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Other notable Hollywood stars that made injection — Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian, Meg Ryan, Nicole Kidman.

Many of them are example of how to overdo it with the pumped lips. In this respect, the rule «less is more» is unwavering.

There is even a special portal (, tells the story of how unnaturally plump lips can spoil the image of the world famous celebrities.

Hyaluronic acid is one of the most popular drugs, but not the only one. There are intradermal fillers based on hyaluronic acid. Silicone as a material for injection in the lips is not so popular now, but at the client’s request, such an operation is feasible. Botox is used to change the shape of the lips, but not volume.

Lip augmentation is possible with such methods as:

  • cheiloplasty;
  • lipofilling;
  • electroporation;
  • contour.

Any procedure to increase starts with that the customer chooses a future form and size. You can navigate to the photos or think about your design. Anyway, all the details should be discussed with the master. To pump up the lips is not so difficult, much more difficult to remain satisfied with the result. During the procedure, it is possible to ask him to periodically show the results in the mirror. Under this condition, at the right time enter hyaluronic acid can be stopped. It is believed that sufficient only one milligram of a substance to increase the lip to a medium size.

How is the procedure in the salon?

After negotiated all the nuances regarding the shape of the lips, the client lies on the couch and gives himself completely in the hands of a master. The master must warn you that in the beginning he does the anaesthesia with injections. The maximum may be two: in the upper and lower lip. Sometimes only one injection. Hyaluronic acid injected into the lips, when they have lost the sensitivity. Because of the anesthesia you will be hard to say, and in principle, just to move her lips. A professional is able to do the surgery for 25-30 minutes.

Many women are afraid to do these injections, as they fear the appearance of swelling on the lips. But you should know that it quickly subsides and you can see the result very soon.

Some masters suggest to wipe your mouth with chlorhexidine to eliminate edema. After the procedure is performed a light massage of the lips: this is done in order to hammer the drug connected to their internal tissue. To provide such connection must. Many women enhance lips with this drug very often, therefore, celebrate a kind of addictive and no uncomfortable sensations. Not all know that hyaluronic acid is the human body, so it is a natural filler. So as not to cause the appearance of cold sores from the injury to the lip, many masters are advised to take acyclovir for several days before the procedure. Within a week after the operation there is a ban on very hot food, drinks, kissing and any other unnecessary anxiety lips.

The hyaluronic acid molecules have a special structure, which affect the binding of water molecules in the body. Therefore it accumulates in places of injections. In this case, a correction is needed.

After the introduction of hyaluronic acid the result remains unchanged for six months a year, and then lips are back to its usual appearance. Still, it didn’t happen in one day: just lips as if blown away in six months. The next lip enhancement effect can last a little longer.


An alternative to changing the shape of the lips with hyaluronic acid are Botox injections. Moreover, this drug is not used to increase the lips themselves, but only to smooth out small wrinkles around the mouth region. Botox or botulinum toxin causes paralysis of muscles in which it is entered. Therefore, the mouth from such an operation will be completely immobilized.

That is why it is used for aesthetic medicine, not lip augmentation. They can adjust the shape of the lips: lifting the corners, asymmetries. The view that injections of this drug can increase the lip volume is incorrect.

There are operations that involve the use of Botox and hyaluronic acid. However, giving the lips volume is responsible only hyaluronic acid. Surgery Botox does not cause pain.

There are two possible options for the introduction of the drug in the contour of the lips or in the center. For the introduction of Botox, the wizard uses special insulin syringes with very thin needles. This is the reason that the customer almost feels no pain.

It is worth adding that the drug is quite shallow in a few spots on lips: the procedure time depends on this. The number of such points may be from 4 to 6. The duration of the session about half an hour.

It is worth mentioning that the services of experts in the use of Botox to treat not only women, but men who don’t like the shape of the lips or wrinkles formed around them.


This procedure was at its peak about 5 years ago. Plus of this method is that silicone, after injection into the lips does not resolve with time. But this is only one side. And if you look on the other, the silicone is still a foreign body that can cause inflammation.

When it is introduced on the lips in the human body begins to produce certain substances, and are formed around the collagen fibers.

Due to this reaction of the body and is very strong the lips.

Experts recommend that for the first time to enter a small amount of silicone, so as a reaction to that individual and often unpredictable. Therefore, it cannot be called an ideal product for lip augmentation: in the unsuccessful cases, the results of the laminates can be shocking.

Gels based on hyaluronic acid

Currently known drugs such as Juvederm, Perlane, Teosyal, Surgiderm, Restylane.

They are all developed on the basis of hyaluronic acid. Such drugs are certified, and this means that their reliability and safety checked.

The lip gel is considered non-surgical procedure. And for pain specialists use a cream that reduces sensitivity. It quick procedure and easy recovery after the injection is distinguished by an increase in lip gel from surgical methods.

All injection techniques is contouring. In addition to increasing the volume of the lips there is also change their path. New lip contour is drawn before surgery and then injected the gel.

The biopolymer fillers

Such gels are called non-absorbable. Their composition is synthetic, combined with hyaluronic acid either in its pure form. It should be noted that the reaction to these fillers can be unpredictable. Very often manufacturers add in gel silicone or hyaluronic acid, hoping to avoid complications.

The danger of inflating the lips of the artificial fillers that you can take them 3-5 years, without complications, and then observe the migration of the drug in the lower jaw. Also there is always the risk of scarring.

To biopolymer gels include such drugs as:

  • Matridex;
  • Manufactured;
  • Dermalayt.

Their introduction on the lips is painless due to anesthesia. Due to significant deficiencies, many doctors now go to work only with temporary gels and refuse biopolymer.


This technique involves the introduction of lip’s own fat client. The material is taken from one place and transplanted to other: only fit your fat. Such an operation must be performed by the surgeon with the highest qualifications, as it is quite complex. And the advantage is that the method is absolutely safe and does not cause allergies, rejection and other side effects. Because the body do not enter a foreign body.

Fat is taken using a special instrument resembling a syringe. After the material is cleaned from the blood and fibers of tissues and injected into the lips. Before the operation the surgeon discusses with the patient the desired result. Surgery is done under local anesthesia.

All pain only at the time of anesthesia. All of the other actions the client feels like a normal touch. When performing lipofilling uses the method of «fans», that is fat vylivaetsya small droplets and very evenly.

Today lipofilling as a procedure to increase the lips is not very popular. The fat cells poorly acclimatized with local anesthesia. When surgeons began to use General anesthesia, it has become impossible to achieve uniform distribution of the fat lips.

When the cells do not survive, they die. Therefore, doctors often starts taking more fat than necessary. Because of all this, it is difficult to determine the future shape of the lips. Prolonged swelling of the lips finally pushed this method of lip augmentation by the wayside.


Currently, few people had heard about this procedure. And not all beauty salons offer it, because electroporation recently. This method works very simple: on the skin of the lips is applied a special gel to which a cosmetologist is affected by using the apparatus.

The operation of the apparatus is based on electrical pulses. In this case the active substance will penetrate into the lip to a depth of 1-2 mm. the Method is really magical for people with high sensitivity, which will never be decided on the introduction of the gel syringe, and especially in surgical exposure.

To increase the volume of lips in this way is due to the hyaluronic acid. And thanks to the device for electroporation can rejuvenate the lips to smooth fine lines on them. On the lips can also apply nutritious smoothies that prevent the appearance of signs of skin aging.


Cheiloplasty allows you to augment the lips and to get rid of the defects in this region. It reconstructive cheiloplasty able to eliminate the consequences of injuries.

As with the other methods, surgeons use General or local anesthesia. This plastic relates to surgical methods, that is on the lips of the incisions are made of some form.

At the end of the procedure, the lips sutured seam. In fact, the performed surgical extension of the vermilion border. And seams remain hidden on the inside lip, so they are not visible.

Increases the entire length of the lip or only the Central part: it depends on the number of cuts and the desires of the client. A hospital stay is not necessary. But my lips will ache for the first two weeks after surgery. As well there will be swelling.

Then 2-3 months later the numbness. Same time it is necessary and in order that the scar is healed and has become invisible. With proper care and anti-aging program, the result cheiloplasty persists for life.

Video: What is cheiloplasty?

How much to pump up the lips in Moscow?

Many of Moscow’s business centers offered to pump up the lips with hyaluronic acid. The price ranges mostly from 5 to 25 thousand rubles. A lot depends on the quality and quantity of the drug, and the individual client.

Before the procedure do not need to pass any tests: a large part of the price is just the cost of the drug. Naturally, with lip enhancement, the rule «miser pays twice.» So do not skimp on this procedure. Many are also interested in the question: how much to pump up lips with Botox and how much it costs to pump up the lips with silicone? All of course depends on the particular clinic. On average, injections of these drugs starts from 9,000 rubles.

The value of hyaluronic acid depends on the desired amount. For example, lip enhancement drug Teosyal in the amount of 1 ml will cost 11,500 rubles in Moscow clinics. But the injection of three ml of this same substance — 28000 roubles.

Lip augmentation using a revolutionary method of electroporation in different clinics of Moscow in the middle — 4000 rubles. But if you look at the sites discounts and promo codes, you can find a few salons offering Muscovites the procedure for 700 rubles. This marketing move is quite justified: the procedure will become more popular.

The price of lipofilling in space – from 20000-25000 rubles. This is explained by the fact that this procedure is really a filigree work of the doctor.

The cost cheiloplasty: from 20000 to 70000 rubles. Much depends on the prestige of a particular clinic. The average price – 31 000 rubles.

What better way to pump up lips tell only a specialist, as much depends on individual circumstances. Perhaps even the introduction of different preparations: one for lips and another for the lips. The dream of a beautiful sexy lips very often prevails over the fear of the procedure and uncomfortable recovery period. Mostly to augment the lips tend to women of young age, the others treat such improvements with indifference or apprehension. Many people consider lip augmentation only normal a fashion statement and nothing more.

Video: lip augmentation

Before and after pictures

The before and after photos of lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid

The before and after photos of lip augmentation with cheiloplasty

The before and after photos of lip augmentation method, electroporation

Before and after lip augmentation by lipofilling

To assess the effect of increase of the lips, many customers make before and after pictures. They can clearly see the difference between old and new lips. And also many clinics that have websites on the Internet, put such photos on display. This is the best proof of the work of a professional.

So, it’s safe to say that large lips are at the height of fashion. Surgeons and cosmeticians are always influx of customers. Now, however, the scalpel is no longer popular. Him compete with hyaluronic acid injections (fillers). So why not trust an expert just to correct a small defect of nature?


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