How to enlarge Breasts at home (without operation), tools, videos, reviews

Increase breast at home is a very complex activity as it requires persistence, did not immediately produce results and may not give the results which you are expecting.

Just to make things easier on yourself, let’s consider the basic methods without surgery, which are widely discussed on the Internet and determine the maximum benefits they can give your body, what could be the harm, how nice to use them.

Certain products

  • Cabbage.

To increase the bust cabbage it is recommended to eat in large quantities every day. This recommendation is based on high content in cabbage phytoestrogens.

In fact, if it is effective and, only in adolescence, when the Breasts being formed. But check this difficult. In adulthood, this vegetable is increasing the volume will not raise, but it will affect the digestion.

  • Hop cones.

Also contain phytoestrogens. Need to brew stems of hops, to brew and drink a special scheme. Many notice that in the first two weeks, closer to a month,there could be a slight increase in volume and nagging pain in his chest. The effect is unstable and usually passes after the first month.

The chest always remained such with a decoction of hop cones in adulthood does not work, but the phytoestrogens in course or direct admission will be useful for women before menopause and after its occurrence.

  • Ginger.

Recipes with ginger in the Internet a lot. But nothing complicated to do. You can eat pickled ginger. Can be brewed fresh or dried and drink instead of tea.

It stimulates the metabolism in the body therefore helps to lose weight those who are dieting. Because even if you fail to increase with the help of the chest, you can get invaluable help in reducing weight.

  • Petiolar celery.

Very interesting recipe as its two main components ginger and celery contain a lot of phytoestrogens. It is the celery and cilantro.

To prepare the salad petiolate celery, and unsweetened Apple need to finely chop or grate on a grater, add cilantro, walnuts and season it all with a dressing of lemon juice, soy and olive oil.

  • Flax seeds.

Any good recipes that include flax seeds or the oil that they receive. You can add whole or ground seeds to salads, homemade bread, porridge. Many people prefer to drink linseed oil and even come up with special rituals: only in the morning on an empty stomach, etc.

Actually there is no much difference in when you are taking Flaxseed oil, no, because the efficiency of the activation and absorption of estrogen is dependent on intestinal microflora. Adding Flaxseed oil to the salad you get the same effect.

The use of medicinal herbs

All Supplements that are sold as a means of breast enlargement without surgery, in its composition contain herbal extracts, in which much of phytohormones. They are known for their ability to facilitate the well-being of women in menopause and cause a slight increase in young age for thousands of years.

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Similarly, extracts of herbs containing phytoestrogens, used in creams for skin care bust and neckline.

What kind of grass

  • Soy.

The isoflavones of soybean under the influence of the intestinal microflora turn into active phytoestrogens. This happens as the regular use of soybean in food, and in the use of its extracts in the form of dietary Supplements.

  • Red clover.

Unlike soy clover is a medicinal plant, which is also widely used in the production of preparations for substitution therapy during menopause.

  • Wild Yam.

Extracts of the plant are often used not only for creating nutritional Supplements, they can often be seen in the composition of anti-aging creams for the face and body.

  • Chinese Angelica.

This member of the Umbelliferae for centuries is used to facilitate the well-being of women during menopause and alleviates or eliminates hot flashes, helps with PMS and menstrual cramps.

It is also know under the names of Female ginseng, Angelicalisa, Angelica and Dong Quai.

  • Pueraria Mirifica.

The most popular of herbs, which are used for manufacturing medicines for breast enlargement. Included in many dietary Supplements and creams to care for skin bust and neckline.

Has good antioxidant properties and is a great onkoprotektor.

The effects from pills and creams

Phytoestrogens have a dual effect on the body: at a young age they can even suppress the activity of estrogen that is produced in the human body, and at an older age and after surgery for spaying perfectly replace the properties of estrogen.

When using the medicinal herbs inside effect of breast enlargement may not be at all, and can be a temporary effect that will be caused by the ability of phytoestrogens to hold water in the body.

Of the side effects may be a menstrual cycle Allergy to grass.

Application of creams with phytoestrogens is effective in improving the condition and appearance of the skin of bust and neckline. Itself the glandular tissue or fatty breast tissue in the volume is not increased. But the volume of the breast may grow up to 1 size due to the fact that the skin becomes more elastic and tightens the blurred Breasts in elastic balls.

Massage for breast augmentation

Enlarge women’s Breasts by massage. But as in the case with creams, do not expect a significant increase. The volume of each breast will remain the same, but will become more compact thanks to the improved tone of the skin and the pectoral muscles.

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  • In the cabin.

You can hold a breast massage in the salon. Usually during the procedure, the skin applied to algae or cream mask or seaweed body wrap is performed, and the procedure is concluded with the application of special serum with lifting effect or deep hydration.

  • Home.

Breast self-massage enhances the effect of creams and serums to care for skin bust and neckline, because it is possible to get a salon effect but procedures it will have to spend more.

Stimulates the breast skin taut underwater massage jet of water or a cold shower.


When performing exercises it is important to give the required load to the chest muscles, shoulders and arms, and back, but it does not «siphon», because the increase of the shoulders and the Breasts visually even less.

Perfect exercise for strengthening the back and improving posture, as what looks like the breast largely depends on how the owner of her breast is.

Video: Exercises on Chest

With a simple set of exercises for the chest for each day

Exercise one. For its implementation it is necessary to connect palms before itself and to strongly press your palms to face each other. It is important that during the exercise it was the intension that is the muscles in the chest, not the back.

In order to load it pectoral muscles during the exercise to lean back on the back of a chair or the wall.

Exercise the second. For exercise you need to stand in the doorway and put your hands on the door jamb on both sides from you. Start to put pressure on the doorway like you want to push it forward. The voltage needed to keep the minute.

After that, you can slightly tilt the body forward to increase the pressure and repeat the exercise for another minute.

Exercise third. Become near the wall and push on it with your hands. Hold the tension for 2 minutes, then break and repeat.

Exercise the fourth. It is best to perform with dumbbells or any other weight that you will be comfortable to hold in hands. Will fit water bottles, books and other heavy objects.

The hand with the forward weighting raised to chest level slowly and calmly held an outstretched hand for 10-15 seconds, slowly lower. Repeat the exercise with the other hand.

Repeat the exercise 3-4 times. The effect of the exercises increases dramatically, while the use of special creams and massage to the breast.

Video:Increase breast at home

Increase by means of a vacuum

Currently, there are two main ways breast enlargement under the influence of vacuum. This vacuum massage and the use of the Brava system.

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Vacuum massage is performed by banks or by vacuum massager for oil or a special cream for the Breasts. And the Brava system is a special device to be worn on the chest for 10 hours every day for 10 weeks.

In any case, the immediate increase of vacuum pressure is a common local oedema that persists a day or two, gradually dropping.

In addition, there is a risk to stretch the skin and to deprive the breast remains elastic and the likelihood of stretch marks.

Video: Brava System

Ways to visually make the chest more attractive

  • Makeup.

Yes. We used to make using makeup more attractive face. But the same principles and laws that are on the face, great for visual breast augmentation. Without a Foundation can be dispensed with, but the concealer, bronzer and a little dust does not hurt.

First, take a bronzer and draw a tick with the tip in the hollow between the Breasts. For the chest, you can choose a bronzer 1-2 shades darker than skin tone. Take a concealer (can be highlighter but without the sequin and pearl), and they emphasize the natural roundness of the breast. Concealer is best to use 1 tone lighter than the skin. Carefully shaded border bronzer and concealer. Breast powder.

  • With the help of clothes.

The easiest way to create Breasts is to use speciallybuilt the type of push-up or balconette. Perfectly lift the Breasts and corset, which not only lifts the Breasts but also change your posture, forcing its owner to straighten his back and square his shoulders.

Look great on owners of a small chest t-shirt and a thin sweater made of soft cashmere. To emphasize the chest, while the dress with a high waist, belts that tie just under the chest.

Advantageous will look as any clothing with V-neck.

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