How to enlarge breast using iodine (iodine mesh) — is it possible?


Currently, there are a large number of methods that have no basis in reality, but easy to use. Plus these methods are actively discussed in the Internet to attract readers to sites of similar subjects.

For this purpose, falsified reviews about the effectiveness of the method and the photo with the operated breast or processed in photoshop. One of such methods is breast enlargement using iodine. You can also increase the chest raw dough, mustard, and other similar tools.

Iodine grid

Iodine according to the «legend» in order to get a very large increase in breast volume is necessary to apply to the skin of the breast iodine mesh the more the better. It is alleged that the blood flow in the bust area, which it provokes, causes the active growth of the breast tissues.

In fact, the blood flow to the breast does not affect the bust size. Similarly, increase blood circulation and metabolism of any exercise and heat treatments like saunas or baths.

But professional athletes hypertrophy of the breast is not observed. Just as not observed enhanced growth of Breasts on the girls bath.

When iodine mesh will be useful

Iodine when applied to the skin is partially evaporated and partially absorbed into the bloodstream. Because such procedures will be useful for those who live in areas where the soil is poor in iodine. The application of iodine mesh is a great distraction procedure in the cold, like the mustard or the pepper patch.

Side effects

Of the side effects of constant use iodine mesh are burns to the skin in areas where iodine gets on the skin in the same places. Therefore, if you decide to try it out for yourself, apply each new grid so as not to overlap the previous one, and paint new stripes next to the old.

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Raw dough for breast augmentation

According to the legend of cheese the test, the more you eat, the more you will grow Breasts. Actually raw dough contains nothing but calories, because there may be a breast augmentation with a simultaneous increase of body weight.

The application of mustard

And this is the same method, the use of which may be real harm. Due to its effectiveness in terms of breast growth the same reasons as when you use iodine mesh: blood flow and the local temperature increase causes the growth of mammary glands.

In fact, the mustard cause blood flow by expanding blood vessels. From this and an increase in local temperature. But this constant impact can cause the formation of breast cysts, benign seals and increase the risk of breast cancer.

Truth and myth

Of course, I’d like to believe in the statements of nameless Internet users, who don’t tell anybody their names and put the wrong pictures in the avatars that they helped iodine or another method to enlarge Breasts. But in fact for such statements or is not worth anything except the desire to make the Internet resource visited, or is the goal to sell stimulated with fake pictures and promises readers another wonderful tool for decent money.

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That’s because each of miracle tools advertised not so long and is replaced by the following: frustrated girls and women who have tried a product or method, start to write about its ineffectiveness.

Dear women, be realistic. Really enlarge Breasts is possible only with surgery. To improve the shape and appearance of Breasts can be due to a combination of a special cream, breast massage and exercise. Better yet no one came up.