Hop cones for breast enlargement — reviews

A woman of any age wants to be attractive, desirable. Like each the compliments to her appearance and figure.

To maintain the natural beauty and correct deficiencies in the course are various means:

  1. drugs;
  2. cosmetic procedures and operations;
  3. recipes of traditional medicine.

Among the many existing and proven tools used to increase breast volume, popular are herbal teas, tea and infusions of hop cones.

In the history of a well-known fact that because of their small Breasts complexed Queen Louise of Prussia. She was jealous of the ladies with the forms, and noticed how her husband Frederick was staring at them.

The Royal physician advised the Queen to make a daily drink from hops and beer to RUB in the chest. How this tip helped Louise unknown, but it is undeniable that hop cones affect the size of the glands.

The characteristics of the composition

Hop cones contain a lot of nutrients.

Their composition was discovered:

  1. Essential oil.
  2. Wax.
  3. Resin.
  4. Gum.
  5. Acids: ascorbic, hops, Valerian.
  6. Lupulin – glycoside, present only in Mature cones.
  7. Choline.
  8. Carotene.
  9. The antacid.
  10. The catechin.
  11. Dietary fiber.
  12. Fatty saturated acids.
  13. Nicotinic acid.
  14. Tannins.
  15. Binders.
  16. Vitamins of b and PP.
  17. Flavonoids.

Not so long ago the plant was discovered phytoestrogens:

  • phenylpropanoid;
  • the isoflavone.

These substances trigger the female body processes in the development and proliferation of cells in the glands, adipose tissue and endometrium. It is proved that plant phytoestrogens can activate the body’s own estrogen.

Useful properties

All of the cones substances have a beneficial effect on the entire body. The first record of doctors about their effect on people was made in the early 19th century. Arab doctor Mesa recommended them for bleeding, pain in the stomach and joints.

Today they are used if necessary:

  • calm the nervous system: to suppress her nervous tension, reduce irritability;
  • to normalize metabolic processes: in particular fat, water and mineral;
  • to reduce the irritation of the bladder;
  • to remove inflammation in the kidneys, liver and gallbladder;
  • affect the activity of the entire digestive system, increase appetite;
  • to cope with insomnia;
  • to speed healing and reduce pain for boils and ulcers;
  • to deal with cystitis;
  • to remove the pain symptoms and reduce inflammation in joint diseases: osteoarthritis, arthritis, rheumatism, gout;
  • to stop hair loss, to improve their condition;
  • to improve the health of women during the onset of menopause;
  • to restore menstrual cycles;
  • to reduce inflammation of all mucous membranes;
  • to cure the pancreatitis;
  • to increase the resistance of the skin to different irritants;
  • to affect biochemical processes in cells.
  • to alleviate the human condition with heart and vascular diseases;
  • to get rid of worms.
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Such multifaceted effects of hop cones on the body due to their properties.

All the tools on their basis possess actions:

  • anticonvulsant;
  • soothing;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • capillary-strengthening;
  • antiulcer;
  • analgesic;
  • laxative;
  • antispasmodic;
  • diuretic;
  • cholagogue;
  • de-worming.

The therapeutic possibilities of the substances contained in hops, has found application in cosmetology. Creams and lotions based on them are used in the treatment of acne and dermatitis. Shampoos these substances Borja dandruff and strengthen the hair.

Considering all the properties of the plant, hops are used in preparation of infusions, compresses, poultices, include herbal.

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Anyone, even the best treatment, there are always a number of contraindications, which make it ineffective, and in some cases dangerous to health. Before you start the treatment of hop cones, it is important to take into account existing contraindications to their use.

Physicians are prohibited from use in the treatment of this plant if:

  1. a woman feeds the baby’s chest;
  2. during pregnancy;
  3. identified gynecological diseases;
  4. there is hypersecretion of estrogen;
  5. it has individual intolerance.

Parents, it is important to know that the use of hop cones in the treatment of diseases in children under 3 years of age, is prohibited.

Side effects

Hops refers to poisonous plants, so it is important in the preparation of medicines based on it to follow the exact proportion and the duration of the course.

A small overdose, the duration of use can lead to negative results in treatment.

Doctors warn that the use of cones over 4 consecutive weeks may lead to:

  • dizziness;
  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • abdominal pain;
  • headache;
  • insomnia;
  • fatigue;
  • apathy;
  • problems with the nervous system: irritability, frequent mood swings;
  • allergies;
  • hormonal issues;
  • the menstrual cycle;
  • shortness of breath;
  • pain in region of heart;
  • change tone of voice;
  • increase vegetation on the body;
  • the secretions from the vagina.

In some cases, the side effects associated not with the influence of plants on the body, and the place of its collection.

The plant is able, like a sponge, to absorb and accumulate the toxins, poisons and toxins that are present in the place where it grows. Collected in ecologically unfavorable district of hops, per person will have only a negative impact.

The appearance of at least one of the side effects serves as a signal for cancellation of any drug on the basis of hops.

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Why you need to consult a doctor

The result of the use of hop cones directly related to the state of hormonal background of women, duration of use, and used dosage.

If you assign yourself yourself infusion, decoction, ointment from cones, without consulting with the doctor, women can be observed:

  • the increase of adipose tissue in glands and their disks due to increases in estrogen;
  • the growth of epithelial cells of the walls of the vagina;
  • the endometrium of the uterus;
  • the vaginal form of dysbiosis;
  • the increase in the number of secreting glands secret;
  • common endometriosis;
  • failure of the menstrual cycle (often occurs early menstruation);
  • failure of ovulation (as a consequence of difficulties in conceiving).

Simultaneously with the growth of adipose tissue in the glands, this process is noted on the abdomen, hips, waist. Often there is swelling on the face due to the violation of water and fat metabolism.

The result of the increase in breast volume when using cones short-lived. We must not forget that the duration of use depends on the number of side effects and their reversibility.

Each woman needs to take responsibility for your own health and not work to the prejudice of him just for the sake of imitation of the standard of beauty.

It is not necessary to rely on the fact that the use of hops as a natural and natural product, completely safe for health.

Having a large amount of phytoestrogens, infusions, decoctions, teas of these are hormonal products.

Given all the contraindications and possible side effects, women prior to use of hops necessary to consult a gynecologist.

How to take the hop cones for breast augmentation

Proven that an enormous amount of phytoestrogens present in the cones of the plant. Hop cones for breast augmentation many women are only used for this purpose. At the beginning of the course there will be a swelling of the glands, as before menstruation. This process is due to the retention in the tissues of the glands fluid.

To solve this delicate problem, there are several recipes for teas, decoction, ointment, infusion.

  • Tea. For the preparation of 1H l hops brewed 200ml of boiling water, infused for about 30min. Cool tea should gradually and only at room temperature, after which it is filtered. Tea drinks on course during the month. It is necessary to drink 3 times a day before meals and every time to cook fresh.
  • Infusion: per 250ml (1 Cup) of boiling water in a thermos filled 1st l hops. The infusion needs to steep for at least 8 hours. This infusion is drunk 3 times per day one small throat. The result will be noticeable in the second week of use. The use of infusion should not exceed one month.
  • Broth. The method of its preparation and method of application similar to infusion. The difference lies in the fact. Bumps that plants not only infused, but also boiled (0.5 l of water is needed to fill in the pot 2st l cones, bring to a boil, and after 2min remove from heat). The broth after cooling it is necessary to put on 5 days in the refrigerator. At their expiration the broth can be used. This method allows to increase the broth amount of phytoestrogens.
  • Oil. Dried but better fresh buds of the plant are crushed, laid out in an enamel container, filled with sesame or olive oil so that it could fully hide the bumps.
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The composition is stored in a cool and dark place 8-10 days.

Then all the content is filtered through cheesecloth or a fine colander. Apply oil on the breast twice a day: morning and night, but avoid applying to the nipples and areola.

Like many tools, tea, infusion, decoction and oil have their contraindications for use. They can show side effects when properly selected dosage and the duration of use.

Do not forget that after the course of application of funds, the process is reversed: the volume of the glands decreases.

To use hop cones for breast augmentation. First, do no harm to your body. Means on the basis of the cones of the plant cannot be used for a long time.

It is crucial to first notice negative changes in me and right from them to refuse. The best solution in this situation, which will dispel all doubt, is to consult with your doctor.