Hot wrap cellulite at home recipe

Hot wraps cellulite are very effective procedure which for a long time and has been used successfully to combat the «orange peel». Such a method is available in almost every salon, but it can be applied at home.

What it is

Under the wrap is commonly understood as a cosmetic procedure, which involves applying to the skin of the treatment solution. The body is then wrapped with foil and leave tool for 45-60 minutes.

Depending on the technology used wraps are divided into 2 main categories:

  • hot
  • cold.

The main difference between these procedures lies in the temperature regimes. Because of this they have on the epithelium of the different effects.

Hot wraps cellulite are the application of the compositions to high temperatures. In this situation you can heat the funds are to be applied to the skin to about 38 degrees. However, higher temperature is not recommended.

When performing a hot wrap well expands blood vessels, which leads to the stimulation of blood circulation. Due to this is the breakdown of fat tissue and the pores. As a result of them to remove all harmful substances – toxins. They are replaced by minerals which are quickly absorbed.

In addition to combat cellulite, hot wraps help to cope with stretch marks, scarring and scars. Also, this product is amazing, burns off extra pounds in problem areas.

The principle of operation

By carrying out this procedure it is possible to obtain a number of useful effects:

  • to expand the blood vessels;
  • to provide deep heating of tissues;
  • stimulate blood circulation;
  • to accelerate the process of lipolysis – breakdown of fat cells;
  • to open the pores;
  • to speed up the metabolism process.

Through the open pores it is possible to provide the best absorption of the useful ingredients of medicinal mixtures of vitamins, minerals, minerals. In this hot wraps securely eliminate fat, eliminate toxins and toxic substances from the structure of the epithelium.

The efficiency of hot wraps can be used for the following tasks:

  • prevention and treatment of cellulite;
  • the elimination of stretch marks and increase the elasticity of the dermis;
  • the decrease in the body;
  • cleansing the body of toxins and toxic substances;
  • giving the skin elasticity and smoothness.


It is important to note that hot packs to combat cellulite and other skin problems can be applied not always.

The main contraindications to the use of such funds include the following:

  • age less than 18 years of age;
  • pathology of heart and vessels;
  • varicose veins;
  • hypertension;
  • women’s disease;
  • pregnancy;
  • diseases of the skin and damage on the surface of the epithelium;
  • kidney disease;
  • benign or malignant tumors.

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Recipes body wraps for cellulite at home

Before using any recipe hot wraps from cellulite, you need to become familiar with the procedure. So, to put such trains is strictly prohibited during menstruation. A few hours before the start of the session you should not eat the food. You should also reduce the amount of fluid intake.

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Experts say that the most favorable time for a session is morning or afternoon. This is due to maximum activity of metabolic processes in the body.

To perform the procedure, you should be following:

  • body scrub;
  • the medical team to carry out the wraps;
  • food film;
  • blanket or warm clothing;
  • way of cellulite cream or lotion that can fix the result.

Currently, there are many effective anti-cellulite blends. For the preparation of therapeutic compounds actively use clay, seaweed, coffee, honey. Also often make wraps based on chocolate and green tea.

To enhance the effectiveness of the procedure, to the mixture is recommended to add a small amount of essential oils. In this case, the ideal option would be lemon, orange, grapefruit. Effective rose oil or tea tree, rosemary, ylang-ylang.

That procedure was completed successfully, you need to do the following:

  1. For starters, the skin should be treated with a scrub, then apply the warm mixture and wrap the body with cling film. This should be done in 2 layers, the first should be quite free, and the second is tight.
  2. Lubricated with composition areas of the body it is recommended to insulate. The total duration of the procedure should be 40 minutes. During the session, it is recommended to lay flat.
  3. After the specified time of the need to wash off and apply a cellulite cream, performing massage movements.

The cure should consist of approximately 12 sessions. To get the desired results and do not hurt the skin, do them through the day.


To perform this type of wrap you need to choose base oil.

For this purpose it is possible to use:

  • nut,
  • olive,
  • almond.

Then to 20 g of base oil you should add 3 drops of any essential oil. If you plan to use a multi-component composition, it is necessary in equal parts combine all the ingredients and then add them to the base oil.

Thanks to this procedure it is possible to normalize the water-salt balance in the body. In addition, the wrap restores cellular metabolism and stimulates blood circulation.


To do this procedure, it is sufficient to take the clay powder and mix it with water. The temperature of the liquid should be at least 40 degrees.

For the agitation of the composition, it is recommended to use a wooden stick or spoon. Received with treat areas of the skin.

In addition, for the procedure it is possible to use professional cosmetics that contain clay – white, blue, green. Also it is possible to use mud from the Dead sea.

In addition to the basic substance, the composition includes magnesium salts. Due to this, it is possible to more intensively heat the skin and improve the absorption of nutrients.

To improve the performance of the procedure, you can mix the clay with algae. In this case it is necessary to use a ratio of 1:3. In the resulting composition can also be added 50 ml of dry red wine and a few drops of the juice of citrus fruits.

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To make this pleasant procedure, you can take 500 g of cocoa powder and mix with hot water.

The result is a homogeneous mass, resembling cream in consistency.

The resulting composition, apply to problem areas of the body. This should be done as carefully as possible, controlling that the temperature does not exceed 38 degrees. Otherwise there is a risk of scalding. On top of the mixture should be wrapped in cling film.

No less effective composition with the addition of olive oil. For the procedure you need to take 100 grams of cocoa powder, add 20 ml of olive oil and 200 ml of hot water. All components mix, the mass was homogeneous. The resulting composition should treat areas of the skin.


Honey copes with subcutaneous fat.

This substance is rather quickly and penetrates deep into the structure of the epithelium, contributing to the cleansing of toxins and toxic substances. In addition, bee product perfectly restores the metabolic processes.

To perform a hot wrap can be used melted on a steam bath honey. To increase the effectiveness of the procedure, it is necessary to add additional ingredients. The active composition includes the mustard. In the initial stages put the powder in small doses, gradually leading to a ratio of 3:2.

Also honey is useful to mix with sea salt and essential oil of orange. This combination will improve skin elasticity.

As additional ingredients, you can use milk, green tea or cinnamon.


This product can be purchased in almost every pharmacy. To perform wraps is preferable to use kelp, ground to a fine powder. For the preparation of composition useful to pour algae water 50-60 degrees and leave for 15 minutes to a mixture of steep.

During this time the tool has reached the desired temperature – about 30 degrees. The composition should be applied to problem areas of the skin with your hands or use a brush. Then the body is wrapped in plastic, and wrap a blanket.


Using coffee body wraps are able to cope with the stretch marks and tighten loose skin. In addition, the procedure perfectly stimulates blood circulation, cope with the swelling and dead cells. It is also difficult to overestimate the effectiveness of this product in the fight against cellulite.

For the preparation of a therapeutic composition need to brew the coffee in a ratio of 2 teaspoons to 250 ml water and leave to infuse. The resulting liquid is recommended to merge and cake to put on problem areas of the body.

To increase the effectiveness of the procedure, you should mix the coffee with additional ingredients.

So, combined with honey will make the skin more smooth, clay will help to cope with running cellulite and lemon give the skin tone.

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This product has a strong warming effect, and therefore successfully coping with fatty deposits under the skin. Using mustard manages to clear the epithelium from dead skin particles and to normalize metabolic processes in the deep layers.

To achieve the desired results, it is recommended to mix with honey. This mustard needs to be connected to warm water to get the consistency of sour cream, and add a little honey. The resulting composition, it is recommended to smear problem areas.

During the procedure, you may receive a burning sensation. It is important to control, so it was tolerable. Even with a little discomfort tool is recommended to wash the skin. The next time the amount of mustard you need to reduce.

Side effects

To achieve the desired results, it is very important to adhere to the rules of application of the therapeutic composition. Otherwise, it may provoke unwanted health effects.

These include allergic reactions that can manifest in the form of itching, burning or rashes on the skin. By exceeding the recommended temperatures there is a risk of burns.

Useful tips

To hot packs brought only benefit, you need to follow a number of rules:

  1. 2 hours before the procedure, you should refrain from eating and reduce the amount of liquid.
  2. To increase the effectiveness of the procedure, you should perform the cleansing of the skin, using ready-made or home remedies.
  3. After applying anti-cellulite part of the body need to wrap 2 layers of cling film.
  4. Depending on the species, body wraps insulate the body with a blanket or plaid.
  5. After application it is recommended to lay flat for 30-40 minutes. If during the session there has been a deterioration, duration of the procedure should be reduced.
  6. After the recommended time to wash off the rest of with warm water.
  7. In conclusion, on the skin it is recommended to apply the anti-cellulite cream, performing massage movements.

Hot anti-cellulite body wraps allow you to quickly improve the skin and even get rid of excess volumes. To get the desired results and not to harm the epithelium, it is important to carefully consider the choice of a therapeutic composition of and strictly adhere to the rules of its preparation.

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