How much units of Botox — forehead, eyebrows, under the eyes, on the lips

Botox is a drug on the basis of processed and refined or weakened neurotoxin type A is approved for use for correction of glabellar wrinkles.

But despite this, given the experience of its application, cosmetologists effectively eliminated with the help of «crow’s feet» around the eyes, creases in the neck and wrinkles around the lips. Botox injections can be carried out in almost all areas of the body and face.

With easy drug to achieve a lifting effect:

  • chin
  • decollete
  • neck,
  • chest.

It can help you:

  • to relieve the pain of migraine,
  • to eliminate uncontrolled muscle spasms,
  • and also to get rid of sweating.

The drug is actively used for the treatment of cerebral palsy, strabismus.

Who should determine the dose

What amount of Botox required to enter in a particular area, as well as the number of injections is determined by the doctor cosmetologist, dermatologist or plastic surgeon at the first consultation.

But even an experienced specialist is not always immediately calculate the desired dosage. This is due to the individual structure of the skin, their condition, skin type, degree of sagging, the number and severity of wrinkles and age of the person.

So usually the procedure consists of three stages:

  1. Primary of Botox.
  2. If necessary, repeat injections after 1-2 weeks. The doctor evaluates how well the drug is started, and corrects the identified deficiencies additional injections.
  3. Maintenance injections every 6-12 months.

What can threaten improper dosage

If the expert correctly picked the number of units of Botox, this could be fraught with consequences:

  1. After the introduction of too small doses of the substance the effect of the procedure will be either subtle or do not manifest at all. This means that the patient has spent their money in vain. After all, the cost of the procedure depends on the amount of drug used.
  2. But overdo with the dosage too. Then the facial muscles relax too much, and in some cases it may be their complete paralysis. And although the health risks this situation presents, as long as the Botox dissipates, the face will not look aesthetically pleasing, reminding paralyzed mask.

Also the number of units during the initial introduction is always greater than in later times. So, turning to another beautician, you need to be honest to warn him that the procedure is not the first time. Otherwise, unknowingly he enters a large dose of the drug.

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For example, such injections in the eyebrows can a week be reflected in an excessive raising of the eyebrows, their asymmetry.

How many units of Botox do you need to work with different areas of the face and body

It is important to understand that the data given is for the drug called Botox (Botox) is an American manufacturer Allergan (Allergan). For other products based on botulinum toxin (for example, Lantox, Xeomin, Dysport) has a completely different dosage. Because each of them has a different composition and concentration.

The number of units, which is typically used for the treatment of specific areas of the face and body are shown in table


The maximum number of used units

Correction of the «crow’s feet» (circular eye muscle)

12 each side (24 total)

On the forehead (horizontal creases)


Eyebrows (transverse wrinkles)


On the lips (to visually increase the volume and eliminate wrinkles around the mouth)


The nose, the nose


To raise eyebrows


Jaw line






In the corners of the mouth (for lifting when they are drooping)



50 in each direction

Feet and hands

60 in one leg

What should be the result

Intramuscular Botox temporarily blocks the transmission of signals from muscle to its nerve endings, and Vice versa. Some muscles tense, others relax.

The skin is literally stretched from the inside that helps to smooth facial wrinkles and even large folds.

The result is noticeable on the second day after the injection. But the maximum effect appears only in 2-3 weeks.

There are people (about 1%), which, because of its individual characteristics is insensitive to botulinum toxin. Also if the patient had previously had botulism, his blood developed protective antibodies that will not allow the drug to show effect.

Approximately six months later, the muscle was returned to former mobility, and wrinkles become noticeable again. It is recommended to periodically repeat the procedure.

But it is worth noting that Botox in small amounts accumulate in the body, so each time units of its introduction will need less. Besides the muscles get used to the paralysed state. Due to this, subconsciously at least actively uses facial expressions and grimaces that does not form deep wrinkles.

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Unwanted effects

If a cosmetologist incorrectly identified, how many units of Botox you need under the eyes, often occurs ptosis (drooping of the eyelid). The most common asymmetry or blurred vision.

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Immediately after the procedure may be observed:

  • nausea, headache and slight fever of the body;
  • within two days of developing edema, can occur spasm of the eyelids, to form the redness and feel pain at the site of Botox;
  • excessive relaxation of the facial muscles;
  • too deep injection or injected with a needle into the nerve, can disturb sensitive lips.

If the wrong calculation of the number of units of Botox that you need in the forehead, there is a risk to effect a frown.

The recommendations of a cosmetologist

Before you decide on age-related changes correction using Botox, you should listen to the advice of experienced cosmetologists:

  1. The expert who carries out the injections, should have the right to chop them. The license and certificate required. It is also important to make sure that he has sufficient experience of working with patients – not less than 5 years, and a high level of knowledge of anatomy.

After all, determine how much you need to enter the drug to only a few to relax muscles, not immobilize them completely, not everyone is capable of even a qualified doctor.

  1. Used the preparation should be certified, and comply with the shelf life.
  2. When choosing a clinic it is useful to know about its ranking among other institutions, asking friends who have been there, looking for information and reviews online about it.
  3. At least 24 hours before the procedure you cannot take any drinks containing alcohol. Qualified beauty therapist is required to warn the patient that failure to comply with this rule, the effect of the Botox will be zero.
  4. Due to the fact that after injection can be bruising, swelling and other minor but noticeable defects, you should not schedule the procedure before important events. It is a perfectly normal skin reaction, which takes 2-6 weeks.

Therefore, it is worth considering that the skin will gain a healthy appearance only after this period of time. For example, hematomas are 14 days maximum.

It is impossible to exclude and that may require additional correction after the initial procedure, and the recovery will take the same number of days. And in the event of complications to normal everything will be back in 3-6 months.

  1. It is important to remember that bigger is not always better. After all, completely smooth and devoid of facial expressions, the face is not the standard of beauty.

  2. To avoid side effects and achieve the positive result will help precise implementation of the recommendation of the doctor. It is especially important to stick to them for a few hours after the procedure.
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Strictly prohibited:

  • lower the person to bend forward and down;
  • make the position of the body lying;
  • to bathe in hot water;
  • to be under direct sunlight;
  • to visit the bath or sauna;
  • to touch places, to put pressure and massage;
  • sports and heavy physical activity;
  • take medications without consulting a doctor;
  • to drink alcohol.

The average cost

Payment in different medical clinics can be made via two schemes:

  • per unit of product;
  • for the adjustable zone.

Botox is available in vials of 50, 100 or 200 units. The cost of one unit varies from 260 to 350 rubles.

The frankness of the patient on reception at doctor plays an important role in determining how many units of Botox. Not necessary to hide the presence of chronic diseases, allergies. Some diseases are a contraindication for injection with botulinum toxin.

It is also necessary to tell about all the medicines in the last two weeks.

Specialist it is important to analyze:

  • the appearance of the skin and individual facial expressions,
  • anatomical and physiological features,
  • the way of life,
  • the nuances of his professional activity.

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