How long do you grow Breasts, why not growing and what to do to increase breast — myths and facts

In most girls, breast growth ends at 15-16 years. But in medical practice there are known cases, when the Breasts continued to increase to 18-20 years. However, to expect significant changes in breast size after 15 years is not worth it. Breasts can only be increased during pregnancy.

Why Breasts don’t develop?

The reasons are many. These include: insufficient level of estrogen (female hormones) and genetic disposition, poor diet, constant physical and mental overwork, lack of important vitamins, various injuries and adverse environmental conditions.

To determine the specific reasons should apply to the experts and pass a comprehensive examination.

What to do and how to get them to grow?

An integrated approach is necessary. Include in your diet foods that contain folic acid (cereals, dairy products, beans, salmon, pork, liver sheep) and phytoestrogens (tofu, flax seeds).

Perform exercises to strengthen the pectoral muscles. It can be pushups and exercises with an expander. Beneficial effects of gentle massage. You can do it yourself or to make an appointment for a professional massage therapist.

All these methods can help in improving the shape and tone of the breast. But to expect any radical changes in the size not worth it.

When the Breasts start to develop?

Breast growth in girls, indicates the beginning of the process of puberty. First signs of breast enlargement can be detected in 10-11 years. This usually occurs a few months before the first menstruation.

If it is growing from the cheese.

I want to immediately dispel this myth. Russian and Western scholars have repeatedly conducted studies that revealed no relationship between the consumption of cabbage in the food and increase breast. But the product itself has a beneficial effect on the health of the female breast: helps maintain elasticity and prevents development of tumors and mastitis.

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If you think there are «magic» products, which in a short time converted first bust in the third, you are seriously mistaken. But if you need to adjust a little the shape of the bust and give back the skin its former elasticity, then pay attention to products containing phytohormones. These include: beans, walnuts, soy, pumpkin and flax seeds.

Together with the Breasts are not recovered other parts of the body, should be careful in the use of the above products.

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Does this sex?

Experts are still engaged in lively debates about this. French scientists believe that intense sex after a period of abstinence helps to increase the female breast. They explain this by the fact that during the successful sexual intercourse in a woman’s body there is a surge release of estrogen.

When she stops growing?

To give an exact time frame and the timing is quite difficult. But medical practice shows that the final formation of mammary glands in girls ends at 16-20 years.

Such instability is caused by different factors: lifestyle, nutrition, ethnicity, genetic disposition and hormonal state of the organism.

Help exercise?

Exercises cannot increase the size of the female breast. The only effect that you get from regular exercise, this muscle improvement and skin tone. Pectoral a little rise. Because of this, your Breasts will visually appear larger. In the exercise suitable workouts with an expander, push-UPS and exercises on the fitball.

What about the hormonal or birth control pills?

Some women taking OK, notice breast enlargement by 1-2 size.

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But there is nothing to rejoice. It’s one of the side effects that occur while taking birth control pills.

Experts warn

oral contraceptives must be used for its intended purpose, i.e. to protect a woman from unwanted pregnancy.

In any case it is impossible to take such drugs for enlargement of breast. Excessive amounts of estrogen can cause the formation of cancerous tumors in the breast.

Is it true that beer contributes to this?

Partly Yes. In beer, which is produced nowadays, contains phytoestrogens. They can increase the breast volume. But to make a significant impact, drinking more of the drink, unlikely. If phytoestrogens will be ingested in excessive quantities, you can get the opposite effect.

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Is it normal that the Breasts do not grow during pregnancy?

You have no reason for concern. Some of the women in «interesting» position, it is not breast enlargement. But it does not mean there are any violations. Problems with breastfeeding these women also will not arise.

Norm is not only a breast enlargement on a few sizes before delivery, but the absence of any breast changes.

What about the massage?

Indeed, made according to the rules massage contributes to a certain increase in breast volume. But it’s a temporary effect. This procedure allows to improve blood circulation in the breast and restore skin elasticity.

The massage should be gentle and delicate. And excessive efforts can only hurt his chest.

If it is growing in cycles?

Breast growth, as such, is not happening. But its volumes before menstruation can increase slightly. The reason is that produced in ovaries progesterone causes growth of the epithelium of the glands and increased production of their secret. At the end of menstruation progesterone loses its activity.

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Is it true that Breasts can grow from push-UPS?

It’s not true. If you regularly do push-UPS, you will be able to achieve a visual breast augmentation.

This happens due to the fact that breast muscle increases and rises slightly. A similar effect can be achieved by proper distribution of the load.

Some girls is beautiful and perfect Breasts get pumped up triceps and powerful back.