Not recommended the use of the drug for people with high blood pressure, gynecological diseases, during menstruation, and also when existing hypersensitivity to components included in the ointment composition.

On the ability to drive a car or other vehicle, to work, require increased attention, the drug has no effect.

Keep the preparation in a dry, dark place at temperatures not above 20 degrees, no more than three years, do not use after expiration date.

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