Honey massage against cellulite — at home, technique, how to do

Med – liked since childhood product. It is eaten simply as a delicious sweetness, is used in cooking and also in folk medicine and cosmetology. Honey masks has long been known for beneficial effects on the skin. They are not only rejuvenated, gives smoothness, but also destroy harmful bacteria.

Especially liked the beautiful half of humanity honey massage, get rid of cellulite, stretch marks and sagging. A full course of treatment is able to remove the hated orange peel, to simulate the contours of the body, nourish the skin with vitamins.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of massage is that it is not necessary to attend expensive sessions at the salon. Naturally, the professional guarantees a long and lasting results. But having studied the technique, it can easily be done at home by yourself.

For the procedure typical of other pluses:

  • availability of ingredients;
  • high efficiency in comparison with other cosmetic methods (masks, peels, wraps);
  • removal of toxins;
  • the improvement of the skin rejuvenation, smoothing, cleansing of dead horn cells, stretching from the pores of dirt;
  • reduce the signs of stretch marks;
  • normalization of blood circulation of tissue, causing cells to rapidly updated, run metabolic processes, restores the flow of lymph.

However, the use of honey has drawbacks:

  • high risk of allergic reactions;
  • many contraindications;
  • a high probability of bruising;
  • soreness.

Honey massage refers to the methods of reflexology. Because his effectiveness is based more in the product of biologically active components in a massage.

Through the pores honey is able to penetrate deep into the subcutaneous fat. There its effect is like a sponge. It absorbs from the tissues of toxins and waste products and then safely leads them out.


Honey is considered an animal product, so is not for everyone. Preferably before applying to consult a doctor, especially if you have any chronic diseases.

The massage is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • in case of hypersensitivity, allergies, bronchial asthma and hypersensitive to bee products;
  • at all stages of varicose vein disease;
  • if the body of cancer;
  • people with bleeding disorders;
  • diabetes;
  • during the period of increased body temperature and fever;
  • at pathologies of the thyroid gland;
  • if there is infectious, inflamed or purulent skin rashes, open sores.


To evaluate the effectiveness of honey massage against cellulite, you must have an idea about the mechanism of pathology.

The cells that make up subcutaneous fat are called adipocytes. They convert dietary sugar calories needed to provide the energy needs of the body. The excess is also stored as fat.

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For this reason, in the tissue changes

  • weaken capillaries and form the swelling – the first signs of cellulite;
  • from the lack of blood supply, adipocytes are grouped into nodes, which leads to the appearance of orange peel;
  • in advanced cases, the nodes increase and compacted, and the surface of the skin becomes uneven.

Honey massage is effective only on the 1st and 2nd stages of the disease.

When performing proper technique is a deep pore cleansing from contamination. The product absorbs toxins and literally pull them out of the tissues. Mechanical action stimulates blood circulation and cell oxygenation.

Reviews of girls regularly make the procedure extremely positive. During the month the volume of the body reduced by 2-4 cm, and the skin are visibly reduced. To achieve the result required about 20 sessions every 1-3 days depending on skin reaction.

Sorry, honey massage will not correct the strong deformation of tissues and get rid of pronounced mounds. It will help more aggressive ways (e.g., liposuction, cavitation).

How to prepare for the procedure

The important point in the preparation phase is the selection of honey. It must be natural and without additives. So buy him a better producer in the apiary. You can use any flower and buckwheat, lime, sunflower or mixed.

Immediately before the procedure you need to:

  • wash thoroughly under a warm shower or bath to soften the epithelium;
  • to use a scrub or peeling to improve the permeability of the pores;
  • wipe dry skin;
  • to heat briefly to massage the skin with your hands, brush or roller massager without the use of oil or lotion.

Mixing with other components

Massage can be done as pure honey, with added essential oils (1 h lodges. 3-5 drops).

For each flavor is characterized by specific properties that must be considered when choosing:

  • orange – relieves fatigue, improves mood;
  • lemon – invigorates, encourages physical activity;
  • grapefruit – relieves the effects of stress;
  • eucalyptus – fights drowsiness;
  • lavender – relaxes, removes aggression;
  • Mandarin – eliminates depression, returns a positive attitude;
  • juniper — tones.

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The technique of honey massage cellulite at home

The problem areas are not only hip, but also the abdomen, buttocks, and some women’s calves and knees. To massage all areas of need in turn. The mixture is prepared at the rate of 1 h lodges. on each area. A small amount of the resulting composition is ground into the palms and start to massage.

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First technique is aimed at the absorption of honey to the skin:

  1. Lightly Pat the mass transferred to the skin.
  2. Then spread evenly on the massage lines, trying not to rip the palms from the body:
  • on the thighs and buttocks moving from the tailbone to the sides;
  • legs from the bottom up;
  • in the center of the abdomen around the navel in a clockwise direction;
  • in the abdomen, and then at the top under the ribs — left to right and back;
  • waist – from the navel to the sides and in the opposite direction.

Once the active ingredients penetrate deeply, technology is changing. Now you need to draw harmful substances out. Palm initially bonded to the epithelium, and then off, performing a Pat.

On sensitive areas do not have to use the entire surface of the hands. It is enough to perform the movements with fingertips. It is important to listen to your own feelings. When a strong pain you must reduce the pressure and strength of jerks.

If after some time began to stand out whitish dense mass, everything was done correctly. This is the excess toxins, fat impurities, from which it was necessary to get rid of. The end of the procedure occurs when there is severe discomfort or over med. The average session duration is from 20 to 40 minutes.

In conclusion, the skin washed with warm water, carefully removing the remains of the honey, and smeared with a nourishing cream or cosmetic oil. It is advisable to lie half an hour under a towel or warm blanket.

Popular errors

It is important to pay attention to common mistakes:

  1. Too much honey will spread in the body, and the massage will last long. In addition, there may be an overdose of active substances in the product.
  2. The procedure should not be carried out in a hot and humid room (including the bathroom). The heat from the honey will just melt away, and the absorbed moisture will make it even more liquid. As a result, he will not stick to the skin, therefore, will not massage, and mask.
  3. The procedure is not suitable candied honey, as there is a lot of hard lumps. But he’ll make a great vitamin peeling.
  4. If the skin there are even small dilated capillaries, then the massage should be abandoned. The honey is so deeply absorbed, that may disturb the vessels, to trigger the development of varicose veins.
  5. Often after the procedure bruises. To avoid this, you need to massage gently, especially in the inner thighs and abdomen. There skin is more tender, and bruises on her heal for a long time.
  6. It is not necessary to abandon the procedure if you feel soreness. Typically, the discomfort is only present in the first time. Gradually, the skin adapts.
  7. Directly after a session can’t go out in the sun. Ultraviolet light can damage the top layer of the skin that will lead to the appearance of pigmentation and freckles.
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Useful tips

Tips will help avoid complications and improve the effectiveness of the procedure:

  1. To eliminate the risk of allergies, before use of honey should do the test. A small amount of the product applied to the inner bend of the wrist, and after 10-15 minutes rinse. If during the 12 hours have any severe itching, redness and rashes, then you can safely proceed to the massage.
  2. The girls with a low pain threshold of the skin is smeared with oil before the procedure. So clutch honey it will be less. But efficiency also decreases.
  3. It is not recommended to work per session more than 3 zones. Honey massage cellulite in one area in the home should last at least 10 minutes.
  4. Manipulation is not carried out in the area of groin, chest and neck, in the armpits. There are lymph nodes that are off-limits.

Honey massage is an effective way to reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve skin condition. But it is a mistake to believe that he saves from excess weight. The procedure helps to shape and improve the contours of the figures, but the accumulated fat is not going anywhere. To burn weight you need to eat a balanced, exercise and spend more time on physical activity.

Photo: Before and after