How to get rid of cellulite — how to remove at home, on legs, on ass

Cellulite – the disease is acquired in nature. It is connected primarily with the fact that the body stops normally absorb dietary fats. At the same time disturbed the digestion of carbohydrates and fats. To fight the appearance of cellulite is possible only by complex methods.

Causes of

Cellulite occurs in that part of the body where the blood supply to adipose tissue for some reason broken. Disease manifests itself by the formation of «orange peel» skin: raised bumps with a characteristic pattern. Each lobe is a cluster of enlarged fat cells that have accumulated excess fluid.

Among the reasons for the appearance of cellulite experts call the following:

  • violation of water-salt balance, which fat cells to swell from the abundance of water, from drilling into the intercellular space. The ratio of salt and water, which under normal condition of the body should be equal, due to lack of water entering the body;
  • improper diet, which disrupted the balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. If she prefers the fatty food, especially salty, fried, spicy, then the appearance of cellulite is only a matter of time. The lack of protein, the accumulation of toxins make the process rapid;
  • hormonal disorders related to female physiology. The excess of the normal level of estrogen stimulates the accumulation of adipose tissue, simultaneously causing swelling due to relaxation of vessels and muscles;
  • the lack of motor activity, reduced muscle tone, stagnation of blood. All this leads to salakovci of the body;
  • addiction to alcohol and tobacco. Directly harmful habits are not associated with changes in adipose tissue, however, after alcohol dehydration, i.e. water-salt imbalance, and tobacco affects the blood vessels and disrupts the heart.

Even reason is sometimes enough to start the pathological process of hypertrophy of fat cells. If there are a few reasons that orange peel on the legs and thighs will be necessary.

The difficulty of solving the problem, depending on the stage

There are several stages of cellulite. The sooner to recognize the ongoing process of hypertrophy of fat cells, the easier and faster it will be possible to solve the problem.

Stages of deformation, adipose tissue is the following:

  1. the initial stage in which the surface of the skin in the normal state is not changed, but the cellulite has already begun the process of slowing metabolic processes. The skin on the affected area sagging, if it is compressed, formed lumps of fat tissue, manifest a slight swelling;
  2. the second stage is characterized by bole dense clusters of deformed fat cells, swelling more prominent. The skin feels rough, although the external signs of «orange peel» still not too clear;
  3. the third stage is characterized by strong compression of blood vessels and nerve endings. Skin in the affected area is very poorly supplied with blood, but because of the cold, insensitive, fat with pronounced tubercles. When pressed possible pain;
  4. in the fourth stage of the pathological process maximum. Leather hard, cold, covered with potholes, has a bluish tint. At this stage, it may be withering away, with pressure pain becomes stronger.

At the first signs of the onset of deformation of the adipose tissue is necessary to take urgent measures. The sooner the fight against cellulite, the more successful the result.

How to get rid of cellulite

To solve the problem comprehensively. It is necessary to adjust diet, drink plenty of water (at least 2.5-3 liters per day), exercise.

The main thing – to act on the fat cells, to reduce swelling.

Here to help massage, baths, special hardware procedure, hormonal therapy. The program of getting rid of cellulite needs to be intense, and the degree of this intensity depends on the stage of the disease.


Since the main reason for the formation of «orange peel» is the wrong diet, you should sharply limit your intake of fats.

Note: to completely abandon them is impossible! Otherwise will start a hormonal problem because the female body cannot function without the infusion of fats. We are talking about limiting fat.

In addition, should be deleted:

  • spicy and savoury, including seasonings and spices;
  • alcohol;
  • foods that cause flatulence;
  • salads of raw vegetables;
  • raw fruits;
  • industrial and homemade preserves.

Used for cooking methods such as baking, boiling steamed, quenching in water without oil and fat. After a month of this diet provided a comprehensive effect on cellulite areas you can see that the appearance of cellulite is significantly diminished or disappeared altogether.

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Absolutely necessary for the elimination of stagnant fluid under the skin massage. This is perhaps the most powerful, effective way to combat cellulite.

Can help as a manual anti-cellulite massage by the professional massage and home-massage.

The point is to restore blood flow in areas most commonly vulnerable to cellulite, on the thighs, buttocks, legs and abdomen. In addition, the lymphatic drainage, to withdraw excess water and toxins that clog the blood vessels and contribute to pathological changes in cells.

Most effective, of course, is the anti-cellulite manual massage.

The masseuse uses to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, mechanical impact: pinching, rubbing, patting.

  • If for some reason a therapeutic massage from a professional is impossible to get rid of cellulite will help Pets methods:
  • honey hand-massage;
  • vacuum massage banks.

How to get rid of cellulite on legs and other parts of the body will help massage with honey. It is applied to the problem area, then tightly pressed against the palm of your hand and dramatically tear off the skin. If you do everything correctly, then after ten minutes on the palms of a sticky dense mass of whitish color.

The pharmacy can buy special jars for vacuum massage. To master the technique of their application easy.

Applied to the skin anti-cellulite massage oil, the site is processed by banks every day or two before the appearance of a persistent effect of smoothing. It’s a pretty convenient way to get rid of cellulite on the priest. The time of the procedure – not less than 20 minutes.

Do not forget about anti-cellulite manual massager. They are subject to regular application and usage reinforcing the effect of anti-cellulite remedies give good results.


In home care for skin affected by cellulite, you can include special baths. They promote the removal of toxins, relaxes, stimulates blood circulation, toning of the skin.

The most effective the following bath:

  • dairy: in a tub of warm water need to take 2-3 cups of milk and 10 drops of essential oil;
  • clay: for a full bath of water will need half a kilo of white or blue cosmetic clay;
  • essential: in water pour a tablespoon of olive oil, rich in esters of cinnamon, bergamon and citrus fruits;
  • herbal bath: prepare a decoction of 300 grams of the collection of medicinal herbs (sage, rosemary, lavender, ivy, horsetail), pour into the tub.

It is important that the water temperature should not be too high. The optimal value is 38° C, treatment time – 20 minutes.

Hardware procedures

If possible, the program getting rid of cellulite it is important to include high-performance hardware procedures. Usually 10-15 sessions, cellulite completely cured or significantly reduced the degree of its severity.

We are talking about the following procedures:

  • cryolipolysis – the combination of hardware vacuum massage and cold. Under the influence of special coating fat cells are destroyed, the skin becomes smooth. If necessary, a course of 10 treatments can be repeated as needed;
  • the massage apparatus LPG is treatment of the affected area of the special vacuum roller attachment. Its advantage is that pain is not, and the efficiency is high;
  • cavitation is the use of ultrasound to destroy fat depots;
  • special vibrationary massage by the nozzle rotating spheres.

It is important that no hardware or manual massage will not be effective if you continue to eat incorrectly and do not give your body enough physical activity.

Physical activity

To normalize the metabolism, starting to move actively, it is simply impossible. Therefore, starting the fight against cellulite, it is important to tune in to the movement. We are not talking about the exhausting training in the gym. Enough to devote 40 to 60 minutes of exercise that will stimulate blood circulation in the affected areas.

It should be exercises for legs, abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Treadmill, exercise bike to get rid of cellulite will not work.

Only the combination of aerobic and weight training will help resolve the problem.


Preventive measures to prevent the formation of «orange peel» should be primarily aimed at the prevention of persistent edema and stasis of blood and lymph.

First of all should pay attention to the diet. What to do:

  • eat easily digestible food with plenty of raw and steamed vegetables;
  • to include in your diet fresh fruits, excluding dried fruits;
  • drink at least two liters of fluid per day, limiting coffee and black tea to two cups a day. Welcome herbal teas, natural juices from vegetables and fruits;
  • forget about alcohol, fizzy drinks;
  • to include in the diet of low-fat dairy products, including cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese;
  • give preference to low-fat varieties of poultry, meat and fish, using primarily the boiling and baking without oil;
  • to cook porridge on the water, food to cook on a special pan;
  • discard fat sauces, smoked meats, refined foods.

In order not to violate the water-salt balance, it is important to reduce salt intake, although completely can not abandon it. If possible, you should quit Smoking because the nicotine worsens the skin condition disrupts the normal oxygen respiration of the cells.

Among the preventive measures included active movement. So you should try every day to move: a minimum one-hour walk, a half-hour jogs, bike rides.

They will provide normal outflow of venous blood, will stimulate circulation. If the work is sedentary, it is important every day to pay for the movement.

What you can do at home:

  • effectively accelerates blood regular exercise «Bicycle». It can be done lying in bed in the morning or evening is a great way to relieve fatigue and puffiness.
  • a similar effect of stimulating blood circulation in the feet give a deep squat and low polupricepy fixed in this position;
  • helps to prevent cellulite contrast shower, followed by rubbing hard with a towel or brush problem areas;
  • you can include in a prevention program weekly visit to the baths or saunas.

It is important to remember that high heels can cause stagnation of blood in the legs and, consequently, contribute to the formation of cellulite. Therefore, preference should be given low heel or semi-sports comfortable shoes on a solid sole.

Expert advice

To deal with cellulite, in some cases independently impossible. If the disease has reached stage 3-4, requires mandatory consultation with a specialist. You need to treat not only a dietitian and an experienced cosmetologist. If the cause of the deformation of the adipose tissue associated with hormonal disorders, it is necessary to pass tests and receive consultation of the gynecologist-endocrinologist.

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