How to determine breast size on how to know the bust size alone

It takes a lot of time to calculate and pick the right option for the buyer. In this article we will discuss how to determine breast size and why it’s so important. First, perfect fitting bra is a health.

Never use tight underwear or too weak, as the female breast may be deformed and easy to be rendered incorrect pressure on the chest.

Second, as mentioned earlier – saving time. Arriving at the store, you will focus on the choice of model than to spend valuable time on calculations.

Thirdly, the ability to get the right gifts. Tell me, would you like to get from the young man’s underwear, which he really wanted to see you, and that he easily purchased in the store. The guy did not spend time on something, how would he know the breast size of a girl, you can just tell this cherished combination and wait for a good gift.

As you can see, a lot of pluses, so you can move on to the most basic. For the measurements we’ll need a perfectly fitting bra, measuring tape and paper to calculate. Stand up straight and take the first measurement under the breast, firmly pressing the tape to the body.

Taking this measurement does not need to do a deep breath or output, as the result is a bit distorted. It is very important that the belt fits tight, because this size will depend on how tight on you bra. For example, we have turned 71 see

Next measurement passes through the nipples, this measurement is free, with no tight wrapping with tape. For owners of magnificent Breasts, it is recommended to do this measurement to the bra with lifting effect. For example, in our case obtained the number 92 see Now subtracted from the second value to the first: 92 – 71 = 21 see

We have received the fullness of the cups. Next, a simple table to select the correct size:

  • 10-12 cm – AA (0)
  • 12-14 cm — A (1)
  • 14-16 cm (2)
  • 16-18 cm – s (3)
  • 18-20 cm — D (4)
  • 20-22 cm — DD (5)
  • 23-25 cm — E (6)
  • 26-28 cm F (7)
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And what does the number before the letter? This rounded value of your first measurement. Better rounding in the following way:

  • from 67 to 72 cm – recordable 70 cm;
  • from 73 to 77 cm – recordable 75 cm;
  • from 78 to 82 cm – recordable 80 cm;
  • from 83 to 87 cm – recordable 85 cm;
  • from 88 to 92 cm – recordable 90 cm;
  • from 93 to 97 cm – recordable 95 cm;
  • from 98 to 102 cm – recordable 100 cm and so on.

Do not be afraid that the bra will be tight. This value is the average of the zipper so that you will definitely be in stock 1-2 cm.

In our case we have the following size: 70DD

Video: How to determine the number of bust?

We were able to understand the Russian labeling. For example, in the United States use the inch measurement system, and their calculation is a little different. It is possible to make measurements in centimeters and then convert to inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm) or directly use the inch tape. Below are instructions on how to determine the size of the female breast is the American system.

These measurements are taken standing up, wearing properly fitting bra.

First measurement: the measuring tape have the rear bottom edge of the bra and the front is a bit overstating, as if to put the ribbon on the chest (see picture). The result translate to inches by dividing by 2.54. Suppose we got 93 cm, Delhi by 2.54 and get to 36.6. Is the length of the belt bra.

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The second dimension we need to determine the Cup size. The measurement is performed at the apex of the chest. For example, received 96 cm (37,8 inches). To determine Cup size, subtract the second measurement from the first (in inches) and look at the table of values of 37.8-36.6 in=1,2

The difference, in inches 1 2 3 4 5
Cup size AA A B C D DD

At the table we see that we have a Cup of A. conclusion: according to the inch calculation we got a size 36A.

To avoid any complexities like to know the bust size, the table shows you the correspondence between the Russian and American sizes:

Russian size 65 70 75 80 85 90 95
American size 30 32 34 36 38 40 42

Europeans believe too differently, the difference between the girths they are divided into 6 and bra size can be expressed in fractional numbers. Accordingly, if you take the numbers from the first measurement will: (92-71)/6=21/6=3,5. If when choosing lingerie you do not find suitable size, you can use an alternative size. See the table:

80A 75B 80C
85A 80B 75C
80B 75C 70D
85B 80C 85D
90B 85C 80D
85C 80D 75DD
90D 85DD 80DDD

Also there are a lot of questions how to know what size bust (chest), when buying a swimsuit, as not all labeling is issued in the usual form. Often used the letters as when buying clothes: XS, S, M, L. For convenience, you can bring data into one table, so you can determine:

The size of the swimsuit XS S M L
Cup size (bodice) And In C D

As you can see, very easy to get confused, coming into the store. Great variety of markings, sometimes a bit confusing, so for your convenience I will give the table of correspondence with other dimensions that you can find on the market.

Russia Europe (EU) France FR USA UK Italy I
65 80 30 1
70 85 32 2
75 90 34 3
80 95 36 4
85 100 38 5
90 105 40 6
95 110 42 7
100 115 44 8
105 120 46  
110 125 48  
115 130 50  
120 135 52  
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Sometimes the question arises as to visually determine breast size? You can use such a scheme. If the female breast is placed in one palm, this is about the first size.

If the palm is slightly filled, it is closer to the second. If between the thumb and the rest remains a little space, the girl is the winner of the third dimension.

Well, if Breasts could hardly fit in the palm of his hand, and then the second, then that fourth or fifth dimension. On the Internet you can see these pictures-benefits that will help you when choosing lingerie as a gift favorite:

But to rely on the eye should not be, and better use of all the above points, then you will easily be able not only to identify themselves but tell their friends how to know the exact size.

Pictures of breast sizes